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Taste.Company | The Right Travel Bag for Every Trip

The Right Travel Bag for Every Trip

August 9, 2018 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

By Gelyka Dumaraos


You’re on a weeklong trip and you realized you do not have enough space for the souvenirs you bought. You wouldn’t want your companion to see you struggling in carrying three bags for a weekend camping. You’re not enjoying a walking tour because you have a huge duffel bag slinging by your poor shoulder.

Admit it or not, you wouldn’t be messed up with your things if only you had a reliable and efficient travel bag with you.

One way to enjoy a trip to bits is taking a trusted and reliable bag with you. When choosing the right travel bag, you need to consider these—mode of travel, duration, type of travel, and the activities on your itinerary. After determining the details, it’s time to look for the types of bag you need which takes into mind not only your style but your comfort as well.

Here are some suggestions of travel bags you can take on different kinds of trip:


Day trip

We can’t say choosing the right bag for a day trip is easy. Some get to pack so many things for just a day tour in the museum or a food crawl in the nearby town that they end up carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders.

For day trips, it should be noted that seeking for comfort is always the key so you can enjoy any activity you’re up for the day. This Dawson Backpack from Herschel gives that explorer vibe, giving your hands freedom from carrying anything. Its space can even accommodate extra shirt when you feel you need clothes or your laptop when you feel like working just about anywhere. Its two pockets let you store small stuff too within easy reach while keeping it secured with its strap details.




An overnighter

Whether you’re about to have a 2D/1N staycation in a hotel in Manila or a quick out-of-town biz trip, an overnight bag is just right for you. And while you’re at it, you need not look like you’re about to spend the rest of the weekend on the road. In fact, you can keep it simple and elegant while making your things all safe and secured in its spacious compartments.

A bag which is lightweight, easy-to-carry, and even foldable like the hit Longchamp women’s travel bag suits a traveller who’s up for an overnight stay. In here you can put on your sleepwear and your clothes for the next day, with extra space for your toiletries and other personal stuff.


Photo from www.uk.longchamp.com



One of the exciting and rewarding things to do on weekends are getaways to islands or resorts with spectacular views of the beach. In some cases, a weekend with their relatives in the province or spending rest days on a retreat.

A couple of night away means having a bag which can fit all the things you need while making sure you do not go overboard. Carry ons are the perfect weekend travel buddy. A sturdy duffel bag or a classy and durable small luggage can leave you satisfied and contented.

This Jordan Airborne Weekender Duffel Bag from Nike can serve as your gym and weekender vibe. For the ones always on-the-go, this bag organizes and secures your things even when on the road with its dual-zip compartments and multiple pockets.




Weeklong adventure

Be it a 5-day business trip abroad or a whole week of outdoor adventures, bags for travelling dedicated for a week should accommodate your things plus additional compartment for your possible purchases while on the road.

American Tourister’s wheeled duffel gives you two options to carry your things in a swift. Its multiple handles lets you choose from carrying it as a duffel or push its lock handle to stroll around the terminal with smooth wheels.

For important documents like boarding passes and passports, you can make use of its side pockets too for convenience. Its spacey main compartment leaves more room for your souvenirs too.



For a sleeker, more minimalist look, you can even opt for a classy carry-on travel bag from Samsonite. This design marries sophistication and elegance with its rose gold shade. It has a 360-degree spinner wheels for mobility and has multiple zipper pockets.




Long-term travel

For some long-term outdoor adventures—let’s say trekking in the mountains, camping in a remote island for a couple of days, or even spending days surfing by the beach in a new country, you need a backpack buddy with you.

One type of travelling is backpacking, which takes from weeks to months and even years. Stacking up all important stuff in your backpack will be convenient when you invest in a backpack which suits your body type and your activities.

Osprey’s Viva 65 backpack can be loaded with your clothes and equipments suited for adventure hikes. It was constructed with durability and comfort in mind with its shape-shifter capabilities and ventilation features and adjustable straps.



When talking about moving to another city for a couple of months to study or do volunteer work, we can talk about investing on a nice suitcase to cover all your needs for the duration of your trip.

Debeham’s holiday suitcase fits just about everything you need. While it is lightweight, it is made up of tough and durable materials to withstand up to 102 litres capacity. This easy to carry travel bag has four-wheel smooth spinner wheels and top and side grab handles. Do not forget to use packing cubes to sort out all your things so your stuff won’t get caught in a whirlwind once it’s checked in.





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