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Taste.Company | Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Where to Shop for Products Around the Metro

Zero-Waste Lifestyle: Where to Shop for Products Around the Metro

September 17, 2018 8:00 am by Cat Lo

Did you know that over 521,000 tons of plastic end up in the ocean? This kind of mindless dumping leads to the death of a lot of sea species. And that’s not even half of it. Plastic products can take up to approximately 400 to 500 years before they disintegrate. Imagine this: with every plastic product we dispose of, we’re not only dooming ourselves, but we’re also harming the generations to come. Nobody said it would be easy to live a sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle, but there’s no better time to start than now. More than the “no plastic” policy of some establishments around the metro, here’s where you can score waste-free finds toward a more eco-friendly you.

1. Ritual

For students, you can start with your zero-waste lifestyle with these products right HERE. But how about for the working bees during the mind-numbing daily commute? We all need coffee to fuel our day. But while you’re at it, why not promote a zero-waste lifestyle too? This little coffee joint in Makati sells organic items and bulk groceries for eco-conscious consumers. Ritual not only offers pantry items, cleaning products, and toiletries. But it also carries specialty products to help small communities prosper.

2. Got Heart Shop

Forgo the non-biodegradable junk in favor of reusable products! These efforts might seem small at first. But it positively impacts the environment in a big way if we all pitch in. A project of the Got Heart Foundation Inc., Got Heart PH Shop in QC promotes local livelihood with recycled stationery and fresh local produce. This one-stop shop provides a venue for your daily needs. As well as a place for local farmers and marginalized communities to thrive.

3. Sip Steel Straws and Bambuhay Bamboo Straw


We use a variety of kitchenware every day, so imagine if we can convert that to promote a zero-waste lifestyle? Wouldn’t we be able to reduce our waste significantly from that alone? Plastic consumption is an ocean killer, and we’d better act fast before we destroy it completely. So, how about using cutlery and sustainable straws that won’t kill the environment for once? You can also use reusable bags from Gypsystash and reusable food wraps from The Green Switch. You can try out the eco-friendly plates from TreeMaria too!

4. Cleopatra’s Secret and other online shops

Who wouldn’t want a natural way to promote skin care? Cleopatra’s Secret is well-known for its organic skincare and hygiene products, and rightfully so. With its aim to raise awareness of saving the environment one product at a time, it’s all about sustainable products. This includes mud clay masks, rosewater toners, facial cleansers, soaps, etc. You can also buy all these items free of any packaging! You can find more beauty products from these online stores here:


5. Online communities

There’s no better way to help you jumpstart your zero-waste lifestyle than by joining a community of like minds. If you have no idea where to start, online communities can help you take the leap! The Buhay Zero-Waste Facebook group already has 14,000 members and growing. It’s not easy to immediately start eliminating plastic products from your life, but with a little push, it can be done. Admittedly, there aren’t enough laws in the Philippine government that promotes a zero-waste lifestyle. But just keep at it, and pretty soon, we no longer have to see innocent marine life getting stuck in plastic rings in the sea. Now, isn’t that a pretty heroic feat?

6. Local events

If only we pay attention enough, there are a myriad of local events around the city that can help you be more aware of sustainability. Not only can it help you as a newbie, but it can also help you spread awareness to others who might not be in the know.


For instance, The Good Trade is a zero-waste and sustainable fair that’s happening on October 13-14. Located at Central Square, BGC, this event runs from 11AM to 11PM. You can learn all about zero-waste tools, ethical fashion, and vegan skincare at this event. Plus, there will also be a refillables and alteration station. You can even bring donations and recyclables to help others! It’s the perfect avenue to start living a zero-waste lifestyle. The event not only empowers customers to live good lives, but it also promotes an ethical way of living for everyone.

Need we say more? If you need more convincing that this earth is a beautiful place to be, check out some eco-tours HERE. It’s time we started appreciating Mother Nature more, and taking steps to save her. We only have one earth, after all!


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