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Taste.Company | Finding Joy in Volunteering this Summer

Finding Joy in Volunteering this Summer

March 11, 2017 7:00 pm by Kritzia Santos

 “Where I’m from everyone’s a hero” was a popular and much used phrase  when the Ondoy Typhoon struck Manila and was helping out their Filipino brothers and sisters. Everybody took part in a remarkable show of fellowship and unity.

It is at such moments of national tragedy when our nation comes together as one people and shows its belief and faith in humanity.

With Ondoy, and the many other disasters that hit the Philippines,the heart and spirit of a volunteer can be seen everywhere.

Many people come up to me and ask how they can become a volunteer – when and where they can start? This article is for everyone who wants to volunteer. This summer you can volunteer and have a lot of fun, make a difference and show your love.

Ready, set, VOLUNTEER.community-volunteertravel

What is your passion?

The first thing I ask someone wanting to volunteer is – who or what is your passion?

There are so many options to choose from.  In volunteering, the only way you will love it and get the most meaning out of it is when you work or help with projects or people that you are naturally matched with and passionate about helping.

I have a friend who has older parents. She told me that she isn’t fond of playing with younger children but bring her to any elderly care home and she is immediately in her element  and will volunteer and give back straightaway. Some people want to provide voluntary support to children with life threatening illnesses because, perhaps, they might have lost someone close to them through serious illness or cancer.  They want to give back the care they received during such a difficult time. There are many people that are filled with gratitude for life that they just want to give back by volunteering. There are countless reasons why people want to volunteer – but I can assure you the first step is always worth it.

For the past decade and a half, I have worked with so many volunteers on all kinds of big and small projects and I sure can say the ride has been more than worth it. You meet the best of hearts and most inspiring people that will bring you closer to the real meaning and significance of life. If you’d like to read more about volunteering check out Ivolunteer’s 10-reasons-to-volunteer.

Whatever it is, find your passion and share it by volunteering with Taste.Company’s Partner NGO’s. Click away and check out what our partner organizations are all about and how you can be part of their activities this coming summer!

 1. Anchored Philippinescommunity-summervolunteer

Constantly share the love and light everywhere with Anchored Philippines

Anchored Philippines connects causes and communities to hearts and hands who want to help, share stories, dreams and blessings to inspire fellow Filipinos; and to bring joy, support and assistance to the people who need it the most.They have various projects that they support. Message them for what may be in store this summer. Click here Anchored Philippines to know more countless “small things with great love” programs and activities with Anchored Philippines.

Taste.Company stories on Anchored Philippines

2. Bikes for the Philippinescommunity-volunteertravel4

Deliver bikes to countless beneficiaries all over the Philippines and even be part of training the children so they have easier access to getting to school every day with BikesforthePhilippines

Bikes for the Philippines is a non-profit foundation providing bicycles to disadvantaged individuals, in a country where -poverty and access to education are critical social problems. They  will be needing volunteers for their summer activities to join them deliver bikes and train students to use the bikes to communities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Board and lodging will be provided mostly in the schools. Click on their website for your next adventure while biking at BikesforthePhilippines or send them an email at bikesforthephilippines2011@gmail.com

3. Big Hands Australiacommunity-volunteertravel3

Carlos of Big Hands Australia with Philippines’ very own Whang Od for a PT session.

Big Hands Australia is a non-profit organization that aims to provide health training and rehabilitative services to disabled Filipinos that normally do not have access to these services. It aims to bridge the gaps of communities to health care valuing sustainability, impact, and innovation. Big Hands aims to improve healthcare in poor communities and empower the health system. If you want to join their next projects this summer and help give more Filipinos access to health care click here: Big Hands Australia

 4. Ivolunteer Philippinescommunity-summervolunteer2a

Be constantly inspired and see the numerous ways to volunteer here at the iVolunteer blog

iVolunteer is the number one volunteer portal in the Philippines. It gives an avenue for volunteers to help out in all the different kinds of roles and advocacies in the Philippines. If you want the fastest reach to countless of opportunities. To volunteer click here: iVolunteer.

