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Taste.Company | Get to Know the Woman Behind Baker P

Get to Know the Woman Behind Baker P

February 18, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

There’s just so much to love in a woman who knows how to work her way in the kitchen. Pretz Eugenio, owner of the brand Baker P, started way back in 2015 when she got mesmerized with this gorgeous, pistachio colored-kitchen aid at the mall. She wasn’t at all into baking so her impulse purchase became a precious décor in her kitchen. “It was when my friend who happens to be a chef came over to our house where she taught me how to make meringue. I had a hard time meticulously taking the measurements and perfecting the technique but after several attempts, I finally did it! I joined my first bazaar in 2016 selling my homemade meringue, and the rest is history”, shared Eugenio.taste-bakerp-cover

Baker P is not just a work of a baker, but more of an artist. Eugenio has been working in the animation industry for almost twenty years. Then as fate would have it, she was blessed with three wonderful children, which led her to put family over her career when she decided to become a full-time mom. “Aside from being able to maintain our home, the best advantage for me is that I get to spend more quality time with my kids. To be able to take care of them when they’re sick, give support when they’re going through tough times or just to be someone to talk to about their day is already a big blessing. The main disadvantage however is having a daily routine that can manifest as boredom and if left unchecked, may lead to depression. To counter this, I always pray first then think of things that would uplift my spirit. When budget allows, I do some retail therapy.”

Now that she has more time on her hands, she realized that her creativity was not really lost. Instead, it just took a different form through the creation of food. The brush strokes that were once seen in her drawings are now manifested into cake decorations, and cupcake and meringue creations.

“Sweet lovers enjoy my colorful meringue and bouquet cake. Each tasty meringue is made from a careful balance of egg whites and sugar. The egg white mixture is like my new palette where colors burst from different contrasts and hues. The bouquet cake on the other hand is a delectable vanilla chiffon cake adorned with butter cream roses and flower frostings.” Sounds too nice to eat, don’t you think?

Apart from her creations, she is also aware of her social responsibilities that are evident in her full support to her husband’s various advocacies for community service. “Each year, his company celebrates Valentine’s Day through a blood donation drive. I would help the company organize free eye check-ups not only for the employees (all eight hundred plus of them!) but open to the local community members. Once in a while, I assist in collecting old but still wearable and in good condition clothes and would sell these in ukay-ukay style. Proceeds go to marginalized sector living in Payatas and Aeta communities,” shares Eugenio.

Beyond its artistic presentation and mouth-watering taste, Eugenio said that it would be such an honor if patrons remember Baker P as a brand that demonstrates reverence to God. This is what it means through its tagline from 1 Corinthians 16:14 which says, Do everything in love. “As of now, I just want to focus in joining bazaars and selling my work online. Putting up a store is quite a big responsibility. However, I am open to such possibility in the future, God willing!”

Price list:

  • Bouquet cake P1,000 (6 inch in diameter consists of two layer vanilla chiffon cake with buttercream frosting)
  • Cupcakes (box of 12) P500
  • Meringue (in ziplock pack) P100/50 grams
  • Meringue (minis)- P50/ 25 grams

For inquiries, contact 0933-388-67-36 and follow her Instagram account for updates


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