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Taste.Company | 5 Looks for Summery Eyes by Eye of Horus

5 Looks for Summery Eyes by Eye of Horus

April 15, 2017 7:00 pm by Gabriella Galvez

Summer’s great and all, but when it comes to tropical places like ours, when the heat is on, let’s face it: there are just some beauty products that are best left untouched when the summer sun comes out in full force (like mascara!)

So what do you do to weather-proof your look in the summer? Read on to find out.

GLAMOURBOX has been curating beauty boxes for four years, bringing awesome beauty brands (like Pixi by Petra, Ofra Cosmetics, and POP Beauty) to beauty junkies nationwide. They celebrated this milestone by curating a special edition beauty box with Eye of Horus’ best-selling eye products, hence the name: “Easy on the Eyes”. Eye of Horus takes pride in their paraben-free, oil- (Moringa Oil) and wax-based formulas, making them tear proof upon application, and smudge-proof when worn.

I road-tested the three products found in the beauty box, and created five easy-to-do eye looks that you can take from summer days to summer nights, at the beach, boardroom, or bar!

A Hint Of Shimmer

The Eye of Horus ISIS Sun Goddess shadow palette has three shades: Enigma Mist, Chalice Bronze, and Sacred Husk. The palette comes with a small double-ended applicator: a fluffy end for applying and blending, and a thin slanted end for lining or reaching your inner corners.

I’m a big fan of warm, golden brown shades and these were exactly it. The baked shadows are highly pigmented and crease-proof that lasted through my workday up to nighttime.


For this look:

  • Dip the fluffy applicator lightly into Chalice Bronze (see arrow) and apply shadow carefully around upper lid, up to the crease.
  • Use the thin, slanted end of the applicator to line bottom lashes with the same shade.
  • Blend the shadows upward (above the crease) and outward (onto outer and inner corners of the eye) to soften edges. DONE!

Optional: Add Enigma Mist (lightest shadow) to highlight brow bone and the inner corners of your eye!


Wide-Eyed Definition

I used to skip eyeliner, going straight to curling and coating my lashes… until I heard of tightlining.

The Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil in Nubian Brown will make you feel exactly like a goddess. So soft and buttery, you have to lessen pressure during application to avoid having the pencil tip melt into your skin.

Not that it doesn’t have staying power: I accidentally jabbed myself in the hand with it while lining one of my eyes, and guess what: when I tried washing my hands, it would not come off. Genius.

So unless you’re a theater performer, brown liner is always better for smaller Asian eyes, and this particular shade is the perfect velvet deep brown.


For this look:


  • Use fingers to gently pull the upper lid upward to reveal the upper lashline.
  • Lightly dot eyeliner into the small gaps between your lashes (not into waterline), pausing every few seconds to adjust gaze (look down!) and blink softly.
  • Gaze down and gently use fingers to tug bottom crease to reveal lower lashline.
  • Carefully waterline the lower lashline with the tip of the eyeliner.
  • Do the same for other eye. Connect the top and bottom lines by dotting liner onto inner and outer corners of each eye.

Optional: Apply Sacred Husk (darkest shadow) on the outer edges of the eyes for added definition, and don’t forget to blend.


The Thin Line

Tightlining not enough? Time to use that liquid eyeliner then.

Eye of Horus’ Liquid Define in Babylon Brown is a chocolate brown liquid liner with a felt-tip so sharp (yet so soft) that it is guaranteed to stay close to your lashline. You get a sharp, creaseless line that defines (not overpowers) your eyes, no matter what their shape.

See the graphic below and compare the right (no tightline) and left (with tightline) eye: you can choose to do either as it all depends on your preference.


For this look:

  • Use liquid liner and start from middle of upper lash line. Use dots to apply liner and stay very closely to lashes until you reach the outer corner.
  • Do the same for other eye first, then compare work for both eyes.
  • Once both eyes are even, start working on inner corners of each eye, taking care to add thin dots and connecting them to each other. Look outward while lining inner corners.

Tip: The thinner the line, the better. Curl your lashes once liner is dry, mascara optional!


Smoky Smudge

I’ve never had the courage to do a smoky eye and always thought I needed to do it with shadow, and only at night, never in the day. Only later did I start experimenting with a softer version using brown shadows and a liner brush dipped in water, but the Goddess Pencil has a nifty attachment to its other end: a spongy, smudging brush that’ll help you achieve that smoky look a la Cleopatra.

If you tried Look #2 and found it to your liking, here’s how you can take it up a notch.


For this look:

  • Start with an unlined (or tightlined) eye.
  • Make sure pencil isn’t too stubby to avoid overdoing your smoky eye.
  • Start from the middle of upper lash line and lightly draw a line outward following your eye contour, then gently smudge with sponge tip.
  • As in Look #3, work on BOTH eyes evenly by switching back and forth to check your work.
  • When lining bottom rims, stay very close to lash line. Smudge well by keeping pressure soft, don’t rub!

Tip: If you make mistakes, dip a cotton bud in makeup remover and swipe gently. Apply concealer after doing your eyes, if needed.


Subtle Cat-Eye

At last, we reach the final test: the full-on, Cleopatra Cat-Eye.

If I was afraid of the smoky eye, then the cat-eye has always been my makeup waterloo. Despite consulting countless Youtube tutorials and asking MUA friends about how best to go about that dreaded feline flick, I can only count the times I’ve done a cat-eye successfully in one hand.

However, thanks to the EOH Liquid Define, I can finally start counting with another. I worked on this cat-eye right after Look #4 (above), so it was pretty easy to draw the flick since I had already laid the foundation for it.

trends_beauty_eyeofhorus5For this look:

  • Put one end of the eyeliner (with its cap on!) to the edge of your nose, and let it create a diagonal line up to the edge of your eyebrow. Make sure the line passes the outer corner of your eye.
  • Once you’re sure about where the line should go, use the sharp tip of the liquid liner to draw a thin diagonal line from just above your outer crease, and connect it to the smoky line of your upper lashline.
  • Do your other eye first, and keep comparing your ‘draft’ with this new line to make sure you end up with even lines.
  • Fill in any gaps with your liquid liner to make sure both eyes have equal definition.

Tip: Test the liquid liner on your hand to make sure that it has enough ink at the tip before using it on your eye. Use the Goddess Pencil to deepen the smoke on the outside and inner corners of your eyes!


So there you have it, five doable looks with three different products from one amazing brand.

If you’re the type who skips doing their eyes for fear of messing up (read: too-thick, uneven lines, or unblended shadows, oh, the list goes on!), then I hope this road-test helped you decide that it’s never too late to experiment (and practice till its perfect!) this summer. You have nothing to lose, and a defined set of peepers to gain!

Find the Easy on the Eyes special edition Glamourbox here.

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