5. Make A Wish Foundation Philippinescommunity-summervolunteer3

Share the Power of a wish with Make a Wish Philippines

MAWFP is the first and only non-profit wish-granting organization in the country. MAWFP’smission is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. If you want to become a fairy godmother or wish genie for a day this summer click here: Make a Wish Philippines

Taste.Company stories on Make-A-Wish Philippines

6. Meaningful Travelscommunity-volunteertravel5

Travelling can also be a way to widen your volunteer spirit in sharing what we can with others through Meaningful Travels

Meaningful Travels puts travel and volunteerism in one. Experience a travel that allows you to connect with people and immerse with the communities you visit. One day you may be up the mountains delivering school supplies to thousands of students, to the next day enjoying the clear waters of the Philippines beautiful seas. Start your next meaningful travels by clicking here: MeaningfulTravelsPH.

7. Mission Youth Philippinescommunity-summervolunteer7

Have the most meaningful Holy Week embracing God’s love and sharing it as a missionary. Join the Mission Youth on April 10-16, 2017

Mission Youth Philippines

Mission Youth is a pastoral program directed by Regnum Christi, an apostolic movement recognized by the Universal Church. Its guiding principles include encounter, evangelization, service, Catholic, Regnum Christi Spiritual Family, creating experiences that challenge participants to go beyond their comfort zone, and safety/security.

To experience a one of a kind Holy Week that will top no other click here: Mission Youth Philippines.

8. Museo Pambatacommunity-summervolunteer8

One of Museo Pambata’s various programs where people can volunteer, captured a student teaching younger students all about the love for learning.

Museo Pambata is the First children’s interactive museum in the Philippines. Museo Pambata’s advocacy is anchored on children’s rights, primarily on their right to education, health, recreation, and mental and physical development.

Share your time and skills to children in need through Museo Pambata. Year-round, the museum holds various activities for children, especially the underprivileged. To know more about their outreach schedule and the fun and exciting things you can do while kids learn click: Museo Pambata.

Taste.Company stories on Museo Pambata

9. NASSA/Caritas Philippinescommunity-summervolunteer4

NASSACaritasPhilippines reach is all through out Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Get to know and celebrate the true heroes with them

Nassa/Caritas Philippines is the development, advocacy and humanitarian arm of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. Their most popular program for the summer and all year long where volunteers can help out is the Alay-Kapwa Program. It aims to reach out and live out:“Magmalasakit. Magbigay. Mag-alay kapwa.”

If you want to reach out in the different dioceses in the Philippines, click here:NASSACaritasPhilippines. For their Alay Kapwa Programs email them at leadtohealcaritasph@gmail.com

10. Parenting Foundation of the Philippinescommunity-summervolunteer5

PFP Parenting Foundation of the Philippines is a 30 year run foundation advocating foster caring in the Philippines. If you have more time to spare not just in the summer, why not try foster caring and experience the joys of being a foster parent. Click here to get to know more about the Parenting Foundation of the Philippines: Parenting Foundation of the Philippines

Taste.Company stories on the Parenting Foundation of the Philippines

11. 2KK: Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation

2KK is a non-profit organization made by the youth for the youth. They create sustainable communities through education and empowerment of underprivileged children. Their regular activities are in Payatas, Sampaloc and Escopa.Every summer they prepare for their big event 2KK goes to EK, bringing two hundred children and volunteers to be an ate and kuya for a day to these kids at Enchanted Kingdom. This yearly activity is what sustains the 14 year old volunteer run organization. If you want to be a Kapatid for a day or the whole year ahead click here:Tulong Sa Kapwa Kapatid

Taste.Company Stories on Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatidcommunity-volunteertravel2

Volunteer and be an ate and kuya for a day with Kapwa Kapatid’s 2KK goes to EK, now on its third year. Be a kap with us at Tulong Sa Kapwa Kapatid

12. U! Happy Eventscommunity-summervolunteer6

Constantly share happiness with u happyevents

U! Happy events Provides sustainable support and teaches values to marginalized children in the Philippines. They provide a platform for sponsors and volunteers to reach out to beneficiaries through creative and meaningful activities. If you want to volunteer for them,click here: uhappyevents.

We hope this prepares you to get ready to have the best summer together with different volunteers and communities that continue to share the love and light! For more questions and suggestions message us at taste@taste.company.


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