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Taste.Company | Championing the Artisan at ArteFino

Championing the Artisan at ArteFino

August 27, 2018 7:00 pm by Vicki Abary

When we think of buying from local designers, we think of how cute they would look in our #OOTDs. Or how perfect they would be for the beach or as a gift to a loved one. But more than just chic fashion and home accessories, many of these products offer style and substance. As they either continue to sustain or revive Filipino craftsmanship. While at the same time, provide a livelihood for artisans whose trade has been taken over by commercial industries. This is the draw of ArteFino: Filipino Artisans at their Finest. It’s the country’s biggest artisan fair featuring 70 carefully chosen Filipino retailers. The largest number of artisans only previously found for the export market in the country—but designed for locals.

artefino-taste-companyThe powerhouse behind ArteFino: Cedie Vargas, Susie Quiros, Marimel Francisco, Maritess Pineda, and Armita Rufino

ArteFino: the country’s biggest artisan fair

Artefino is slated to run from August 30 to September 2, 2018 at the second floor of 8 Rockwell. It’s a shopping mecca organized and curated by Cedie Lopez-Vargas, Susie Quiros,
Marimel Francisco, Maritess Pineda and Armita Rufino. ArteFino is a testament to the creativity and transformation of modern Filipino craftsmanship. Supporters of local designers will look forward to different products from familiar exhibitors. As well as enjoy new faces with exciting offers at their respective booths. With its focus “Local is the new international,” you can expect each exhibitor at ArteFino to present several unique quality items that could definitely pass international standards.


Embroidered tops by Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez


This year, expect to find such fashion designers Rhett Eala, Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez, Gabbie Sarenas, Linea Etnika, Two Chic Manila, Kaayo, Little Lulli, and Anthill.


Fashion jewelry by Farah Abu

Jewelry designers Kathy & Kathy Bespoke, Riqueza, J Makitalo, Matthew and Melka, and Farah Abu. Shoes and bags by Zarah Juan, Beatriz, Halo-Halo, C&C, Rags 2 Riches, Island Girl, and Victorias Yabut are also in attendance.

artefino-taste-companyHand painted trays by Art of Gold

Home accessories by Whisk Designs, Art of Gold, Balay Ni Atong, Beyond Borders, Jamaican Markets, and many, many more artisans.

artefino-taste-companyThe cutest bags: Carabao, Horse and Sorbetes Cart by Zarah Juan


HeArteFino: Supporting local communities through training and donations

Through the HeArteFino Development Program, ArteFino continues to support local communities. Its first grantee is Zara Juan, who has been collaborating with the Bagobo Tagbawa community in Mindanao. Through the program, the tribes people have been able to improve their craft and livelihood through the donation of sewing machines by the women of Zonta as well as through training modules that teach them about financial literacy and product innovation.


artefino-taste-companyZarah Juan beaded shoes and bags for GREAT Women


“We are working closely with our vendors to see where we can support them. Many of them we have seen evolve. We want to keep growing. Our hope is that we can inject many of our traditions in different areas of craft, art and dining, into the mix. We want to push the movement of being truly proud of what we can do as Filipinos. Wear it not just in our soul, but in all that we do,” says Susie Quiros.


artefino-taste-companyJewelry by J. Makitalo, trays by Whisk, pottery by Newfolk/ Open Studios Design and Liliana Manahan, fans by Monchet Olives

Support local entrepreneurship and pay homage to our culture. There has never been a more exciting time to buy Filipino. The workmanship in embroidery, weaving, carving, bespoke jewelry, and culinary delights that have lost their way and their spark through the use of machines have all found resurrection through artisans at ArteFino. Why don’t you come and see it for yourself? At the very least, you will find a number of cute things for your #OOTDs.

#ArteFino2018 #SupportFilipinoArtisans


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