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Taste.Company | The Biggest Home Decor Trends of 2018

The Biggest Home Decor Trends of 2018

January 12, 2018 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

By Kristine Cannon

Out with the chevron, out with the tropical prints and flamingos, out with the white-on-white look, out with the rose gold, and out with the cacti everything. 2018 is here, and it’s time to embrace some new, bold home decor trends.

Pink is out; lavender, green and yellow are all in!

It should come as no surprise that lavender and lilac tones will make their way into homes in 2018 — the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra Violet, after all.

Shades of green are also in this year, which, again, makes sense — Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year is Oceanside SW 6496, an intense shade of blue-green. Director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams tells Realtor.com: “People today have a growing sense of adventure, and it is making its way into even the coziest corners of our homes. We are craving things that remind us of bright folklore, like mermaids and expeditions across continents. Oceanside is the color of wanderlust right in our own homes.”

Photo Courtesy of AveStyles

Sage will also be big in 2018 — a shade between slate and olive. It’s considered the new neutral so if you’re looking for a subtle color as your next accent wall, go for sage.

But if you’re looking for something brighter, to make more of a statement, go with “Gen Z yellow,” a hue expected to make a huge impact in 2018. The pops of color will give your home a fresh, young vibe.

That said, pairing bold colors, like sapphire blue, burnt orange or charcoal black, with jewel tones, including emerald green, pink, turquoise, ruby red and magenta, will be a huge interior design trend for 2018. These warm tones will create a comfortable, cozy environment.


Embracing wabi-sabi


Photo Courtesy of Wabi Sabi Scandinavian style

Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy. It’s focused on finding beauty in the imperfect and incomplete. For your home, this means embracing all the blemishes found in your home. If it doesn’t look perfect, that’s OK!

Terrazzo is back


Photo Courtesy of Fall For DIY

Straight from the ‘70s, terrazzo is back — a popular wall and floor treatment from several decades ago. But it isn’t just reserved for your walls and floors; expect to also see decor donned with the terrazzo print. According to a Pinterest report, user saves for “terrazzo” pins increased by 316 percent.


Mixed metals


Photo Courtesy of Aquahaus

Gone are the days of abiding by the rule of “no mixing metals.” In 2018, it’s encouraged, particularly for more golden brass tones. And for a more interesting, warmer look, mix different finishes, like matte black or satin brass.

This extends into the world of furniture as well: A huge trend will be industrial furniture (versus wooden furniture), which will give your home a more minimalist appearance.


Making a statement with your ceiling and doors


Photo Courtesy of The Creativity Exchange

Why reserve wallpaper for your four walls when you can shift the focus to your fifth wall: the ceiling. Whether you go with a bold color or striking wallpaper (like geometric shapes and geode and agate wallpaper), we’ll be paying a lot more attention to our ceilings in 2018.

And the same goes for our doors: On Pinterest, saves for “colorful doors” increased 121 percent. So go grab a bucket of paint or get a new, flashy welcome mat; your front door will get plenty of attention this year.


Spa-inspired bathrooms


Photo Courtesy of The MerryThought

Turn your bathroom into spa, giving it a resort feel. Whether you opt for larger floor tiling (in shades of grey) or invest in more natural, sustainable, eco-friendly decor, you’ll give your bathroom a very on-trend facelift (not to mention, more relaxing).


Go big in your home, literally


Photo Courtesy of sfgirlbybay

Don’t leave your walls blank; wall art will be huge in 2018. Express yourself with works of art, photography — anything that’ll really make a statement in your home. According to Pinterest, saves for “big wall art” increased by 637 percent!


Patterned plants


Photo Courtesy of The Bungalow

We got our fix of succulents in 2017, so now it’s time to take it a bit further in 2018: patterned plants. Add more texture and pops of color in your home with houseplants like the prayer plant or the snake plant.








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