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Taste.Company | Where to Eat: Estancia Mall

Where to Eat: Estancia Mall

July 21, 2017 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos

If you are out in Capitol Commons, be sure to check out the posh Estancia Mall. It has a luxurious yet laid back vibe perfect for bonding with friends and family. It is dog-friendly too, so those of you with fur babies can bring your pets for a walk while enjoying the shops and the restaurants. There are a handful of unique places that would tickle your taste buds and they are worth a try.


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1. The Wholesome Table

Located in the basement level, The Wholesome Table challenges our perception of “healthy” and “organic” food. They have vegetarian-friendly items on their menu, but they also serve organic meat like grass-fed beef. It’s a quaint restaurant perfect for bringing both your vegetarian and meat-lover friends without alienating anyone. Best of all, they also have gluten-free and processed sugar-free baked goods that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


2. Nikuya

Can’t quite decide between going to a Japanese or a Korean restaurant? Nikuya is a happy medium that serves both styles of cuisine. Found on the ground floor, it is one of the first restaurants you’ll notice at Estancia. Whether it’s Korean staples such as shabu-shabu, kimchi, and pajeon, or Japanese favorites such as karaage, Wagyu, and egg rolls, Nikuya has a delicious selection of both cuisines.


The fresh flavors of Vietnam

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3. Ba Noi’s

Specializing in Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant located at Basement 1 of Estancia Mall serves Vietnamese favorites fresh and with a flare. Their noodles have a unique taste mixed with spices that perfectly complement them. Their Beef Stew Noodles demonstrated this wonderful blend of spices. Their spring rolls are an absolute hit too. And don’t forget to try their sugar cane juice.


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4. Spice & Cleaver

This restaurant specializes in many kinds of sausages. For example, their pizza sausage has all the flavor depth of an actual pizza, true to its name. It has a faithfulness to Italian cuisine that connoisseurs would find delightful. Another bestseller is their lamb and olive sausage. Two sausages is a handful for one person alone to finish. They also serve steaks in sizable portions. Their truffle fries are also really good. You cannot help but keep eating more.


5. Poké Poké

Poké Poké is a food concept from Hawaii with Japanese elements. It has only just begun to be introduced to our country, so its novelty has gotten people interested. Each bowl consists of grains or veggies with protein (raw or cooked fish or steak). The wait staff have bestsellers to recommend like their Gangnam, Samurai and Rich Man’s poké bowls, but for a more personalized taste, you can make your own bowl, choosing your own ingredients, sides, and toppings. The fresh and light ingredients make poké bowls both healthy and delectable. Poké Poké is located at the lower ground floor in case you want to try it for a new and stimulating experience.

There’s always something around the corner for dedicated foodies to explore. New food venues always come up, making for some exciting culinary adventures. Comment below for other restaurants at Estancia Mall that you love!


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