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Taste.Company | Summer Activities for Moms and Kids

Summer Activities for Moms and Kids

March 13, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Looking for summer workshop for your kids?  Why not set up activities right at the comforts of your home. It’s doable, affordable plus it will result to more bonding time. Try out everything in our list below for a fun-filled summer!


Photo courtesy of dramaticplay.wordpress.com


1. Create a dramatic play


If you have a young actor or actress who likes to portray characters from the movies or shows she loves to watch, then set up a stage, gather all her old costumes and write down a simple script that she can master. Make sure to involve yourself and play a character as well. At the end of the week, you can perform this in front of the family, which is something new and definitely will be applauded by the lolos and lolas.


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2. Cooking

Is there a budding chef in your home? We all take delight from a scrumptious meal especially if made by our loved ones. This time, surprise Dad by recreating his favorite dishes. Let your child help out in reading the recipe, preparing the ingredients and cooking the dishes themselves. Just make sure there’s adult supervision at all times.


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3. Train a Pet


Your child has been begging for a puppy or kitten ever since her short trip to the pet store. Adding one more creature that is totally dependent on you can be overwhelming but if you think your kid can handle the small responsibilities then give it a try. This summer is the perfect time to train your child on how to take care of a pet. This includes bathing, feeding and cleaning up their mess after playtime. If you think your household is not ready for a pet that runs and climbs stairs, go for low-maintenance ones like a pet bird, fish or a cute hamster.


Photo courtesy of thecrafttrain.com

4. Make Bubbles

Here’s some inexpensive treat for you and your kids! So simple yet effective to keep them preoccupied for a couple of hours. All you need is a dishwashing soap, some water and bubble container. Follow these steps to learn more on how to make your own bubble wand!


Photo courtesy of thespruce.com

5. Create your own clothes

Your child loves her OOTDs and now that she has plenty of time to spend at home, try working on a clothing project. Brainstorm with your child what kinds of clothes she wants to wear for summer or for school this coming June. Buy the fabric in different colors and patterns. After that, challenge yourself to make blouses or dresses. It might not be easy especially when there are sharp materials involved like scissors and needles. What’s more important is that your child sees the process of making clothes. You can assist her when using the sewing machine or if not, your child can just be your fashion assistant and model afterwards. Or if you have a toddler still, a tie-dye project will be your safest bet for now.



Photo courtesy of milo.com.ph

6. Workout together


Moms complain that they do not have enough time to workout because taking care of the kids is already a workout itself. But we know that kids also need to stay in tiptop shape. Try Zumba, Karate or just a daily brisk walking around the neighborhood. You get fit while learning more about your physical strengths together!


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7. Be Nature Detectives

Kids love free spaces where they can freely run, jump and roll around the green grass. Schedule a trip to the park or to La Mesa Eco Park and begin your detective adventurer. Use a magnifying glass to look for stones, different shapes of leaves and even insects. Let them explore but always with caution and process with them the things you discovered together.


Photo courtesy of gonegosyo.net

8. Sign up for a volunteer work

Time to teach your kids how to give and share to others by volunteering to help for a cause. Maybe your child can do a mini fund-raising or can collect donations from the neighbors for the victims of Marawi. Your child can also help in cleaning up public school classrooms (which happens at the end of May). If you already have a reader, team up to teach out-of-school children by reading storybooks to them and giving them short activities afterwards. These simple acts of kindness are not just rewarding but it also passes on good values to your children.

There’s no need to set up a budget for summer activities. What matters most is the time you invest on these activities to make it more meaningful for your children. Approach these playful times as one of the highlights you’ll ever have with your kids while they are young. Enjoy!


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