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Taste.Company | About Us

About Us

Each person in this world has a unique TASTE —

Be it with how they STYLE themselves, the FOOD that they choose to enjoy, or the the PLACE they plan to jet off to. Taste.Company tackles all of that in one avenue. It seeks to update anyone out there who has a wide preference for taste, travel, trends and even social awareness and responsibility. Taste.Company is a lifestyle source, but especially one with a heart and soul that aims to educate others through countless inspiring stories: passionate individuals, people helping communities, corporate social responsibilities, love and support for local goods and other efforts towards the good of humanity.

From North to South, East to West, and all around the world, there will always be interesting stories to share whether in the field of culinary, fashion, travel and leisure.

This is what Taste.Company can dish out for you — Lifestyle with a heart.


Mission and Vision

The mission of Taste.Company is to be an avenue to spread the goodness that many people are doing — Stories from everyday people that inspire and push others to do good, communities that work together for a common purpose, companies and businesses that share and give love and light to those in need. Taste.Company aims to bring about a better community with every story shared from the different angles in our lives, whether through the world Taste, Travel or Trends.