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Taste.Company | Wicker Dreams and Wicker Bags

Wicker Dreams and Wicker Bags

June 6, 2018 7:00 am by Nina Tan

Summer is almost over, and so we are encouraging you to take the first few weeks of June very seriously — that means heading to the beach, getting that glorious tan (even though we are dreading the heat nowadays), and getting your hair all salty and sandy, because summer season wont be here for long. In just a couple of weeks, school will start, schedules will be more hectic, and traffic — well you know how bad that gets come June! Also coming along with the rainy season is the complete shift of accessories that we must make. We will eventually bid our trusty bikinis, pom-pom sandals, linen overalls and wicker bags farewell for some time, but before you do, keep your eyes glued to this article as we present some really pretty, sophisticated and culture-rich wicker bags that are a hundred percent made local.


The wicker bag — you’ve seen it everywhere, yes, but Style Cat Resort’s latest collaboration with artist Nikki Sunga is something else. It exudes modern elegance and sets it apart from the rest.

wicker-bags-taste-companyThe “Samal” bag features the T’nalak weave

The 7-piece bag collection is highlighted by quality wicker bags that are sourced from Central Visayas with bold accents of  T’nalak — a traditional fabric woven by the T’boli women of Mindanao. You wear the piece, and you wear culture, Filipino pride and years and years of preserved Filipino artistry. “Wicker Dreams”, which is the collection’s name, showcases symmetry as its key design look inspired by the patterns of T’boli dream weavers. It celebrates Filipino craftsmanship from all three archipelagos and the tradition of weaving perfected over decades of dedication & tradition.

The “Luli” bag has got form and function in one

Aside from the round ones, it comes in this chic horizontal shape too — perfect for those who want something more unique. Another special design from the brand is the “Anahaw”, which makes use of a pattern that is inspired by the Kegal Bensewit — the T’boli women’s most regal attire.


To view more designs and get your hands on these pretty wicker bags visit www.shopstylecat.com


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