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Taste.Company | Five Destinations for the Holidays

Five Destinations for the Holidays

August 15, 2018 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

By Gelyka Dumaraos

With the BER months coming up, the holiday season is just around the corner and we bet you’re already jotting down ideas for your trip. Be it a local beach getaway or an international trip to churches or theme parks, make sure to make the most out of your vacation by planning ahead and looking for the best places each of you will learn from and enjoy.

Here are some must-see destinations for the holidays for you and your loved ones.

Tour around Lake Lucerne, Switzerland


Spectacular view of Lake Lucerne. Photo courtesy of © Pilatus-Bahnen AG

Experience the warm Swiss hospitality and spend a week or two reveling in awe of Lake Lucerne and the mountains above it. Located at central Switzerland, Lake Lucerne is formed in a series of turns and arms, encompassing valleys and towns including the Swiss cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden. Touring around the lake is possible with trains, passenger ferries, and buses. You can book a hotel overlooking Lake Lucerne and the stunning Alpine panorama as its background.

Discover faith and history in France

destinations-for-the-holidaysThe Basilica of Notre-Dame d’ Alencon. Photo by France Tourism

The holiday season is also the time to rediscover the faith. While there are many tourist destinations for the holiday in France, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the French Riviera in Nice, and the Palace of Versailles, the beautiful country is also a fitting place for faith tourism.

At Orne, you can visit the Basilica of Notre-Dame d’ Alencon, a Gothic parish church that represents the history of the Romanesque Church.  The church is the place where Saint Therese was baptized in 1873. Tourist may even see the baptismal gown exhibited inside the basilica.

Meanwhile in Seine, tourists can flock in Abbey Jumieges, a monastery that is witness to the rich medieval history, coupled with religious learning.

Explore Sri Lanka

destinations-for-the-holidaysElephants at Yala National Park. Photo from www.yalasrilanka.lk

Going on an adventure is in Sri Lanka is never a bad idea. Known for its fine nature and wildlife reserves, Sri Lanka is home to national parks and surfing spots.

See the elusive Sri Lankan leopard at Yala National Park and explore the protected 130, 000-hectare sanctuary. Located at Sri Lanka’s southeast coast, the park is home to over 44 varieties of mammal and 215 bird species. Among the favorite residents of this wildlife sanctuary are spotted deer, peacocks, crocodiles, elephants and sloth bears.

Meanwhile in Bundala Park, you can get close to nature with its majestic lagoons, waterways, dunes while spending time with flamingoes and colorful birds. The park is located between Kirinda and Hambantota and is home to over 200 species. (Check out our previous post for Yala National Park)

Relax at the calming sea of Panglao Island

destinations-for-the-holidaysPhoto by Gel Dumaraos

Even when the Philippines’ popular international destination Boracay Island closed down for several months, this country still has a lot of islands waiting to be explored. Take for example Bohol, which is home to Panglao Island. Panglao is slowly gaining attraction for both local and international tourists because of Alona beach, a long stretch of sugary-white sands and teal waters. The beach has an array of hotels and restaurants that features the warm Boholano hospitality and local authentic Filipino food.  Aside from Alona beach, Bohol is also known as the land of the Chocolate Hills, a magnificent and unique landscape of thousands of hills that turn golden brown during the dry season.

Stay at Disney Explorer’s Lodge

destinations-for-the-holidaysPhoto by www.hongkongdisneyland.com

Hong Kong is considered as one of the destinations for the holidays especially when you are spending it with the family. This place has made its marked as a kid-friendly place, thanks to its array of fun and exciting activities and tourist hubs for the little ones.

A tour in Hong Kong is not enough without the kids having to step inside Disneyland. And what can be more fun to cap of their trip than staying at Disneyland’s latest hotel, Disney Explorer’s Lodge.

The Disney Explorer’s Lodge features exotic facilities which circles to the story of explorer’s building their own place to place in their artifacts and specimens they got from their trips around the world. The hotel has four distinctly themed outdoor gardens, featuring Oceania, South America, Africa and Asia. It also has three restaurants, which present choices of Chinese delights, international cuisines, and a café.  Aside from these, being located at the Disneyland Resort, the hotel has easy access to the theme park and other neighboring Disneyland Hotel.


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