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Taste.Company | What’s New at Eastwood Avenue

What’s New at Eastwood Avenue

February 8, 2017 7:00 pm by Bettina Bacani

When was the last time you’ve been to Eastwood? Recently, Megaworld invited us to explore the newest, fast-rising food strip within Eastwood City – Eastwood Avenue!

As we all know, Eastwood City is one of the most established dining destinations in Metro Manila. We’re all familiar with the restaurants in its three malls – Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City Walk 1 and 2, and Cyber and Fashion Mall. However, apart from these, did you know that there is a rising dining strip in Eastwood, specifically Eastwood Avenue? There, you’ll find new restaurants, including big international names, offering various cuisines such as Japanese, Filipino, Spanish-Filipino, Vietnamese, American, and more.

Eastwood Avenue boasts of a unique charm – one that is completely different from when you dine inside the malls. For one, the establishments are found along the road so you can easily be dropped off then walk right into a restaurant! It’s very accessible especially since you avoid having to navigate through the busy malls. Another thing, the environment exudes a romantic feel – imagine having dinner under the stars or taking a night walk through the quiet strip with your significant other. Sounds amazing, right?

Still not convinced? Maybe these restaurants will change your mind.

1. Gourmet Farms Expresstaste-eastwoodavenue-gourmetfarms

From their 12-hectare estate in Silang, Cavite, Gourmet Farms brings the farm-to-table experience in Eastwood through Gourmet Farms Express. Here, they offer everything from salads, wraps, pasta, nachos, and sandwiches! You can even create your own bowl of greens for as low as P145! Watch them prepare your food on the spot and see all the fresh ingredients they use for their dishes.

We highly recommend trying out their Taco Avocado Salad which comes with their very own Mexican dressing and Smoked Salmon Pesto.

Photos by Bettina Bacani

Gourmet Farms Express is located at the ground floor of Eastwood Lafayette 3, Eastwood Avenue, Libis, Quezon City.

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2. Ippudotaste-eastwoodavenue-ippudo

Here’s a name we all know too well – Ippudo first opened its doors in the Philippines in 2014. Since then, people have lined up for the warm and delicious goodness of their Hakata-style ramen! Ippudo combines broth that’s been cooked for 15 hours, noodles made fresh daily, and charsiu boiled and stewed for over two hours, giving you that perfect bowl that will surely satisfy your ramen craving!

Ippudo’s Country Manager Yota Shiiba in action

Try out their Seafood Okonomiyaki and their Kuro Ramen – a deeper, richer, spicier take on their #WorldFamousRamen!

Photos by Bettina Bacani

Ippudo is located at the ground floor of 1880 Building, Eastwood Avenue, Libis, Quezon City.

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3. Applebee’staste-eastwoodavenue-applebees

If you’ve been to Applebee’s in the US, forget everything you know – because Applebee’s PH has new things in store for you! Here, everything is made from scratch; they have a wide variety of dishes like burgers, pasta, steaks, salads and more. Kids meals are available as well as an “under 600 Calories menu” for those trying to watch their weight. At Applebee’s, they believe that there’s always a reason to celebrate, hence their tagline exclaims, “Celebrate Everything”!

Chef Jamie Lee Arneson showed us how they prepare their best-selling Quesadilla Burger

Aside from the Quesadilla Burger, you also have to try their Fiesta Lime Chicken and Pork Ribs!

Photos by Bettina Bacani

(Also soon to open in Eastwood – IHOP!)

Applebee’s is located at Eastwood Citywalk 1, Libis, Quezon City.

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4. Annam Noodle Bartaste-eastwoodavenue-annam

From salads to ramen to ribs, we now head over to the world of bahn mi and pho. Annam Noodle Bar opened its first branch in the Philippines last July 6, 2016. It is actually the same as NamNam Noodle Bar which started in Singapore back in 2012 through director and owner Chef Nam Q Nguyen. Their pho-losophy? Quick, affordable, and no MSG!


What to order: Lemongrass Pork Bahn Mi, Beef Combination Pho, and a glass of Lychee-Pandan Iced Tea!

Photos by Bettina Bacani. Annam Noodle Bar is located at the ground floor of 1880 Building, Eastwood Avenue, Libis, Quezon City.

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5. Café Enyetaste-eastwoodavenue-cafeenye

Photo by Bettina Bacani

Café Enye is all about the “Spanish we know” – it’s not Spanish cuisine in the most classic and authentic sense, but it’s more of Spanish-Filipino, since the dishes they offer here comes with a few Pinoy tweaks. The “Ñ” in their name is meant to represent the different colonies of Spain, and how each has its own localized version of the Spanish cuisine. Café Enye offers everything from breakfast to full meals to cocktails, so here’s what you should order:

Photos by Michael Alegre

Read our full feature on Café Enye here. Café Enye is located at the Ground Floor, Excelsior Building, Eastwood Avenue, Libis, Quezon City

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So there you have it! We hope this article helps you decide on where to go on your next date! ♥


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