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Taste.Company | 16 Wedding Giveaways Your Guests Will Love

16 Wedding Giveaways Your Guests Will Love

May 31, 2017 7:00 pm by Gabriella Galvez

As weddings become more and more contemporary, so do couples become more creative at coming up with what to give to their entourage and guests.

Gone are the glass figurines and beer cozies stamped with the couple’s name and wedding date—we’ve come up with a shortlist for 16 customizable wedding giveaways that, depending on your budget, will make your guests remember your wedding day with fondness.


For the Ninongs and Ninangs (aka Principal Sponsors)

For most traditional Filipino weddings, the Principal Sponsors are the people whom the soon-to-be wed couple admires or look up to (or your easily your parents’ closest kumares & kumpares that they just had to invite). Say thanks with these gifts:


1. Homeware & Lifestyle Accessories

Photos courtesy of O&M Home.

Is your Ninang the hostess with the mostest? O&M Home’s luxe acrylic lucite trays, mirrored trays and coasters, and wooden boards and serving trays could be the perfect gift for the Principal Sponsors at your wedding. Check their website for their latest designs from their most recent collection.

Oliver & Maude


2. Stationery

Photos taken from Printsonalities website.

In addition to producing beautiful invitations, the Printsonalities team branched out in 2014, coming up with Paperie: a personalized stationery line that can be a great gift to give to your Principal Sponsors, especially if they’re the gift-giving type.

Fun fact: Proceeds from MovEd founder Alex Eduque’s (whom we’ve written about here) Inspireé and Chic Metropole designs go straight to fund Move.org’s educational programs!

Printsonalities Paperie


3. Stamps & Embossers

Photos from The Best Impressions official Facebook account.

Prefer something a little more analog? Give your sponsors a gift that they’ll definitely use every time a spesh occasion comes along.

The Best Impressions


For the Groomsmen

Further solidify the bond between a groom and his men with these one-of-a-kind options.

 4. Money Clips & Pocket Squares

Trends_Shopping_WeddingGiveaway15Photo taken from Serious Gentlemen website.

Got a city wedding with a glamorous venue? Money clips, pocket squares, wooden bowties, and fabric flower lapel pins that could very bring the serious gentlemen out of your groomsmen on your special day.

Serious Gentlemen


5. Personalized Hip Flask

Photos taken from Fluran Flasks official Facebook page.

A man (or woman!) will always have space for a hip flask, especially one that has his name on it.

Fluran Flasks


6. Personalized Cellphone Case

Trends_Shopping_WeddingGiveaway16Photo taken from The Kase Philippines website.

The Kase Philippines is the only store in local shores that can fully customize your cellphone case (name your phone model, they have it!); you can even choose to have a flip case or a silicone.

The Kase


 7. Beverage Glasses

Photos taken from TJs Clear Art website, and fromo Myrrh & Gold Manila’s official Facebook page.

Toast your entry into the “ball-and-chain gang” and give your best men something to take home and store in their home bar, like whisky glasses (or stemless wine glasses) with their initials for a nice touch.

TJs Clear Art | Myrrh & Gold Manila


For the Bridesmaids

A bride’s entourage is made up of her closest confidantes, which should make putting their gifts together even more meaningful!

8. “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” cards

Is this pretty or what!!! ???? I am excited to announce an entirely new product line for Saranovela: custom-made Will You Be My Bridesmaid cards… imagine each of your beloved bridesmaids receiving one of these beauties. I can even design each one to be a Saranovela’d version of your bridesmaids… with a unique invitation like this, how could they say no?! Message me and let’s start planning how to make Saranovelas a part of your special day. Check out my website for more bridal-themed products. Spread the word, spread the love. Happy days up ahead! ???#saranovela #artoftheday #abmlifeiscolorful #worldofcolor #livecolorfully #colorfulworld #colorful #ilustracao #desenhando #ilustradorademoda #diseñador #sketchbook #nycartist #illustrateur #quicksketch #floralperfection #flowerpower #bridesmaid #bridesmaiddress #bridesmaids #bridalparty #bridesmaidfashion #willyoubemybridesmaid #bridesmaidinvitation #weddingart

A post shared by S A R A M A R Q U E Z (@saranovela) on

Saranovela illustrations are colorful, girly, and full of personality—much like their artist.

