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Taste.Company | Purposeful Gifting with Winsome Boxes

Purposeful Gifting with Winsome Boxes

June 20, 2017 7:00 pm by Gabriella Galvez

There’s no doubt that gift-giving is a surefire way to create, foster, and strengthen meaningful personal and professional relationships. While finding and receiving the perfect gift can be exciting—there are moments when even the most well-meaning individuals could end up giving whatever is readily available, due to time or resource constraints.

Imagine a curated gift box with different items (some personalized), each being a fitting complement to its neighbors. This can only create a more holistic experience of the gift for the recipient, and this is exactly what Winsome Boxes offers.Trends_Shopping_WinsomeBoxes

Winsome Box Gift Curating Studio is the country’s first curated giftbox service, and is for anyone looking to give unique and purposeful gifts.

Carla Gesilva resigned from her career in PR and Advertising to be a full-time mom.  Soon after she decided to invest time and hard-earned money into building two different businesses and a blog. The accompanying blog was meant to document this new journey, and was called Winsomehood—a term coined by Gesilva to connote “awesome womanhood”, with its many ups, downs, and in’s-and-out’s. Unfortunately, both businesses and the blog (which, she says, didn’t gain much traction) failed before their 1st year.

“Thru these failures and wrong decisions I realized that I must remain thankful and grateful for things and people in my life, like my husband, my little boy, and my family. I guess that’s how Winsome Box started. I wanted to share this realization with people thru this passion project: that it is through one’s own gratefulness where a beautiful act of giving can begin.”

Trends_Shopping_WinsomeBoxes2A Winsome Box can be given for personal (birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’ s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas), social (wedding and bridal gift suites for a bride’s bridal party, or thank-you gifts for the sponsors of any occasion), or corporate gifting (for clients, VIPs, stakeholders, or as creative seeding for companies, launches, and events).

Winsome Box is, in a way, Gesilva’s own interpretation of beautiful giving. Named after her blog, she believes in the word’s ability to evoke love and positivity, which is what she wants people to feel after receiving a Winsome Box from someone who cares about them.

“I call it purposeful gifting. I want people to see that the real beauty of the gift, beside its value and price, is the thought and effort behind it.”

Let’s face it, while the thought counts more than what’s behind the wrapping, not everybody enjoys having to hunt for the perfect gift. Gesilva knew there was an unanswered need for a gifting service locally.

“I felt that a service to help source, shortlist, and ultimately curate unique and meaningful giftboxes was needed. I am proud to say that so far, we are the first to introduce and offer the concept of curated giftboxes locally.”

She likens it to going to a deli shop: “You ask the attendant to curate a food basket for you based on your budget and preference, and they magically whip it up and hand over a complete basketful of goodies, without any hassle on your part.”

Currently, Gesilva is the brain and legs of Winsome Boxes. “It’s only been 2 months since our soft launch but the response has been amazing, even overwhelming at times! Soon, a co-manager will help manage both the growing demand and clientele.”

Trends_Shopping_WinsomeBoxes3A custom curated box inspired by Gesilva’s pre-curated Winsome Box.

She gathers inspiration by thinking of those close to her, like her husband, son, dad, mom, sister, brother, friend, aunt…”even myself!” she laughs. She thinks of an experience, purpose, and of items her loved ones would appreciate, then gets to work.

Trends_Shopping_WinsomeBoxes4Whether you looking for the perfect gift, or a brand who’s trying to find exposure, Winsome Boxes make it easier for everyone to find what they’re looking for.

“Often, our giftboxes become a springboard for clients who want to custom-curate and tailor the items in the giftbox to their recipient. I guide them by asking them to think about what they think their giftee will like, or need.”



Gesilva feels that the market doesn’t need another brand or a similar product. “There are already a majority of wonderful, high-quality products from local makers, artisans, and independent brands, most of them redundant. Winsome Boxes is another channel for these brands to market their products in a new, purposeful way, outside conventional retail. Our service acts as a bridge for these brands, so they can reach a new market segment who appreciates the beauty of elevated gifting.”Trends_Shopping_WinsomeBoxes7

Gesilva feels lucky that her group of brand partners, most of whom she patiently scouted and stalked—on Instagram and at bazaars—believed in Winsome Box while it was just an idea. She’s only happy that Winsome Box has helped position their products in a new light.

For example, corporate clients have also given these local (and sometimes) artisanal brands a chance to sit beside bigger brands in the curated giftbox, making sure they get into the hands of the stakeholders and influencers that have been tapped by these bigger brands.

“I’m continuously looking out for more products so I can give clients more options. I love coming across a local brand or product because I can instantly picture how I can curate it with other items.”

Currently, Winsome Boxes takes inquiries through Facebook, Instagram, and email. While they don’t have a minimum order quantity or price, lead time varies depending on the availability of items and on the level of customization required. “If items are on-hand, then we can ship the next day, or even on the same day. A box with increased customization should take 5-7 working days, as we want to give our partners and makers ample time. Our price points are relative to the number of items in the box. We have a wide range of brand partners with varying price points; this allows us to be able to offer items that are within the client’s budget.”

Gesilva shares that one of their bestsellers would definitely be the Boss Mama Box (because “whether working or stay-at-home, moms are always the boss!”).


The Boss Mama box (P1395) contains: a leather clutch from Beatnik, a designer journal from Typescratch, an all-natural moisturizing oil from Control Freak, a botanical lip balm from Botanicals in Bloom, and an exclusively designed Boss Mama mug from Mug Shop Manila.

Launched as part of a set of pre-curated giftboxes for Mother’s Day, this box contains all the essentials that Gesilva feels all Boss Mamas need. “Up to now, even if Mother’s Day has passed, people are still asking after it and are curating their own boxes based on this box, because it can also be given as a birthday or congratulatory gift for any mom.”

Among the Father’s Day boxes, the Handsome Box, Gesilva says, “is becoming a favorite. However, I personally like the His Favorites Box because it can do no wrong in its simplicity.”


The Handsome Box (P1500)


The His Favorites Box (P985) is a playful take on what a few dads would like to enjoy on their downtime: dark chocolate (from Tigre Y Oliva), good coffee (from Steep Coffeebags), and beer (in the form of a repurposed beer bottle from Cristal Glass Project).

“I’d even add a pack of popcorn or tamago chips, if clients would ask for it!”, she adds.

So what can we expect from Winsome Boxes on their third month? A website, which will stand to be the revamped version of Gesilva’s old blog, Winsomehood. “The site will not sell Winsome Boxes, but will eventually house a brand that can grow into a community (for future collaborations, like sponsorships and workshops) that promotes the ideas of blessedness, and gratitude, and of Grateful and Purposeful Gifting,” all ideas that Winsome Box stands for.

I am also gearing up to launch our full collection of pre-curated giftboxes, which include: a home collection, a mom and baby collection, themed gifts for him & her, and a bridal collection.” These pre-curated themed boxes will be formally launched in July, followed by a holiday gift collection for the colder months ahead.

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