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Taste.Company | 5 Ways to Deal with Bullies

5 Ways to Deal with Bullies

June 10, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

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We’ve always pictured a bully as the big one in class who consistently pranks and picks on the timid ones during their grade school years. Not anymore. It has come to parents’ attention that their children are being bullied as early as preschool days. Look out for signs of bullying and take these appropriate actions if you think your child needs some helping hands.

  1. Talk to your child

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Consider yourself lucky if your child tells you right away that someone is bothering him. But often times, children just forget about what happened to them. If your child does not show it, look for sudden changes in your child’s behavior. He might be scared to attend school and pretends to be sick so he can miss class. Other signs may include trouble concentrating, avoids eye contact when asked about school, always whiny and clingy to you or even yaya and comes home with bruises that he cannot directly explain the cause. Sit your child and ask in the gentlest way if there’s something he’d like to share about school. Just listen and let him finish his story before reacting. Remember, violent and defensive reactions may just worsen the situation. Show that you are supportive in resolving the problem in school.


  1. Set a meeting with the teacher

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If your child confirms that he is bothered with a bully in school, make an appointment with the teacher. State the facts from your child’s story and maybe ask the teacher for her side too. Maybe you can also meet with the guidance counselor who can help your child open up and cope up with his situation. Bullying does not always happen inside the classroom but during recess or dismissal time, which may not be seen by adults. If you happen to see the bully doing something to your child, report to the teacher right away. Never ever reprimand the other child, as you don’t want to be in bad terms with his parents. Leave the talking to their teacher and let the school make the necessary actions. You can make suggestions to separate the children and letting them work in different groups to avoid contact.


  1. Learn how to say no

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If the bully keeps on asking for toys or even money, tell your child to say NO right away. Bullying can be in a form of verbal abuse so if the bully keeps teasing your child, remind him to just ignore and walk away. Some bullies get tired from their acts if often ignored so eventually he will learn to stop.


  1. Bully-proof your child

ways-to-deal-with-bullies-taste-companyphoto courtesy of smartparenting.com.ph

If your child can’t tolerate the bully anymore and is starting to get physical with him, it’s time to be brave! Teach him to respond in a firm responses like:

“That is mine. Give it back.”

“Don’t touch me.”

“That’s a mean thing to say. Stop being mean.”

“Stop that.”

“I don’t like what you called me. I want you to call me by my name.”

You can also use books as an instrument to teach your child on how to overcome bullies. Super Ningning by Liwliwa Malabed is a book that talks about a child who is being bullied but found out that she doesn’t need super powers to fight the bully because she has super friends!


  1. Do not label the child as a BULLY

ways-to-deal-with-bullies-taste-companyphoto courtesy of pexels.com

Sometimes bullies act strong because they are guarding themselves. They might be experiencing problems at home and do not know how to handle these problems because they are still too young. Know where the child is coming from-maybe his parents separated recently, or he is left alone with the yaya all day so his tendency is to seek for attention from others. His aggressive behavior might come from violent TV shows if left unattended at home and also if he has older siblings who pick on him too which he copies when he comes to school.

Bullies don’t remain bullies forever. With proper intervention and support from the school and their home, bullying may be avoided and cured. Teach your child to give chances to those who may have hurt him and to not completely turn his back on the bully. Who knows, they might be the best of friends in the future.



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