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Taste.Company | Random Acts of Kindness For 2018

Random Acts of Kindness For 2018

February 5, 2018 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

There is a saying, “In a world, where you can be anything, be kind.” You never know where your kindness may reach. As we start off the year with many goals and destinations to reach. We here at Taste.Company want to remind you to go back to the basics in life, and that is being kind. We put up a simple list of random acts of kindness and love that we can all do, all through out the year.

1. “Smile, and the whole world smiles with you”. While walking, in a non-freaky way of course, smile at people more. You never know what kind of day that person may be having and your smile can make all the difference.


2. Always find a way to say thank you — it might be the waiter who has been serving in tables the whole day, the lady in the xerox machine, the one attending to the toll station  or a cashier in the grocery; these kinds of jobs are a lot of work. Take the time to be grateful and say thank you and show them that you appreciate their work.

3. “Leave the place better than when you found it” – this would be a challenge for all of, but if 

it becomes a habit, it will create an impact. Learn how to throw your trash in the right place, how to recycle your trash, clean the toilet seat before leaving a public space and the list goes on… you would be doing the next generation a favor. With being kind to Mother Earth you never know where these ripples will lead for a better environment for all of us.

4. Take the time for small meaningful talks. Through out the day, we have been accustomed to doing some things and following a schedule. Why not change the busy tempo at times and make an effort to call/message a friend or family member that hasn’t been doing too well, take the time to talk to the person least liked in the office or at school or check up on your helpers around you and see how their day is going.


5. Respect and acknowledge our police officers and security guards. Ever wonder how hot their uniforms may be inside? Even just that is a sacrifice plus of course a whole lot of service and sacrifice for our country… when they salute you, or even when they catch you, take the time to respect our country’s officers. If you have the time, remind them of the importance they have in the progress of our nation.

6. Traffic — This has always been a struggle of every Filipino in the metro… while stuck in traffic, take the time to pray for random strangers on streets, in the neighboring cars or those in the mrt, lrt or jeeps… when we utter random prayers for others, know that we have a great and big God up there and he hears everything. Pray for random people… your prayers will always be heard.

7. Take the time to teach a young child something good you know or something interesting. Children are like sponges and they will absorb everything you teach them. When you teach or show examples of kindness, this will be engraved in their hearts forever.


8. The Christmas season has just come and gone, but the giving can still continue on, if you have some gifts that were given to you that you know you have multiple supply of or don’t really need, it could be someone else’s treasure. Share the kindness… in a world of consumerism believe that less is more.

9. Save the environment and efforts of others by carpooling… if you have transportation going somewhere and other friends or family are going… share the ride, it consumes less gasoline and you would be offering a free ride to someone that might have had to go through a more hassling experience. Remember, car time can also be bonding time.

10. When you have the time write random notes for the next person that will be sitting after you possibly in a restaurant, library, coffee shop, in the plane, comfort rooms and the like. Leaving notes of encouragement or joyful greetings will make people smile no matter who they may be. Spread the love to strangers… always remember that “the world is ours to love”

These are just simple random acts of kindness that you can do, absolutely all for free! Have a great time being kind, and more often that not, you will also come out happier and more fulfilled!

As Swedish professor Stefan Einhord reflects on kindness, “I believe in kindness to be the single most important factor when it comes to how successful we will be in our lives. So if we are not kind for any other reason, we should be kind for our own sake – so that we can be successful in our lives.”

Have a great 2018 ahead! Sprinkle a little kindness wherever you are, and you will notice yourself smiling more and more. We look forward to sharing the love and light with you.


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