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Taste.Company | Rainy Season Health: Do’s and Dont’s to Avoid Getting Sick

Rainy Season Health: Do’s and Dont’s to Avoid Getting Sick

August 21, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

Aside from flood warnings and being stuck at home all day, the rainy season also brings about a dreaded throng of infectious diseases from flu to the common cold. Bacteria everywhere may be having a field day, but these do’s and don’ts can help you keep those pesky viruses at bay.

  1. Eat healthy.

Nothing beats prevention when it comes to rainy season health, because how can you get sick if you’re quite healthy already? And the best way to stay in tip-top shape is to be health-conscious when it comes to your grub. Since you’ll probably be stuck at home anyway, forgo those takeout meals and opt for home-cooked goodness instead. Cook up a storm in your kitchen with some Vitamin C-rich foods to invigorate your body and give your immune system a much-needed boost. If you’re not exactly a wiz with a pan, why not try ordering healthy diet meals HERE? Never underestimate the power of fruits and vegetables to fight off any infection—a well-balanced diet is always a good idea, no matter what the season.

  1. Wash your hands regularly.

Those soap commercials aren’t just for show—washing your hands regularly really can keep bacteria at bay. Because air-borne infections can be transmitted when your hands touch vulnerable areas such as your eyes, nose, and mouth, you can reduce the risk of catching an infection by washing your hands properly with soap and water (making sure to cover between your fingers, the top of your hands, and under your nails) and drying them thoroughly. Hey, you’re not being paranoid—you’re just being sensible!


  1. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

Of course, it’s not just your hands that need to be sanitized. You can avoid leptospirosis and dengue fever by keeping your home clean and disposing of any trash and stagnant water while you’re at it. Clear out those pots, pails, gutters, roofs, and all dark nooks and crannies, and make sure there aren’t any pests lurking around in your vicinity. You wouldn’t want to breed deadly mosquitoes in your backyard, would you? You should also keep your drinking water clean at all times, as contaminated water can cause amoebiasis and even cholera. Learn more about the most common illnesses during the rainy season HERE.

  1. Stay safe from rain and flood.

If you can help it, don’t ever wade in murky flood waters as you never know what exactly those waters contain. Water-borne diseases such as influenza, diarrhea, and fungal skin infections are especially rampant during the rains, so invest in some umbrellas, jackets, raincoats, and even rain boots to prevent any contamination. Time to bust out that rain gear you’ve been waiting all year to use!


  1. Keep yourself warm.

A big part of rainy season health is keeping you and your whole family nice and warm, as the rains can bring chilly weather that can cause colds, coughs, and flu. Maintaining your body heat is crucial, so dress for the occasion by donning hats and jackets whenever you head out. Don’t be afraid of piling on the layers—they’ll keep you safe from icy mishaps outside. Remember—your immune system is already doing the best that it can to keep you happy and healthy, so give it a hand by doing your part.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated.

Is there no end to the wonders that water can do? You know all about those eight glasses of water a day, don’t you? Staying hydrated assists in your kidney functions and helps you flush out toxins that can otherwise compromise your health. Drinking plenty of fluids will also help you flush out infections if you already do have a cold, so go ahead—drink up!

  1. Get some beauty sleep.

Lack of sleep actually does expose your body to more harmful elements, making you more prone to getting sick. A good night’s sleep not only keeps you healthy, but it also positively affects your mood, fighting off stress and infections effectively. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to catch a few more z’s—some shut-eye is actually good for your health.

  1. Bring on the vitamins.


No, it’s not an elaborate marketing ploy to get you to spend more on drugs that you don’t need. Maintaining your rainy season health involves getting a well-deserved immune system boost with multivitamins. You can already get a healthy dose of zinc and other minerals from oysters, eggs, organic meat, tofu, and seafood, as well as fight off colds and flu with some garlic in your daily diet. You can learn more about the different kinds of food that have high Vitamin C content HERE. Vitamin C and probiotics also help amp up your body’s natural defense mechanisms, so go on—stock up for the rainy days ahead.

Do all of these seem like a lot to do? Keep in mind that these tips are simply basic ways you can stay healthy during the rainy season, and know that even just a small step can already go a long way toward maintaining your overall health. Stay healthy and safe, everyone!


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