A newly engaged bride-to-be can commission New York-based (yet Manila-born and bred) Sara Marquez to illustrate “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” cards for each of her female entourage, where each of them will receive said card with a Saranovela’d version of themselves. There’s no saying no when it’s an invitation this special.



9. Personalized Robes

Photos taken from (L-R) Amelia in Lace & La Tercera official Facebook page.

Bridal robes are getting as fancy as wedding gowns could very well be one of the local culprits. If your girls are gonna be getting ready with you, then make sure they’re comfy with these sleek, silky robes.

La Tercera | Amelia in Lace | White Label Bridal


 10. Matching SwimsuitsTrends_Shopping_WeddingGiveaway8


Photos taken from Georgina Sasha & Wear Sundae website.

Beach wedding, bachelorette, or both? You and your best girls can pull a Baywatch (or your own take of the #sunniesvacay) in matching one-piece swimmies! Wear Sundae has some pretty iridescent one-pieces that will keep all eyes on you (and your girls!). Check this post for most swimwear ideas and tips!

Georgina Sasha | Wear Sundae


For Guests

Your wedding giveaways are dependent on three things: venue, budget, and guest list size. No matter the combination of the three, we’ve put together a couple of options for you to choose from.

11. Spritzable Tonics

Hosting a destination wedding? Your guests will need to stay fresh and bite-free. Kiele’s Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne is only tough on mosquitoes but friendly to human nostrils. Cibelli is another Baby Cologne formulation by Kiele that doesn’t have mosquito repelling properties.

Rraw’s Lavender and Orange (a winning combo, IMHO) Fresh Face spritzer is fragrant infusion that is a three-part wonder (toner + makeup primer + botanical facial mist).

Kiele | Rraw


12. Succulents & Seedling KitsTrends_Shopping_WeddingGiveaway10 Trends_Shopping_WeddingGiveaways11

Photos taken from Go Green Giveaways & MNL Grow Kits websites.

These giveaways are perfect for a garden wedding. Encourage your city-living guests to hone their green thumb by giving them a Baby Groot of their own.

Go Green Giveaways | MNL Grow Kits


 13. Personalized Wooden & Cork Coasters

Photos taken from Woodprints Manila & My Wooden Canvas website; Geppetto PH official Facebook page.

Your guests will always be reminded of your wedding every time they use these personalized coasters. Woodprints Manila’s circular waterproof coasters are customizable with text and photos, while My Wooden Canvas has square wooden and cork coasters. Geppetto PH’s round wooden coasters are laser-engraved with your font of choice.

Woodprints Manila | My Wooden Canvas | Geppetto PH


 14. Tote Bags (or better yet, a survival/hangover kit!)Trends_Shopping_WeddingGiveaways22


Photos taken from Blessings by FAD & Sugarprints Manila official Facebook page.

Guests at a destination wedding will appreciate a warm welcome from the couple who’s union they made an effort to attend. There are countless ideas online on what exactly to put in a wedding gift tote, but here are a few people who can supply you the totes themselves.

Blessings by FAD | Sugarprints Manila


 15. Monogrammed Canvas Pouches & Throws

Photos taken from Beyond Stiitched website.

Got a small guest list? Then feel free to go beyond inscribing your names and wedding date into a tote bag—give each guest a tote with their names on it, or better yet, a chic Inabel throw that doubles as a beach towel. Your guests will love you for it.

Beyond Stitched


16. Personalized Dry Bags

Trends_Shopping_WeddingGiveaways25Photo taken from Hulll Stern website.

A beach wedding is fun and all—but only if everyone’s things don’t get caught by the incoming tide. Ensure that your guest’s gadgets are safe stowed by giving them each a personalized dry bag.

Hull & Stern


While there’s no hard and fast rule (and if you’re the frugal type, you’re certainly not required to give anything, aside from your heartfelt thanks) to knowing what exactly to give, wedding giveaways are just one way for a just-wed couple to show their appreciation for a guest’s presence (and, if you’re on the entourage, for your help and participation behind-the-scenes).


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