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Taste.Company | 7 Glamping Spots in Luzon You Should Visit

7 Glamping Spots in Luzon You Should Visit

April 26, 2017 7:00 pm by Marky Ramone Go

Staycations nowadays don’t have to limit your movement within the four walls of a hotel and seclude your movements in its immediate surroundings – no matter how fancy it may be. Experiencing the great outdoors without surrendering comfort reigns in the glamping type of traveling (or glam camping) – that is fast becoming popular nowadays. To help you stay out of extravagant resorts and closer to nature for your next trip, here are some glamping spots in Luzon you should visit before summer ends.

1. Haranah Eco-Park (Tanay, Rizal)Travel_Philippines_Glamping6

Camp under the starry night while enjoying your S’mores in front of a bonfire

Photo courtesy of Haranah Eco Park Facebook Page

Surprisingly, the municipality of Tanay drifts under the radar of vacationers considering its spectacular location mirroring the cool weather of Tagaytay – minus the tall buildings and gridlocked road. Situated adjacent to Sierra Madre mountain ranges, the gift of Mother Nature abounds charmingly. The 16-hectare Haranah Eco-Park thrives in this environment by perfectly blending all the elements of the great outdoors into a sprawling property surrounded by lush garden, rolling lawns, hiking trails, towering trees and scenic glamping grounds. Spend a night inside a tent furnished with soft mattresses and stare at the gleaming stars at night – over a bonfire and fun games with your friends.

Facebook: Haranah Eco Park

Website: www.haranahtours.com.ph


2. Aquascape by Cottages and Many More (Eco Saddle, Caliraya Lake)Travel_Philippines_Glamping3

Let go of all your worries and relax inside the floating cottage

 Photo courtesy of Cottages and Many More Facebook Page

Glamping here doesn’t come with the usual pimped-up tent, it floats over the glass-like waters of Caliraya Lake instead. By nighttime at the floating cottage, a magical night comes alive under a canopy of stars and surrounding tranquil lake. Cap it off the next day with a sunrise cruise all over the lake, to elevate that great outdoors experience to a new level. Cottages and Many More also offers land-based cabin rooms. But if you have to book a stay, I must say take the floating cottage.

Facebook Page: Aquascape by Cottages and Many More


3. San Rafael River Adventure (San Rafael, Bulacan)Travel_Philippines_Glamping

The perfect setting to be close to nature

Photo courtesy of Claire Madarang

Travel writer Claire Madarang of Traveling Light raves about this spot besides a river in Bulacan. “Less than three hours away from Metro Manila, San Rafael River Adventure in San Rafael, Bulacan, is known not only for its outdoor activities like river cruises and kayaking, but also for its glamping by the river. The tents with mattresses, electric fans, and tables and chairs outside, are placed on bamboo rafts attached to the main resort grounds, and the location gives front-row seats to the tranquil and golden sunrises and sunsets by the river.”

Website: sanrafaelriveradventure.com

Facebook Page: San Rafael River Adventure


4. Nayomi Sanctuary Resort (Balete, Batangas)Travel_Philippines_Glamping7

Hear the sound of the Earth and feel the vibe of the woods

Photo courtesy of Mervin Marasigan

Walking Lonely Planet Philippines, Mervin Marasigan of Pinoy Adventurista singles out this glamping place in Batangas called Nayomi Sanctuary; “Our tent is beautifully-built and so spacious that it could fit four to six people. Inside, there are two double-sized beds with hotel-quality and super comfy mattresses, soft lines, blankets, and fluffy pillows. There’s also an electric fan for ventilation, lamp shades, a storage chest to keep your stuff and power outlets to charge your gadgets. The glamping site is perched on a mountain hill and tall mango trees provide much-needed shade at the glamping area plus the lush gardens give it an off-the-grid appeal.”

Website: nayomiresort.com

Facebook Page: Nayomi Sanctuary Resort


5. Easy Adventure (Baler, Aurora)Travel_Philippines_Glamping2

Surf and glamp in style close to nature

Photo courtesy of Easy Adventure Facebook Page

Glamp in the place where surfing was born in the Philippines. The long coast of Baler that plays host to surfers and beach junkies alike, is also a place teeming with quirky accommodations – and one of the most unique – is the glamping spot of Easy Adventure. “Our days mean surfing the beachfront, swimming in the river, snacking by the mangroves, or napping on a hammock. Nights are spent amidst the presence of fireflies, enjoying the ocean breeze, or unwinding by a bonfire. A visit here includes well-appointed tents, warm meals, and a hospitable staff.

Website: myeasyadventure.com

Facebook Page: My Easy Adventure


6. Casa Antonio Vacations (Calatagan, Batangas)Travel_Philippines_Glamping4

Chill-out glamping spot by the beach

Photo courtesy of Casa Antonio Vacations Facebook Page

One can still find a secluded beach in Batangas and more nature friendly at that – when one discovers the setting Casa Antonio Vacations has designed. Embrace nature as you spend nights inside a comfortable tent enveloped by trees with nothing but the sound of the waves during the day and the croaks of the environment in the evening, to lull you into a beautiful solitude escape.

Facebook Page: Casa Antonio Vacations


7. Riverfront Garden Resort (Maragondon, Cavite)Travel_Philippines_Glamping5

Choose among the log cabins, cabanas, glamping tents and outdoor lounges.

Photo courtesy of Joni Francisco

Comprised mostly of log cabins situated in a dense forest overlooking a river, the resort also reserves a glamping spot for the more adventurous without sacrificing comfort. Lokal Hippie describes the camping area as “a wide field covered by trees, very reminiscent of Anawangin or Baguio. The tents are lined up with a bed mattress for extra comfort, they also provide a small fan and a light during the night”. Recent visitor Joni Francisco adds “The place is purely nature at its finest. Riverfront Garden Resort is just 2-3 hours away from Manila. I love how they set up picturesque cabana-like structures around the resort which is perfect for tropical relaxation. I highly recommend this place if you want a day to escape the city without having to spend too much.”

Facebook Page: Riverfront Garden Resort

Who says being close to nature and enjoying the great outdoors is synonymous to roughing it out? Not anymore, as these glamping spots around Luzon have shown, the growing movement of camping in style and traveling responsibly is here for anyone to enjoy.


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