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Taste.Company | Sugar High at The Dessert Museum

Sugar High at The Dessert Museum

August 7, 2018 7:00 pm by Nina Tan

Never-ending rainy days are what July and August are all about. It’s during these months where the city is gloomy, the weather is humid and the traffic, is well, worse than ever! But enough about the negativity the rain brings, because we want to focus only on the good things in life, like great accessories to brighten a gloomy day, awesome comfort food,  and fun things to do to wait out the rain. Because it isn’t too great outside nowadays, indoor activities are your best bet during this time. Now who doesn’t want a splash of color on a gloomy day? Get a sugar high at the Dessert Museum where your visual cravings and sweet tooth can both get satisfied.  


8 mouthwatering rooms

The Dessert Museum exhibits 8 mouth-watering rooms of desserts that are known to all mankind: Donuts, marshmallows, candies, ice cream, gumballs, gummy bears, cotton candy and cake pops. Each room is a hundred percent Instagrammable, filled with visually enticing backdrops and props. At the end of each room’s tour, you will be served a sugar-filled treat.


Donut Room

The Donut room is decked with multiple hanging donuts, a donut slide and a donut wall that is great for photo-ops, but don’t fill your memory card just yet, this is only the start of a thousand clicks! The donut around this room is reminiscent of the Homer Simpson donut, which is pink and sprinkle-filled. Each one gets a donut at the end of this room.


Marshmallow Room

The Marshmallow room is decorated with hanging mallows from the ceiling, and a rainbow with pots of mallows on both ends. At the end of this room, you’ll be treated to mallows that you can dip in either chocolate or strawberry fondue.


Candy Cane Grove

Next is the room filled with many colored balls, a see-saw, swings, and huge red lips. This room exhibits an assortment of candies and chocolates.

the-dessert-museum-taste-companySwinging it out


Ice cream room


The ice cream room comes next. It features a huge ball pit and a hot-air balloon that is great for photo-ops! Each one gets an ice popsicle at the end of this room.

the-dessert-museum-taste-companyDive right in


Bubble Gum Room


Get ready to go inside a bouncy inflated tunnel filled with balloons floating all around! It’s best to have this room all to yourself as you get to play and toss around the balloons inside the tunnel.

Gummy Bear Room

The gummy bear room has three tubs filled with non-other than gummy confections… Dive right in! Don’t worry because they’re not real and you won’t have to deal with ants — only great pictures!  


Cotton Candy Room

The cotton candy room comes next. This is where the pathways are green with grass and pink with the soft cottony candy we all love! At the end of this room, yummy fluffy cotton candy is served!


Cake Pop Room

And lastly, comes the cake pops room. It  is decked with giant cake pops that hang from the ceiling. You can ride on them and hold a pose for the camera.

So if you’re looking for some sugar-high or for some visual treat to liven up the rather gloomy days of the rainy season, head on to The Dessert Museum, located at S Maison, Conrad and you’ll surely have a great sunshiny-day!

For more information, visit www.thedessertmuseum.com


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