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Taste.Company | Top 5 Milk Tea in the Country

Top 5 Milk Tea in the Country

September 1, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

We are all suckers for all things yummy and refreshing. And despite being shrugged off as another one of those easy-to-fade fads, milk teas have always been one of the favorite drinks of Pinoys. Milk tea is delicious, healthy, and has so many customizations. That it can satisfy just about every kind of drinker out there—whether it’s your picky dad or your health-conscious significant other. There’s just something about the comforting goodness of a warm cup of matcha, or the refreshing zing of some ice-cold milk tea with sugary sweet pearls. At the risk of sparking an online debate for milk tea aficionados and fervent netizens everywhere, we’ve gathered five of the best milk tea in the country. Feel free to add yours to the list!

  1. Tsujiri


Image courtesy of Tsujiri Philippines Facebook Page

Okay, so this place isn’t dedicated to milk tea alone. But it does serve anything and everything matcha. Their kind of deliciously exotic green tea latte combines the revitalizing taste of green tea with the creamy delight of milk. And if you’re on the hunt for the perfect cup of matcha, Tsujiri is definitely legit. They’ve got everything from sundaes and floats to ice cream cones and shaved ice. But, of course, you have to try their Tsujiri Latte or the ice blended Tsujiri Milk. It’s the perfect matcha goodness in every cup!

  1. Serenitea


Image courtesy of Serenitea Facebook Page

Serenitea has been around since forever. But that doesn’t mean it’s dwindled in quality over the years. On the contrary, this definitive milk tea place is only getting better and better. Now with international variants such as legit Hong Kong Milk Tea and Thai Milk Tea variants, Serenitea has it all from your typical pearl milk tea with adjustable sweetness levels to your basic plain ol’ black tea with varying degrees of pressing (because sometimes, people just want to drink actual tea, right?). So go ahead and experiment. Don’t be overwhelmed by the myriad of options available for you. And while you’re at it, why not indulge in some of their sweet and savory snacks too? The best-selling Pepper Tofu is definitely a crowd pleaser!

  1.  Moonleaf


Image courtesy of Moonleaf Facebook Page

Moonleaf may not be as widely known or as mainstream as the others. But it definitely has an authenticity that just won’t quit. Did you know that you can actually request for non-fat milk in your milk tea here? Sinkers also include healthy options such as chia seeds, so not only can you get your fill of comforting milk tea goodness, but you can also satisfy the picky health buff in you. What more can you ask for?

  1. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice


Image courtesy of Coco Philippines Facebook Page

Have you ever passed by a branch of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice where the lines AREN’T long and winding? There’s a reason why these stores are filled to the brim with overly eager customers yearning for their cup of milk tea. And the secret lies in the fact that the drinks are just that awesome. One of the most sought after variants is the White Pearl. Which you can thoroughly enjoy with your Panda Milk Tea to balance the crispier white tapioca with the chewy black pearls. There’s a luscious contrast between tea and milk, making every drink as full-bodied and as creamy as you want it to be. Of course, there are also juice variants, fruity variants. And even chocolate variants. So with every trip to each store, there’s definitely something for the whole barkada to enjoy.

  1. TenRen’s Tea


Image courtesy of TenRen’s Tea Philippines Facebook Page

Arguably at the top spot is the tea giant from Taiwan. Which uses only the most authentic ingredients in every serving. TenRen’s Tea (since 1953!) in Greenhills and Mall of Asia uses actual tea leaves for each drink. So you get the full taste and benefits of your tea with every order. The best-selling 913 King’s Oolong Milk Tea is perfection in a cup. With the taste of tea and the freshness of milk combining in a milk tea drink that’s no other. The pearls are also divine, as they’re made from healthy honey with no harmful chemicals. So it’s definitely better to consume them right away while they’re fresh. Even more awesome is the fact that you can take your pick among the myriad of options of tea boxes in the store. You can purchase anything from matcha powder to oolong tea leaves at the shop. And bring them home to enjoy a self-brewed cup whenever you feel like it!

Did your favorite milk tea joint make the cut? We know that there are still plenty of other contenders out there. Happy Lemon, Gong Cha, and Cha Time included. But with so many options and only a limited amount of spots, we can only do so much! What are your top five picks and favorite milk tea hangouts? Here’s another one of our top five lists on interesting cafes, but we want to hear YOUR thoughts too!


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