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Taste.Company | Everyone Is A Hero with Ivolunteer

Everyone Is A Hero with Ivolunteer

August 28, 2017 1:00 am by Taste.Company

As we celebrate National Heroes Day and spend time off from  work or school, let us remember the true reason why we celebrate it!

It’s a  day to pay tribute to the national heroes of our country who have come and gone. Their spirit lives on and we remember their brave and courageous efforts in  fighting for our country and building the Philippines as a proud and independent nation.



Initially, National Heroes day was celebrated every November 30th, the birthday of Andres Bonifacio who was founder of the Katipunan movement. However, the country wanted to pay tribute to all the other known and unknown heroes who have given  so much to  Filipinos, their communities and to the Philippines. So, now, every fourth Monday of August we celebrate National Heroes Day.

socialresponsibility_ivolunteer6Bayani Challenge- t.he iVolunteer Team during the Bayani Challenge in Padre Garcia, Batangas in partnership with Gawad Kalinga (April 15-19, 2015)

This year, 2017, we remember and  pay tribute to all those who have made great sacrifices for our country and especially  the Heroes of Marawi.  Many soldiers and lives have been lost and many more have been injured and/or maimed. We will never forget them and their exceptional sacrifice and commitment.

In its June 12 edition, Taste.Company published an article about Modern Day Heroes with examples of individuals who have each contributed in very much more modest  ways for the benefit of our country.

socialresponsibility_ivolunteer3Go Volunteer Expo- The team during the Go Volunteer Expo, the biggest volunteer expo happened in Glorietta Activity Center (March 5-6, 2016).

This National Heroes day, we would like to feature a group of people, a group of volunteers that breeds the culture of heroism through volunteering. There are countless efforts of the Filipino to help make our country better, countless advocacies that people build to help and contribute to peoples’ lives. Ivolunteer is a volunteer organization that brings the Filipino closer to being a hero through the little ways of volunteering their time, talent and treasure, their main goal is for “Every Filipino volunteering to build a better nation everyday.”

Given the modern age that people spend hours on their phone or gadgets, Ivolunteer breeds a culture of giving by creating a community to countless NGO’s, volunteer groups and advocacies where anyone can be part of. Ivolunteer has heroically been doing this for the past eight years, their story started during the Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy), there was an overflowing interest from Filipinos to help and volunteer but they didn’t know where to go. That’s when they decided to start promoting volunteerism by making it very easy and accessible for everybody. Up until today, The Ivolunteer Philippines is run 100% by volunteers with full time day jobs! It is a testament that if you want to help, there is no reason not to start now with what you can offer. In this,they also find hope that others, given the right information, will share their time and resources towards worthy causes.

socialresponsibility_ivolunteerBrigada Eskwela- The Team during the Brigada Eskwela 2016 at the Benigno Aquino Elementary School in Quezon City. (June 4, 2016).

Ivolunteer’s dream is for Every Filipino volunteering towards nation building. They do this through Providing organizations with an avenue to reach out to more volunteers with the right skill sets and interests matching the organization’s needs; also through Campaigning and promoting the concept of volunteerism broadly and concretely Providing volunteers an easy way to find volunteering opportunities that matches their skills and interest. (Source:Ivolunteer)

socialresponsibility_ivolunteer8With just one click, this will provide  you with countless opportunities to volunteer in the Philippines (photo taken from Ivolunteer)

We’re inviting all volunteers: short-term or long-term volunteers, of any background, interest or expertise to be part of this online community. Be enriched by signing up in one or more of the volunteer opportunities posted online. Enrich others by sharing your experience as well as the website to your friends and family.

socialresponsibility_ivolunteer9Partner Appreciation Day- the iVolunteer Team with some of their partner Organizations during the Partner Appreciation Day (Photo Source: Ivolunteer)

If you are a duly recognized organization, whether government or non-government, with volunteer opportunities to offer, please maximize this facility to reach out to more volunteers and find the volunteer with the right skill sets and interests matching your needs.

As Ivolunteer gives access to thousands of people to volunteer, they also create events to bring these advocacies together. This October 22, 2017 join them for the  BayaniRUN2017.


Bayanirun 2017: Juan for All, All for One!

Stretch your running goals to reach those who need a helping hand.

iVolunteer Philippines brings you the first Bayanirun, a fun run for a cause. It is a healthy way to support the advocacies that matter to you. Your registration fees for the 3K, 5K, or 10K event will go a long way towards nation building. Plus, you can help further the causes you care about by pledging additional pesos. We cannot put limit to kindness, can we?

Not a runner? Drop by the advocacy booths and learn more about your causes, or explore and start your volunteering journey now. Enjoy the community performances too and make a difference while having fun. This event is for all!

Join us in a run for a healthier and happier heart, and let us take the first steps to making Every Juana Hero.


iVolunteer is a 100% volunteer-powered website that brings together nonprofit organizations  and volunteers. It serves as a platform for NGOs to find the right set of individuals, and for volunteers to find opportunities matched with their skills and interest. A group of passionate individuals working towards one dream: Every Filipino volunteering to build a better nation everyday.

Choose your advocacy at www.iVolunteer.com.ph.

For inquiries, please contact Joyce Armillo (0956-166-5269/joyce@ivolunteer.com.ph) or Jasmine Salem (09172501023 or jasmine@ivolunteer.com.ph).

Ivolunteer shows us that heroism is never out of style. This National Heroes Day, click on to Ivolunteer to support their BayaniRUN2017 and run for various causes or you can click into their portal and see hundreds of opportunities to volunteer.


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