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Taste.Company | Holiday Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones

Holiday Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones

December 15, 2017 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

By Gelyka Dumaraos

The Christmas holiday vibe is now all over the place as the month of December welcomes us.

This season, what could be more special than to share gifts to your loved ones while glorying over sumptuous food and laughter.

Gone are the days when you stick to generic and unisex items to wrap for your family and friends. This season, make your gift more meaningful and personal by looking for certain products that are essentially interesting to your receiver.

We piled up a few products you can check out for every important person in your life.


For Your Sassy Sister

Beauty & The Bay

Benefit Cosmetic’s full-face makeup set is this holiday’s ultimate glam buddy. From long lashes and defined brows, to bronzed skin and highlighted cheekbones, every woman who shall receive this kit will surely be excited to use this in her next outing.  The Beauty and The Bay is made up of high brow highlight & lifts pencil for an instant arched brows, mascara to add more volume to your lashes, matte bronze for a natural contour, and a liquid face highlighter to emphasize your cheek and brow bones.   This go-to makeup kit is on limited edition to be sure to secure a couple of them while it last.

To order, check out this link or visit Benefit Cosmetics Philippines Facebook page for more information.


Alt Manila’s New York 3-way Convertible Bag

Your chic sister needs to have a bag which carries almost everything she needs for her day-to-day routine. The New York 3-way convertible bag, made by Alt Manila, is the right companion—whether she goes to school, has a trip somewhere, or when she’s off to work. The bag has a multi-function feature, which can be used as a backpack, a top handle bag, or a cross-body, depending on what suits her mood. Her important things are also safe and secured with its anti-theft and water-repellant feature, which helps for the always-on-the-go. A functional gift item, which combines style and quality, is just what every sister needs.

If you want to order one of this, check out www.altmanila.com or follow them on Facebook.



For Your Adventurer Brother

Vivo Lumio Your To-Go Kit

A kit which holds everything that is essential when you are outside should always be included in your bag. Vivo Lumio is a travel necessity which consists of five different sprays specifically formulated for various purposes. It has an insect repellent, an odor absorber, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and anti-fog glass cleaner. All these are essential for travelling especially during camping, beach bumming, and hiking.

To order, check out http://www.vivolumio.com or their Facebook page.



For Your Mighty Mother

Taste by Grace Home

What could be more delightful than gifting your mother some new addition to her growing collection of fine food products? Let your mother know you know how to choose well when it comes to buying food products that do not only have quality ingredients but with luxury and style too.

Taste by Grace Home, a new venture of Grace Barbers-Baja, is collection of fine foods which debuts 3 cheese-pairing jams, 3 hors d’oeuvres and a luxe cookie dough

You can buy an entire set of the cheese-pairing jams—Figs and Almonds with Truffle Honey, Two Tomatoes and Habaneros with Sage, and Black Grapes and Pistachios with French Butter—which are all made up of natural, preservative-free ingredients from different remote farms in the Philippines.

Your mothers will also thank you for having another healthy option when it comes to serving cheese spreads to the family, especially your little brothers and sisters, with the hors d’oeuvres which are made up of four different kinds of cheeses and local artisanal ingredients.  Lastly, the cookie dough is also a must try. The dessert is made up of single origin cacao bean, specifically 70 percent Ecuadorian dark chocolate, and can be baked in a bread toaster.

To order, email grace@gracehomemanila.com or send an SMS to: 0906-361-8374 (text only; no calls). You can also check out her Facebook page at The Spoiled Mummy



For Your Sporty Dad

Do not forget gifting your father with a couple of socks for his outings. From a basketball day with his friends to random day out with the family, Vamos socks will surely make your father’s foot up for every undertaking. Aside from athletic socks, Vamos also has caps, compression calf sleeves, cycling bib and massage ball. And oh, they’ve got coffee too!

To order, check out www.wearvamos.com or their Facebook page.



For Your Travel Buddy

Surat Journal

A journal will be a traveller’s best friend when chronicling his life on the road. Surat Journals have this mesmerizing way of doodling and writing on its crisp blank pages. The journal’s cover is leather, which comes in different chic colours, so you won’t need to think how it will withstand being always on the go. It also has leather tie wrap around which keeps the whole journal intact and secured. What’s more cool about Surat Journals is that they are hand stitched which gives a more human touch. Aside from these journals, Surat Journals has also welcomed addition to its growing items with laptop sleeve, travel pouch for passports and boarding pass, slim wallets card holders.

To order, visit their Facebook page.



For Your Earth-Friendly Tita

Human Nature

Human Nature prides itself as a pro-environment, pro-poor, and pro-Philippines social enterprise. From makeup, home, skin, and beauty care, to pillows, fresh tea, chocolates, and more—Human Nature has grown its collection of products which are proudly Filipino-made.

What’s best about these products is that they are made in natural raw materials and are processed using safe, cruelty-free methods, so you are guaranteed that in every purchase you have, there is no harm done with the environment.

To order, you can check out their website at www.humanheartnature.com or visit their Facebook page



For Your Clingy Significant Other

Keep Yarning

Gift something soft, cuddly, and made with love with Keep Yarning’s crocheted pillow. This special Christmas pillow, designed in red and white, is perfect for a cuddle weather or just an afternoon of hanging out. Having this pillow in your space creates a livelier, and more heartwarming vibe as it was made by women crafters.

Keep Yarning’s crochet product are all made by women, mostly mothers, in small communities in Quezon City, who yearn to earn more while looking after their respective families.

To order, click this link or visit their Facebook page.



For Your OC Officemate

Jacinto & Lirio

Your officemate surely will be delighted to receive a laptop sleeve for the holidays.  Jacinto & Lirio, provider of handcrafted leather goods, has this resizeable laptop wraps which keeps the gadget protected all day, even when meetings in the office are here and there. It also has a space for gadget cords, and an added cushioning for extra protection. Aside from laptops, this can also serve as tablet sleeves, and envelope for documents.

To know more, check out Jacinto & Lirio’s Facebook page



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