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Taste.Company | My KonMari Experience: Life simplified

My KonMari Experience: Life simplified

August 24, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Photo courtesy of consign-couture.com

I’ve always enjoyed spring-cleaning. Every time I do this, I end up giving up at least ten old clothes ready to be given to our ates (helpers), but it seems like whenever I try to clean up my closet, I end up putting back some clothes with unique prints and cuts, sparkly sequins or that magical ukay-ukay find that I’ve always been proud of because it was such a steal. I tell myself that “hey, I can still use this to a friend’s party, I have to keep it”- believe me, not happening anytime soon.

After reading Marie Kondo’s popular “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, I was easily swayed to be a Konvert and start cleaning up the entire house. But since I’m living with my in-laws, I need to respect that some parts of the house should remain untouched so I decided to just focus on my personal belongings, starting with my closet.

trends_interiors_konmari2This is my no-edit super unorganized closet

The KonMari method simply tells us to donate or throw out items that does not spark joy in us anymore. The process is to look at each item, take a moment and ask yourself “does this spark joy?” if yes, put it at the side, if not, put it directly inside a trash bag, paper bag or balikbayan box, whichever you feel like using for your items to let go.


The ultimate goal: to create a capsule wardrobe but of course it will take me months to accomplish this

After pulling out everything outside my closet, I went through all my clothes- from undergarments to socks, pants, jackets, jeans, tops and dresses. I made sure to look at it and examine whether or not I really want to wear them in the next few weeks. I found out that some were too big for me, while some have missing buttons that I obviously can’t wear anymore, or some I just bought because it was on sale but never really liked the style. What a waste!

trends_interiors_konmari4I ended up with my favorite neutrals that can be worn for a day to night look and suitable for both rainy and sunny seasons in Manila

I ended up letting go of 50 items, ready to be displayed in our upcoming garage sale this August. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Of course at first manghihinayang ka, like you wasted money on these items but after a while you’ll realize how much happier you are because you’ve got a lot more space not just in the cabinet but more space that clears out your mind.

trends_interiors_konmari5Marie Kondo also gave the correct way of folding clothes as well as arranging them by colors to help you choose clothes easier

Note that just because you let go of items does not mean it’s time to do some retail therapy and add new items on your closet. WRONG. The whole point of adapting the KonMari method is to let go of things and make room for items that only matter. In return, you’ll have a simpler lifestyle and be happier with the items that are presently available only.

I made sure that the only ones left inside my closet are my supposedly “capsule wardrobe” that I can comfortably use at work (I work with kids), when I do errands, or when I’m out with friends. Another principle is that your possessions reflect your state of mind. Trust me, I’ve never felt this happier and contented with the possessions that I have. My next project would be decluttering my children’s room!

I challenge you now to free up a weekend and just look at your belongings- which ones will you keep and which ones should you let go?



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