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Taste.Company | 8 Different Ways to Cleanse this Holy Week

8 Different Ways to Cleanse this Holy Week

March 21, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Photo courtesy of meditasyonguru.com

Looking for a better way to pray, reflect and cleanse this Holy Week? We’ve listed down simple and effective habits to get recharged physically, mentally and spiritually this Lenten season.

1. Do the Konmari Way

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Part of cleansing is de cluttering. If you love hoarding items from sales but really don’t find the purpose of keeping them at home, then let it go. Use this time to really look at your items-from your closet to the kitchen and even bathroom and see which still sparks “joy”. Read on our Konmari Experience, where we applied the Konmari method, a way of de cluttering your items effectively. The more that we apply the method on a daily basis, the more it is easier for us to find joy in fewer and simpler things. If you’re not ready to totally throw them away, try donating your pre-loved items that are still in good condition to Segunda Mana, a special donations in-kind program of Caritas Manila. Time to stop hoarding and start holding on to things that are more meaningful in your life.

2. Try the Social Media Diet

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There are quite a few who replaced fasting with this type of diet. It is simply spending less time browsing through your social media accounts. If you can’t let go of it totally, there are better ways of controlling how much time you spend online throughout your day. Begin by not putting your phone on the table especially when you are eating with the family. This will allow you to communicate better with each family member without being interrupted with constant notifications from your phone. Next is to just let yourself check your accounts at designated times per day. You can do so in the morning, during lunch break or before you hit the sack. While you are at it, try to unfollow accounts that bring negative vibes. They don’t actually post negative photos or videos but their feed makes you jealous and makes you want to alter your own life. Do yourself a favor and press that unfollow button. Lastly, go somewhere where there is absolutely no wifi! Internet connection has become an extension of our lives that not being connected can paralyze our daily activities but that’s not really the case. The truth is we experience life more when we are not connected online. We get to observe our surroundings, hear and talk to people in a deeper level and we get to experience life more. Try it for a week and observe the good behavior that you will be able to adapt from the diet.

3. Give gratitude to your body

ways-to-cleanse-this-holy-week-taste-companyphoto courtesy of motherhoodthetruth.com

Fast paced life calls for some fast food since you are always on the go. Pause and allow your body to recover from the oily food you’ve been putting in since the start of the year. Focus on healthier meals consists of greens and fishes. You have a week to visit the grocery nearest you and prepare home cooked meals. Experiment on new dishes that you’ve been eyeing on but actually had no time to do in on a daily. Isn’t it refreshing to fill your tummies with natural and simple ingredients that are still filling?

4. Opt for a staycation

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When was the last time that you actually stayed at home to do nothing? Provinces might get a little crowded due to processions and Visita Iglesia (church visits) schedule so this might not be a good option for someone who is looking for some rest. And because of the unbearable heat, beaches and hotels nearby are definitely fully booked by this time so trying to fit this in your schedule might be a problem. You’ll have a more recharged body in mind if you stay put in a place that is most familiar to you.

5. Meditate

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Yoga studios will be closed during this week but it should not stop you from getting that quiet time you deserve. All you need is some yoga mat, meditative Zen music (which you can search in Spotify) and an empty spot at home.

6. Go for a hike

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When we say hike, we’re not just talking about mountains. You don’t have to go all out to have simple adventures, right? A simple walk in the park or even inside your village will do. Just go out and get some fresh air. If you do this for a week, not only will you be able to recharge your body, but you will be more inspired to do more things too. So keep walking!

7. Grab a book

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We’ve formed a bad habit of reading everything in our gadgets that we forgot that quality reads are still found in books. Whether it’s about gardening, motherhood or a romantic novel, nothing is more satisfying than being able to feed your imagination. When you read, not only do you learn something new, but you also learn more about yourself and your preference.

8. Plan ahead

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Take this time off to just think about your plans for the coming year. It doesn’t have to be grand, just something simple and doable. Is it to get fit by the end of the year or to be able to buy that car for your parents? Go old school and bring out your notepad and pen and start listing down ways on how you will be able to achieve these goals. It’s not too late to even start a gratitude journal where you write down one thing you are thankful for per day.

Cleansing equates to little sacrifices on your part but it will be all rewarding in the end. Don’t forget to say a little prayer of forgiveness and thanksgiving on this special week of the Lord and appreciate the little progress you’ve made for your mind and body.


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