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Taste.Company | 5 Things To Do Before the Year Ends

5 Things To Do Before the Year Ends

September 4, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda


Self-Improvement Tips: 5 things to do before the year ends

They say your next four months are going to be better than the last 8 months. Believe it! There are a lot of things to create and explore and there’s no stopping anyone who wants to make the most out of their year. We’ve listed down five simple things to do to improve your daily routine. You don’t need to spend a lot of money but it’ll definitely take a lot of effort on your part! Ready to take on the challenge? Check out top 5 things to do before the year ends.

  1. Workout


If you promised to do this at the start of the year but failed to do so, now’s the time to do your research, find the most effective workout that you’d love to try and grab your dusty training shoes! There really is no need to enroll at a gym or attend a yoga session. There are many online workout tutorials and apps that are easy to use and follow, that can be done in your home or at the park. No more excuses, time to make some space for that holiday gains come December!

  1. Plot travel plans

things-to-do-before-the-year-ends-taste-companyTake advantage of ongoing seat sales or just simply plan a road trip alone or with your closest friends for that much needed rest. Want to go to Singapore after watching Crazy Rich Asians? How about a surf trip to Baler? Just. do. it. Getting out of your routine will help you reset and get you energized to face more office deadlines.

  1. Pay your past loans


Start with a clean slate by fixing your finances as soon as you can and pay personal debts you made this year. This may be hard to achieve especially if your sweldo literally vanishes right after paying the bills. But by working hard, accepting more projects on the side, you’ll surely be able to pay your house or the car loan you made in no time!

  1. Declutter and donate


One of our favorite tips here in Taste.Company is decluttering. We admire the Marie Kondo’s Konmari method so much that we want you to give it a try as well.  Start by setting aside a day to rummage your cabinet, the drawers in your kitchen and all the brochures that piled up in your dining area. Please, just get rid of them and create more space for the things you really love. Stop clinging on to things you’ll never really use so pass it on to someone who might need it more than you.

  1. Feed your soul


2018 has been a busy year for most of us-whether it’s about growing your career or building a family. It’s time to pause, have a glimpse of what happened in the past eight months and ask yourself- What were the things that made you happy? What instances made you feel like you failed? What improvements should you take on this time around? Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you face bigger challenges in your life. So go ahead, take as much time as you need to reflect, meditate or just simply rest and eat healthy. It’s also the perfect time to reconnect with special people in your lives. Have you paid a visit to your lola in the province? How about your best friend who keeps asking you for a brunch date? Time to say yes! Finding the right balance between work, family time and social life will make you a more productive and positive individual so try to sustain those connections.

A personal resolution list need not be made at the start of the year. These improvements can be done any time of the year — whether quarterly or monthly or when you just need a breather. Self-improvement is a continuous process so take that step and work on building a better you these BER months. Good luck!

*all photos courtesy of pexels.com


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