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Taste.Company | Tips on Traveling Marrakech Souks

Tips on Traveling Marrakech Souks

September 24, 2018 12:03 pm by Karla Ramos

We all like travelling. And for some, travelling has been their way of life and living.

Whether you’ve traveled abroad or have explored the historical places of your country, we always love to go out to seek new places and experiences and meet new people. But with each step we take comes with responsibility we should always have in mind.

Traveler or not, exploring uncharted territories and places can be both thrilling and risky. That’s why precautionary measures and travel tips from those who have been in the place you want to visit should be on the list you should check before starting your exploration.

For first-timers, especially for women,  spending 3 days in Morocco can be a bit overwhelming for the men here have this sense of entitlement within themselves and where cultural differences is obviously embraced by the locals. But there’s no need to feel agitated if you’ve already booked a flight to this country. There are some quick tips to live by in helping any female traveler to nail her travel experience in Marrakech Souks!

Clothes and Accessories

Dress accordingly

It’s ideal that once you’ve landed in Marrakech or before going out in public, your knees and shoulders are covered and the chest part of your area is not expose (e.g. exposure of cleavage). As much as possible, wearing shirts and trousers that are a bit bigger than your usual size should be worn so you won’t be an object of sexualization while you’re roaming around the outskirts of Marrakech. As a Muslim country, people have been accustomed to women covered from head to foot so it wouldn’t hurt to follow their dress code as appropriate as possible.

Use appropriate accessories

Here’s a quick tip for all of you, wearing sunglasses while walking in Marrakech will actually help you in avoiding eye contact with people and be sold things that will shock the innocence out of you. Also having a headscarf and cardigan would help you to become objectified by men.

On the streets 

Have male companion

The advantage of having a male friend that you can walk and talk with on your travel to Marrakech is that you’ll free yourself of cat calling and people who’ll walk straight up to you for sexual offers. They’ll just assume you’re married or you’re in a relationship so they’d steer clear away from you.

Be cab smart


Before agreeing with the cab driver to take you to any place, make sure that you’ve agreed on the price to be paid for this trip since most of them don’t use a meter. And always stay alert and do not sleep on the ride because this will also help you to get familiarize with the streets you’ll be crossing.

Plan your itinerary ahead of time


This tip is applicable to any places you’ll visit for the first time. It’s okay to be spontaneous at some point, but having a thoroughly itinerary would save you time and hassle. Nothing beats a person who’s always ready and equipped in any situation.

The Travel Expert

Fake it ‘til you make it


There are instances that some would offer you that they’d walk you to this street that will lead to the destination you’re looking for, but it’s too late for you to realize that it’s nowhere near the place you’re looking for. So as much as possible, try to look as if you’ve been in the place enough to wander the street with minimal supervision (that’s why we have the sunglasses as our disguise) to avoid scams. If you’ll encounter incident aforementioned, always keep your chill and be as polite as possible to the person offering you the directions and don’t feel guilty declining offers because you should think of your welfare first.

On thoughts of taking pictures


Maybe on some places you’ve visited, locals would happily smile in front of you camera whenever you ask them to take a picture of them. Just a heads up, don’t be shocked when after taking a picture of local in Morocco, they’d ask you to pay them for it. Same goes for street performers whom you’ll be tempted to take video, they’d definitely look for you and ask for a pay for recording their performance.

Have a cash in your pockets

Most of us have been used to travelling using our ATM cards. I’ve seen a lot of foreigners do that, but when you’re travelling in Marrakech, they mostly don’t accept cards so it’s really ideal that you always have a cash with you.


Visit a Hammam


This popular bath in Morocco is the safe haven for any traveler, especially women, who just want to find tranquility in the busy streets of Marrakech while sipping their favorite tea. Some hostels offer Hammam but if it’s not available on the hostel you’ve availed, you can always ask for the nearest Hammam to visit.

Although travelling in Marrakech Souks will bring out how much patience and understanding you have in you because of withstanding numerous cat calls, indecent offers, or being grabbed at by strangers, this is also a good eye opener on different cultures shared in different countries. It’s also a good experience not only because as this will bring you out of your comfort zone, but I’m sure that the places and some people you’ll meet here are worth reminiscing.



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