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Taste.Company | Philippine Fiestas You Can’t Miss This August

Philippine Fiestas You Can’t Miss This August

July 18, 2017 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos

Philippine Festivals or fiestas are always grand events in the Philippines — Complete with colorful costumes, dancing, performances, music, and of course, a celebration of Philippine culture. Fiestas are a spectacle of Filipino talent and creativity that you would surely not want to miss.  Here are five of the biggest Philippine Festivals you can attend in August.

1. Kadayawan sa Dabaw

travel_philippine_fiestas_august2Photo from Manila Bulletin

Celebrated during the 3rd week of August in President Duterte’s home city of Davao, this festival features the abundance of Mindanao. It is always a delight to visit the beautiful city of Davao but moreso during Kadayawan sa Dabaw, which is one of the biggest in the country. The bountiful harvest that is the highlight of this festival is on full display. Flowers, fruits, vegetables, and even grains are all around for everyone to see. The costumes and parade floats are inspired by these harvests.

 2. Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival

Attending one festival may be exciting, but what more if you can attend over 40? Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival is celebrated in Cebu City as the “Festival of Festivals” on August 13 annually at CICC in Mandaue City. It is a gathering of more than 40 different festivals trying to outdo each other in spectacle and performance. A showcase of local delicacies and handicrafts is to be expected along with the usual pageants, parades, and dances.

3. Rajah Baguinda Festival

travel_philippine_fiestas_august4Photo from  Achetron

Rajah Baguinda is credited for the creation of the Sulu Sultanate, as well as the propagation of Islam throughout the region. This three-day festival celebrating his arrival is rife with radiant colors and culture that is the pride of Sulu Province, during the 2nd week of August. The unique style of Moro-Islamic clothing and food is sure to look and feel different from your usual festivals, but it is still the same in that it is definitely Filipino.

4. Palu-Palo Festival

travel_philippine_fiestas_august3Photo from Ilocandia Treasures

Like many festivals, Palu-Palo Festival is a celebration of a people’s culture and story. What sets apart Palu-Palo Festival though is that it celebrates even the hardships of its people. Palu-Palo refers to sticks used in martial arts called “arnis” which were used by the Ivatans against European colonizers. Creative re-enactments are made during the festival depicting the Ivatans story. It is celebrated on August 8 in Basco, Batanes.

 5. Buwan ng Wika

travel_philippine_fiestas_august5Photo from  Definitely Filipino

A festivity of language, Buwan ng Wika is celebrated nationwide on the second week of August as a reminder to love one’s own language. In commemoration of Manuel L. Roxas as the “Father of the National Language”, some folks even in Manila (especially school children) take the time to dress in traditional Filipino attire. Organizations and municipalities may opt to hold “Balagtasan” or Filipino Public Speaking events. It is a nationwide celebration of Filipino Culture and language that can get very creative, especially on campuses around the country.

There are many kinds of festivals showcasing the culture and talent of the Filipino people. Although we have our festival staples like parades, pageant floats, dance numbers, banderitas, costumes, and get-togethers, each festival brings something new to the table. No festival is exactly like another, and are testaments to both the individuality and unity of Filipinos.


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