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Taste.Company | Brokenhearted? Traveling to These 5 Places Will Help You Move On

Brokenhearted? Traveling to These 5 Places Will Help You Move On

February 13, 2017 10:24 am by Marky Ramone Go

A languishing soul rising from the aftermath of a romance that foundered – oftentimes, finds difficulty in ricocheting back to reality. The term “moving on” lay claim to the fact, that it literally takes a mountain of struggles to advance forward when one is nursing a fragmented heart. Fortunately, for all love-struck people living on this beautiful world – an old adage which says “there’s nothing traveling cannot fix”, – points us to the endless road of discovery, where one mere glimpse of a picturesque scenery, is enough to inject us a newfound desire in picking up the pieces of our broken self.  Only to pave the way to fall in love once again – even if this time it’s with the road and journeys that lay ahead.

To the self-proclaimed members of the figurative Camp Sawi, traveling to these five places shall help you move on and cure your anguish and instead, turn your fiery emotions and passions into a love of adventure, exploration and endless passages.

1. Chavayan Village, Sabtang, Batanestravel-brokenheartedtravel-batanes

The greens and the beautiful stone houses of Chavayan will awash everyone’s blues away. Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

There’s no better way to shred one’s despair than visiting a place brimming with charm and teeming with dreamy emblems at every turn. The road leading to Chavayan village already provides a glimpse of how spectacular the world is; the famed rolling hills that stretch as far as the eyes can see – edging out to the jagged rocky islets, where the crashing waves of the blue seas clap a thundering sound – are just some of the picturesque sights that barely scratch the surface of this place. Staying for a night or two at one of the old stone houses in the village and mingling with the locals shall give you a new perception about simplicity, heritage and history – and most probably; a rejuvenated heart.

2. Lanuza, Surigao del Surtravel-brokenheartedtravel-lanuza

Surf your sadness away and get stoked with life at Lanuza. Photo courtesy of Nomadic Experiences

Some would say the waves of the seas dance to God’s music. Riding the waves of this surfer’s haven set in the quiet hideaway town of Lanuza provides just the perfect retreat to pick up the pieces of one’s shattered heart. The feeling of finally achieving a long ride over a longboard, after multiple times of crashing to the waters presents the high note of attaining a renewed sense of exuberance – and for the sawi, a sign of better things to come. Surf your blues away and get stoked with life in Lanuza.

3. Bantayan Island, Cebu

Glister del Socorro, the shy but adventurous girl behind the travel website; The Wanderlust Keeper, mentions the island of Bantayan as the place that helped her greatly in moving on from a failed relationship.

“After a heartbreaking, experience, I went home to Bantayan Island, not for the comfort of my family but for the tranquility of the beach where I could reflect deeply about my heartache and how to act positively in the present. I just wanted to be in a quiet, beautiful place that promises peace and hope despite the ugly things I have gone through.”travel-brokenheartedtravel-bantayan

A walk to remind her that there’s more to life after heartbreak. Photo courtesy of Chasing Potatoes

“I love wandering on any of the beautiful beaches that Bantayan Island offers. Walking alone on the fine white sand, viewing the spectacular tropical scenery, watching the waves kiss the shore were the channels that drifted my sadness away and made me realize that in due time I would just be okay. Bantayan Island is a perfect place to heal a broken heart. That might be the reason why the film Camp Sawi was filmed there.”

 4. Balabac Island, Southern Palawan

Joanna Villanueva of Traveling Slippers recently went home for a quick vacation to the Philippines from her expat life in Oman. What she found instead was a place so spectacular she’s almost sure it could reconstruct anyone’s ruined heart.travel-brokenheartedtravel-balabac

Nothing finer than the sands of Balabac Island. Photo Courtesy of Traveling Slippers

“There is no better way to mend a broken heart than to spend time in a paradise like Balabac, which is located on the southern tip of Palawan Philippines. It may not be as famous as El Nido and Coron but spending time alone or with friends will surely clear your mind off your emotional misadventures with your former lover.

Relax and laze around in its fine white sand beaches, swim in its crystal clear waters, camp out, go snorkeling to see stunning coral reefs that will take your breath away and indulge yourself with fresh seafood.”travel-brokenheartedtravel-balabac

A blissful and picturesque sight as far as the eyes can see. Photo courtesy of Traveling Slippers

Have a moment on this isolated place and reconnect with the nature. In a place filled with magnificent natural beauty, it’s sure to help get you stop thinking about your past flame and move on. So, pack your bags, go out in the world and discover new destinations – explore the unspoiled place of Balabac.”

5. Lakawon Island, Negros Occidental

Travel and fashion blogger Levy Amosin of Hugging Horizons suggested an island clouded with tranquility as the perfect place to start picking up the pieces of a broken heart.travel-brokenheartedtravel-lakawon

The golden gleam of the sands and the bright blue skies shall brighten up even one’s darkest moment of heartache. Photo courtesy of Hugging Horizons

“Drastic changes, vast alterations, random modifications and unexplainable circumstances. These are the common breakdowns we experience after a break-up. We often find ourselves on the verge of sinking in the waves of loneliness, but then again we should also remind ourselves that moving on is possible.travel-brokenheartedtravel-lakawon

What better way than to drink the blues away at the island’s Tawhai floating bar. Photo courtesy of Hugging Horizons

Lakawon Island in Cadiz, Negros Occidental possesses that natural gift that could greatly help lovelorn people find colors in their life again. Lakawon is a banana-shaped Island gifted with a magical sighting of the rising and setting sun, dancing palm trees and fine grains of white sands. The romantic vibe and the isolation setting of the island will make you realize how beautiful the world and life can be.

Love can be very tricky and sometimes unfair, good thing travel exists. Don’t stop yourself from crying. You can definitely pour your heart out and scream all your sadness in this charming Island.travel-brokenheartedtravel-lakawon

 To drown in the beauty of discovering places and not with sorrow. Photo courtesy of Hugging Horizons

Being captivated by its beauty, I imagine the sea calling out travelers not to sink but for them to start loving themselves again. Allow Lakawon Island and its sheer beauty to put back the lost hues in your life once again.”

Failing in love can become the freedom to unleash the soul trapped within us. Through traveling, we realize how expansive the world is and how the possibilities of us finding new sources of inspiration and joy springs unendingly. So, stand up and get back on your feet, pack that rucksack of yours and explore the world to rebuild your smashed heart, one amazing experience at a time.


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