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Taste.Company | Papershoot PH: Paper Cameras with Personality

Papershoot PH: Paper Cameras with Personality

July 25, 2017 7:00 pm by Gabriella Galvez

In the age of Instagram, where GoPros, Phantom drones, and 20-megapixel phone cameras take hi-res photos, and mirrorless cameras with capabilities that rival the heftiest DSLR, it’s hard to be a standout with such stiff competition.

But along comes this paper camera, armed with lightweight (not to mention, environment friendly) materials and a host of features that could put an iPhone to shame. Using Largan Lens from Taiwan (the very same manufacturers of the iPhone lens), Papershoot PH cameras are the first of their kind locally, giving users a one-of-a-kind way to discover and enjoy photography. It lacks an LCD display, which means that while you can hone your eye for stirring images, it also requires the kind of EQ that photographers back in the day needed to have while they waited for their images to develop.

The paper camera is a brilliant mix of the best features of analog and digital cameras. The lack of an LCD display is offset by USB transfer, making sure that you can see your photos once you’ve connected the camera to a phone, laptop, or computer. Just pop in 2 AAA batteries into these 5-MP babies, and you’re all set to shoot and snap.


The fact that it’s made of paper means that while it’s great for the environment (and great for CSR efforts), it’s also meant to be kept away from water. So while it doesn’t mean you should replace your GoPro with it, it’s a great option for environmentally conscious camera enthusiasts and travellers who are tired of lugging a heavy camera around.

Papershoot PH was founded by Kudu Initiativ, Inc., who say that they love how you can express your personality and personal style and design tastes thanks to the different case designs that you can choose from. Papershoot PH currently has 40+ designs on their website, with prices ranging from P3,750-P12,450, which means that anybody can easily become a Paper Shooter.

Affordable, lightweight, simple, durable—perfect for arts & crafts and basic photography workshops — a paper camera has the makings for jumpstarting a child’s creative eye for photography, especially with its built-in photo filters. You can even attach special effect lenses that can produce the most otherworldly images, as seen on Papershoot Ph’s social media accounts.

Of course nothing beats the robust features that top-notch DSLRs can provide, but producing super sharp photos isn’t what the paper camera is about. Inspired by nature and life, “it’s a camera with a soul”, says Papershoot PH’s Armand Sazon. A paper camera is meant to bring back the spirit of surprise, excitement, and nostalgia that was inherent in film photography of decades past.

What better place to sell a camera of this sort that in the Philippines, a country with beautiful people and landscapes, just waiting to be shot.

“The Philippines is a beautiful country, made up of a large population of talented, creative people who appreciate good design. It’s the perfect market for such a product- a camera to express our colorful personality, a camera to take wonderful photos of people we love, places we can’t forget, and experiences we will forever treasure; all, while participating in the conversation of sustainability. Paper Shoot X Philippines = Perfect Match.”

These words come out of the mouths of the people responsible for bringing these unique cameras to local shores: Kudu Initiativ, Inc. They pride themselves for developing brands and products that foster enjoyable experiences, constantly seeking new ways to do seemingly ordinary things in order to encourage creativity, self-expression, and find joy in celebrating ones’ individuality.

Aside from stone paper, Papershoot PH’s paper cameras also use recycled wood and other natural and environmental-friendly materials (for their Wood and CROZ series). “Our best-sellers would definitely be the Black and White Lomos, but the CROZ series are just so beautiful. We love the smell of our wood series as well.”


These cameras have huge potential to become unique, customized, branded, and stylish products that can be given away to or by corporations, government agencies, even organizations as premium gift items, not to mention the fact that they are attractive conversation pieces that can be a medium for people to connect and socialize.

Papershoot PH’s paper cameras are currently available online through their website:  www.papershoot.ph

Once they receive payment (or proof of payment), your paper camera will arrive in 3-5 working days for Metro Manila (usually earlier!) or 4-7 days for provincial areas.


Papershoot PH paper cameras are also available at Hey Kessy (in Alabang Town Center’s New Wing, which is open from 10am-9pm), and over at Maginhawa concept store-slash-café, The Wander Space. Come August 2017, they will also be available in select Papemelroti stores. There are plans to keep releasing more case designs in the future, and to collaborate with local artists, as seen from their most recent collaborations with artist Paola Esteron, and with local clothing brand, Neon Island (special Neon Island cameras can be found online at www.neonislandclothing.com).


While they’ve only been around for the last two months, Papershoot PH hopes to be able to raise money to hold art and photography workshops for kids in underprivileged areas. They plan to hold exhibits (of photos taken using their products) or find companies to sponsor these activities. All these are part of their effort to build an engaged Philippine Paper Shoot community through sharing photos, contests, events, and exhibits.

Generally, the camera is for anyone who likes photography, style, and sustainable design, and is perfect for the active, woke person who likes to get out and experience various things, enjoys expressing their individuality, and counts the environmental preservation as an important issue.


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