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Taste.Company | Theme Ideas for Yearend Office Parties

Theme Ideas for Yearend Office Parties

November 17, 2017 7:00 pm by Marge Gavan

And the time for nonstop spendings and holiday related events has come. As everybody anticipates the 13th month pay or Christmas bonus, and plotting out holiday vacation, the office organizers are now probably busy concocting plans to end 2017 with a bang with a themed yearend party. Are you still on the planning stages for this event? Here’s our list of theme ideas for your yearend office party:

1.      Great Gatsby


Jazz and champagne, rolled stockings and drop-waist flapper dresses, men in bow ties, women with bob-cut hair; these are the all the rage in the 1920s, the time setting for the novel, the Great Gatsby.

Flashy and glamorous, this theme has become a favorite since the release of its movie adaptation in 2013. So bring out the champagne, have women come in their glittery dresses and pearls, and ask men to come looking dapper in their suits, and organize the best Gatsby inspired party of the year.

2.      The 80s


An all-time favorite, the 80s-themed party never gets old. This fashion-eccentric era is sure to make your yearend party one of the most interesting there is. Unleash your inner Madonna by wearing tutu skirt over leggings, big hair, and corset tops. You can be bold and wear those neon-colored workout outfits, or bring out the jean jacket and pull on a pair of high-waist pants; the options are endless. The 80s are known for being the most adventurous where style and fashion is concerned so go ahead and be flamboyant; who knows, you might just get picked as the best-dressed in the night.

The 80s also has the best music so set the mood with tons of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Duran Duran, and Cyndi Lauper songs.

3.      Cosplay


Have you ever wanted to try cosplay but feel like you are too old to be a Sailor Moon? Then doing a cosplay themed party is the answer. Here, people are encouraged to attend as their favorite anime or comic characters, among the popular ones are Harley Quinn, Naruto, Finn, and L of Death Note.

What’s more fun about this theme is that it’s not restricted to cartoon characters. People have been known to come in cosplay parties as a TV or a movie characters, like the Game of Thrones, X Men, Justice League, Mary Poppins, Maleficent, etc.

4.      Masquerade Ball


A tried and tested party theme, masquerade ball is a fancy themed party in which attendees come in formal attire (suit and ties for men, full-length gown for women) or costumes wearing masks. Masquerade began in the 15th century usually held in celebration of marriages, and other medieval court related events. Today, masquerade remains as one of the top choices among themed events for its glamor and romance.

5.      Murder Mystery


For companies with a small number of employees, there is one fun and thrilling theme to consider and that’s Murder Mystery. Depending on the concept, people may come as they are, or if you you want to make it more exciting, adapt a mystery novel or story to use as an inspiration for the setting of the party, e.g., Agatha Christie’s Death in the Nile.

The preparation for this party is going to be different from the others as it involves arranging a “crime scene” (fictional okay!) and have the attendees solve the mystery during the event.

6.      Coachella


Have you been wanting to attend Coachella but cannot afford it? Then satisfy your Coachella fantasies via a boho-themed party. Invite bands and other music artists to grace the stage, or find people with the musical prowess in your office to perform for the night. Tell employees to come in their best spring and summertime outfits that the Coachella goers are known for. You’ll be sure to have a night filled with amazing fashion and music.

7.      Prom


If you ever missed prom or if you’d rather forget that high school school dance in which you came without a date, then you have a chance for a do-over. Why don’t you organize a prom night in your yearend party?! Get the ladies to wear their long or cocktail dresses while the men should come in suits and ties. Do not forget the corsage, and by the end of the night, ask all employees to vote for the prom King and Queen. Get high with nostalgia or make new memories in your very own, prom night.

If you have any other great and unique ideas for Christmas party themes, let us know in the comments below!


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