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Taste.Company | Kuyba Almoneca: A Little Miracle Faith Site

Kuyba Almoneca: A Little Miracle Faith Site

August 25, 2018 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

Kuyba Almoneca: A Faith Site in the heart of Puerto Princesa

You may ask various tour agencies from  more than 200 countries, all over the world, from what country do most  tourists come for pilgrimages to holy sites and places. And almost all will tell you a majority are Filipinos. Filipinos travel as pilgrims  to holy places to witness and see miraculous sites such as Our Lady of Lourdes in France. Or the Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal (See our Taste Article on Our Lady of Fatima). And of course, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the holy land and other such places all over the world. In the Philippines, we  also have and are known for countless holy sites. One particularly striking and  unassuming one is called the Kuyba Almoneca in Puerto Princesa. It’s a holy place which the faithful can visit for retreat, prayer and reflection.

1.3 Hectares of Pilgrimage Inspiration

This holy site was founded by fate and it was fate that enabled me to find it too or perhaps as it found me. As I was preparing to attend  mass at our usual church in Puerto Princesa (See our Taste Article on Puerto Princesa)  I noticed  no mass was listed on  the schedule board. But it directed me to a different location “Kuyba Almoneca”.

Then I realized,  this was a special pilgrimage site and a retreat haven  full of  different kinds of inspirations for fellow pilgrims and the faithful. Its 1.3 hectares is full of different ways to reflect and pray. It’s truly a place to get closer to  Jesus with time to be silent and to listen to the one above. It even has a cave with Jesus’ face!


Kuyba Almoneca is a haven for anyone who  wants to retreat and experience peace and silence amidst the chaos of this world.

Roots of Kuyba Almoneca

The holy sanctuary’s  name – Kuyba Almoneca –  comes from the Bicolano Dialect Kuyba which means cave. Almoneca is a combination of the names of the children of the owner.  In 1996 when the land was purchased, the owner knew that there was a small opening which led to an underground  cave. However, it was only in 2011 when a technician noticed that the stalagmites and stalactites in the cave formed the face of Jesus! Since that time it has become a holy site for the owners and for all the pilgrims who visit it.    


Upon  arrival, you can ask for a tour guide to show you around the holy site. As well as to share the stories of the Kuyba with you. A love offering of PP100 will be requested for the site’s  upkeep. You will see many miraculous sights and walk with the saints. You will read the word of the Lord and follow the way of the cross. Afterwhich, you can undertake  a variety of healing rituals including foot massages and the fish spa. There is also a children’s pool where kids can play while you retreat. On Sundays, the Youth Ministry of San Jose coordinates and organizes  a Holy Mass at 4pm in the Chapel of our Lady of PenaFrancia.

The Covenant Cave

The covenant cave is one of the two caves in Kuyba Almoneca. And beneath it is a natural water spring  where people go for healing. This cave was only small one when the site was originally purchased. It was not until the gardener was throwing away trash that he  discovered that if they dug deeper, the cave would be 100 meters long. It even reached up to the highway! Truly this place is full of heavenly surprises for all those who have been caring for it which mirrors my own surprise in finding it as a visiting pilgrim.  

Kuyba Almoneca now  has a large natural spring water pool under the covenant cave where people  can dip their feet or swim. The healing waters of the spring will relax you and bring you closer to rejuvenation.


They say the closest to God and kindness are special children.  The kuyba bears witness to this truth as the family of the owners of the Kuyba have their own  special child called Neil. Neil welcomes all the pilgrims and guests and takes time to become friends with them too. ☺

Take  time to be close to nature as you walk along and go through the healing pathway barefoot.  The surface of the pebbles will also relax and massage your feet. As you journey, you can also do the stations of the cross.


The Kuyba is a perfect place to visit  if you want to be tranquil and renew and strengthen your faith. A sanctuary to be silent  and/or find the inner peace in your soul. If you would like to stay longer they  have home stays which can accommodate individuals or groups, overnight, for up to 20 persons.  You can plan and coordinate your visit or group event, with Kuyba, including team retreats, special occasions and so much more.

Getting There:


You can ride a MultiCab to San Jose Terminal and ride a trycicle going to the Kuyba.    However if you ride a private trycicle, ask the Manong who dropped you off to stay and wait for you, if appropriate,  as it might be difficult to get back to the main highway.

Kuyba Almoneca Meditation Garden
Sitio Masikap, Brgy. San Jose Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Contact Nos: 048-433-2855 / 048-433-3177 / 048-723-0295

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