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Taste.Company | What to do in Bataan: Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

What to do in Bataan: Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park

September 10, 2018 2:01 am by Karla Ramos


Everybody needs a resort getaway and escape every once in a while, and one of the best places in the entire Philippines to do so is the Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park located in a little village named Tala in Bataan. The resort, located in already cold Bataan, is perched on a very high elevation which not only allows visitors to feel the cold, refreshing breeze on their skin but it also allows them panoramic views and agricultural sights of the provinces. Coffee plantations as well as multitudes of flowers will be easily spotted from the view of this high-class resort.


Aside from the breathtaking views and the prime location, the villas at this resort will allow guests privacy and comfort, the rooms ranging from simple yet clean and luxurious nipa huts to more elaborate rentals such as villas with larger spaces, more beds, and some of them even feature their very own heated jacuzzi as well as a balcony to walk out to, and experience the cool wind and wood textured floor on your feet- truly the pinnacle of comfort in such a rural area.


Even though the venue is clearly an avenue for both rest and relaxation, one of the things that make the Vista Tala resort stand out among the rest is that it also offers fun and exciting activities for you, your friends and family such as their day tour with shows you the sights and sounds of the beautiful resort, allowing you to swim in their picturesque swimming pools with incredible views of Bataan.  

But that excitement isn’t only limited to the day tour- the resort also features other exhilarating things to do such as wall climbing, rapelling, and the well-loved zipline which are sure to get your blood pumping.


Climbing and rapelling are more so enjoyable at the Vista Tala resort not only because of the cold weather making the activity feel like no sweat, but you’ll also be awarded with a great view of the resort once you’re able to reach the very top. The zipline, in particular, is also a definite crowd favorite given that not only is it adrenaline inducing, but it also offers you a jaw dropping aerial view of the beautiful resort and the gigantic crystal clear swimming pools. The lush greenery, plantations, and rural lifestyles of Bataan are sure to give you a rare, once in a lifetime rush and experience. This reminds me of my time in Camp N Nuvali.  


More on the topic of relaxation, one of the most popular and sought after features in the resort is arguably one of the stars of the entire resort- their stunning infinity pool which is not only a great catalyst for some well-deserved travel photos, but also the view of Bataan and the surrounding nature that comes with it. When visiting the Vista Tala Resort and Recreational Park, taking a snap and a swim at the infinity pool is a definite must for the amazing cliff-side views of the green province.


Although the resort doesn’t have much of a signal and lacks WiFi connectivity due to it being a vast land space and in a rural area, the amenities of the resort are able to make up for this, such as the Kareoke Rooms where guests are free to visit for a fun night with friends and family. Not only that, but your kids and young children (perhaps even adults) won’t be the least bit bored with the computer game stations situated in the resort, for those who need a little glimpse of technology in the getaway resort- although many won’t be needing it given what a beautiful distraction the activities and sights in the location are.


The Vista Tala Resort is known for being a getaway location, and quite far from the rest of society which might have some worried about the lack of food and amenities- but the resort has those concerns covered. It is equipped with not only a well-stocked convenience store with everyone’s favourite snacks, but also their very own restaurant which serves up delicious Filipino food such as sisig and tapsilog dishes. If you book a room, you get complimentary breakfast which is another added benefit.


Overall, the Vista Tala Resort is a wonderful place to visit for the cold weather, breathtaking scenery, beautiful amenities, and their fun and exciting activities which will give the visitors the break from everyday life they truly deserve.


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