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Taste.Company | 10 Things to Prepare Before School Starts

10 Things to Prepare Before School Starts

May 29, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

We’re just a few weeks shy from a brand new school year but it’s best to prep your child ahead. Take note of the list below of some essential back to school tips to have a smooth sailing school year ahead.


  1. Fix your body clock

Your child may have enjoyed all the late night play times but now it’s time to transition back to sleeping early. Change the schedule two weeks before setting it at 15 minutes earlier until you reach the ideal 10 to 11 hours sleep hours a child needs on a school night. Avoid late night stimulants such as toys, TV and gadgets to have a relaxing deep sleep. As parents, you need to model early sleeping habit too by putting away your mobile phone and joining your child in bed.


  1. Read books

If you have a preschooler who has a hard time settling in class, reading books can help build his confidence. Try Starting School by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. A lot of parents also raised their concern on kids having a hard time reading and speaking in Filipino. Not a problem! Try this Filipino Books Your Child Must Have and maybe he can pick up words he can use in everyday conversation at home and in school.


  1. Plot your calendar

During parents’ orientation, a school calendar will be given which you should sync to your personal calendar. You have to keep track of important dates such as holidays, semestral breaks and exam schedule to avoid conflict with your family schedule. Avoid booking travels during school days (unless it is important) so that your child won’t need to miss out on school activities or catch up on so many lessons.


  1. Choose a comfy bag

Whether it’s a stroller or backpack, find durable and affordable school bag that can last the whole school year (and even longer!). There are schools that do not require the kids to bring home their books so choose a light backpack. Some schools have the same bag requirement so do check on it first before purchasing one to avoid unexpected expense. Since your child will be carrying the bag by himself, make comfort a top priority when buying. Teach your child to pack for the next school day and unpack used papers, plastics and even food that may be lingering inside for days!


  1. Create a craft bin

Your child will have a lot of school projects so having craft materials at home will save you a trip to the bookstore from time to time. Buy the essentials such as art papers, crayons, scissors, buttons, beads, strings, glitters.


  1. Pack energy food

Do you have a picky eater? Or your child prefers to play rather than eat during lunch time? Have that peace of mind by making sure he eats healthy breakfast that can make him full for a long time. Try these Breakfast Ideas your kids will love. If you don’t have time to cook, pack him with energy bars that are easy to eat and full of essential nutrients an energetic kid needs!


  1. Have a quick family trip

We mean really quick! If you have one weekend to spare, try to visit one of these 5 Kid-Friendly Places in the Philippines. Since you and your child will have a busy schedule when school starts, this is the time to relax and just enjoy the no homework days!


  1. DIY a bonding activity

If you did not enroll your child to a summer class, you can create bonding activities right at the comforts of your home. You might want to try out this Summer Activities for Mom and Kid (and Dad too!). This will surely create meaningful bonding activities that your child can share with his classmates when asked about his summer break.


  1. Schedule a doctor’s appointment

Building a strong immune system is important especially that your child will be exposed to different viruses in school or even from his peers. If the child gets sick easily, he will not be in the perfect condition to study. However, a child fit for school will most likely achieve his academic goals and be excited to be with his friends.


  1. Build an emergency fund

Sure you’ve already secured the fixed expenses for school but there may be a lot of unexpected events during the whole school year. Make sure to have something extra you can use for school activities (that is not counted in the tuition fee) or in case of hospitalization of a family member. Remember, it’s easier to have something ahead then to worry about it in the future.


Make a schedule based on your family dynamics and parenting style. After all, you’re the only one who knows your children best.


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