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Taste.Company | Tips to Get Your Kids Excited to Go Back to School

Tips to Get Your Kids Excited to Go Back to School

June 3, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo
  1. Do a little back to school shopping.

There’s nothing more exciting than shopping for new school supplies! There’s just something about a newly opened box of crayons or a freshly bought notebook with empty pages that you just can’t wait to fill out. To make things even more exciting for your children, let them pick out their favourite designs—all well within budget. You can always make a little game of it and see just how well your kids can maximize your spending limit for them. It will teach them the value of money, and it will not only help them learn how to prioritize, but it will also help them appreciate and take care of their things better.


  1. Arrange for some play dates.

If your child is heading back to school with classmates he or she already knows, you can set up some play dates for their friends to get together before school officially starts. This will help them bond further over the break and prep them for the start of the semester. More often than not, kids will talk about school and get excited together, so you’ll be sure they’ll be as enthusiastic as can be when they finally get back to school. This will also automatically give them an instant buddy to hang out with on the first day of school so that they won’t feel like they’re alone.


  1. Ease your kids into their back to school schedule.

The first few weeks of school can be tremendously exhausting, what with all the adjustments your whole family needs to make as summer break ends. You can keep your children from dreading going back to school by easing them into their schedules a few weeks before school actually starts. Go with earlier bedtimes and encourage them to wake up at the appropriate time in the morning. To get them even more excited, plan some fun activities for them to do when they wake up early—let them think of it as having a few extra hours of play time during the day all because they were early to rise.


  1. Plan creative breakfasts.

Speaking of fun things to do in the morning, nothing recharges a child better than the most important meal of the day. You can plan out wonderful little breakfast treats for them, and even set some time to make their breakfast items together. They will not only have a blast while they’re in the kitchen with you, but it’ll also help them associate these delicious and fun meals when they finally start school. They’ll look forward to these creative breakfasts when they wake up, and they’ll probably even tell their friends and classmates all about it! Help them plan their own menu, which you can also incorporate into their lunch when you pack their meals. You can be sure that they’ll be the talk of the town in class whenever they open up their lunch boxes—and pretty soon, they’ll be excitedly clamoring to find out what their next meal surprise will be the next day!


  1. Set some back to school “arts and crafts” time.

You don’t have to be enrolled in a summer art class to have some fun “arts and crafts” time with your kids. Together, you can create tools and supplies that they’ll actually make use of in school, such as a really cool pencil case or cute little trinkets they can hand out to their best buds on the first day of school. Help them create a scrapbook of their previous school year and the things they did over the summer, and set aside a new scrapbook for the things they’ll jot down for the next school year to come. This will get them excited about what to decorate their scrapbooks with as well—and they won’t be able to wait until they can share their scrapbooks with their friends.


  1. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your child.

Going back to school can bring about a jumble of emotions for your child, and to keep them calm and keep the rollercoaster of feelings in control, why not sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with them? Ask them about their feelings about starting school, and let them know that they shouldn’t be afraid to share about both positive and negative feelings with you. Are they anxious about something, or is there an issue they’re particularly concerned about? Are they scared of not being familiar with their new school environment? If possible, visit the school grounds with them to put their minds at ease. Once they see where the classrooms, toilets, snack areas, etc. are, they’ll realize that the familiar environment doesn’t seem so bad. You can share with them your own fears and vulnerabilities too, and how you ultimately overcame them back then.


Never underestimate the power of good communication. Remember that when you start them young, you’re developing a key trait for them when they grow up to be open and communicative adults and assuring them of a bright future ahead out in the real world!


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