The Year of the Dog Predictions for 2018

January 23, 2018 7:00 pm by Taste.Company

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By Kristine Cannon

Starting February 16, the Chinese Year of the Brown Earth Dog begins — also known more simply as the Year of the Dog. As one would expect, the sign of the dog is known for loyalty, generosity and being friendly and energetic. So for 2018, among all Chinese zodiac signs, one can expect a year full of generosity and selflessness, gaining a stronger sense of what’s right and wrong. But for those of you born in 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994 or 2006 — the sign of the Dog — you may experience a rollercoaster of luck, and plenty of ups and downs in your life. So it’s advised to plan the happy events in your life and be more proactive to counteract any bad luck you might experience.

In a wider sense, the Year of the Dog is believed to be an eventful year for society, one of solidarity and a rise of “social conservative moments.” Those feeling neglected and rejected from their community might find hope and inspiration from those willing to take action and voice concerns felt by many.

Let’s dive a little deeper into what everyone, but particularly those who fall under the Dog, will expect in terms of health, wealth and relationships.


Career and fortune


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The primary element of the Dog is the Earth element so if your Chinese zodiac sign element is also Earth, expect stability through the year, with a drive to handle your professional life more confidently and efficiently, especially if you choose honesty and solidarity in your dealings. If you choose to be selfless and generous, your success will be much greater.

Be sure to work with others and show off your talents. Be focused and be confident, and you’ll get noticed at work — even promoted. However, take note of your finances; they might need help through the year, but you’ll be able to handle it. Get through it, and by the end of the year, you’ll likely have more money than you started with.


Love and relationships


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If you’re single, love should find you soon, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding a partner before the next Chinese New Year.

For those currently in a relationship, you’re likely to make changes at the beginning of the year — one of the changes possibly including pregnancy. You and your significant other could set out to be more independent this year, which could help or hinder your relationship. For the most part, though, your relationship should be harmonious.

As far as family and friends go, spend more time with them and don’t be afraid to be more demanding and voice what you want from them and the relationship. That said, this is the year to cut out the fat: You don’t need to keep negative friends in your life. But when it comes time to make new friends, be cautious.



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This is a great year to kick bad habits and possibly consider moving. It’s also expected some will experience short periods of loneliness or passing sadness, and if your Chinese zodiac sign element is Water and/or Wood, you’ll be more susceptible than others.

As far as dieting goes, don’t overeat and watch your stress levels. Reduce them if need be.

To see more specific predictions for your particular Chinese zodiac sign, head over to Astrology Club or KarmaWeather.

Here’s to 2018!




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