Say It with More Than Just Flowers

May 10, 2016 2:53 am by Karla Ramos

Women today who love receiving fragrant pretty blooms for special occasions are spoilt for choice, assuming their significant other knows where to get them, that is! Flowers as gifts can be unique, precious and special nowadays as they come with more than just the occasional blooms. Here is a list of the metro’s most notable florists who offer creative arrangements for gifts and beyond. Whether you need it to decorate a special event, to give as a beautiful gift or just to add some lush beauty into your home, choosing one of these floral suppliers will make you forget Dangwa ever existed.

1. Mabolo Flowers

A classic and the longest-running florist of this group, Mabolo Flowers was started in 1996 by brother-sister tandem Antonio and Gema Garcia. Known as the go-to florist of the society set, its aim is to make flowers a lifestyle element in daily life. When you send Mabolo, you can trust them to create a unique and tasteful arrangement of blooms you might not find at any other florists. Mabolo imports all seasonal flowers and materials on a weekly basis and is proud that its phytosanitation is certified and uses only flowers that are grown, harvested and packed safely within the standards set by the International Flower Auction, Bloemen Bureau. Mabolo is able to fuse Philippine culture with international lifestyle design and aside from floral arrangements it offers landscaping, tabletop styling and gift services. Whether it’s for a woman you’re trying to woo or your best friend who just had her first baby, Mabolo flowers will help you make an impact.

Mabolo Flowers
#2295 Pasong Tamo Extention, OPVI (Formerly Jannov Plaza), Warehouse II, Bldg. I, Makati City
+632.893.5689, +632.893.6912 or +632.892.2580

2. Te Amo Floristeria

Newer to the florist scene, Te Amo Floristeria is a luxury floral boutique in Manila that lavishly uses color and texture for a unique vision when it comes to its custom designs. “A floral arrangement is not just a set of flowers. It’s an expression of love, te amo,” the company says. Run by a group of florists and designers, Te Amo specializes in gift items, home accessories and floral creations made of fresh and preserved flowers sourced from all over the world. On the second floor of their boutique, you can hold your next party while learning to create floral arrangements, flower crowns and pretty floral adornments.

Te Amo Floristeria
Ground Floor, Active Fun Building, 28th Avenue Corner, 9th Ave, Taguig, Global City

3. C’est Ça Giftworks

More than just a florist, as the name implies, C’est Ça Giftworks offers all kinds of unique gift arrangements from flowers and balloons to chocolates and novelty gift items. A group of enterprising women joined together in 1987 to offer creative gift solutions for Filipinos. A French phrase meaning, “That’s it” or along the lines of “Eureka!”, C’est Ça Giftworks’ end product evokes a sense of astonishment and wonder every time they are received. Where else can you find rainbow-colored roses, a Ferrero Rocher bouquet or a giant teddy bear holding a dozen red long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses? The brand takes a personal approach with each client by listening to their needs and customizing each gift, carefully crafting them with pride and attention —something you can’t get from any floral shop or a local department store. Another great feature this flower shop has? They accept Paypal!

C’est Ça Giftworks
#1 Comets Loop Blue Ridge B, Quezon City
+632.647.1054, +632.647.1366, +632.437.6116 or +63917.579.4919

4. August Flowers

Founder of August Flowers, florist and homemaker Myra Santiago creates beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements comprised of only local and seasonal flowers, ensuring your order is always fresh. Whether you want to send cut flowers or garden arrangements as a gift or a centerpiece for bridal parties, weddings or memorials, she is happy to personalize it for you. Depending on your budget, the theme of the event and the personality of the receiver, Santiago makes your gift unique and special. Her gorgeous succulent wreath that can be given for Christmas instead of pine is a crowd favorite. Not to mention it lasts longer than the Christmas holidays and is just as pretty as her potted Calla lilies for someone’s special garden. No matter what she comes up with, you can be assured her products are fresh and abundant, sometimes overflowing you wonder if she makes any money from the transaction at all! When you want flowers, plants, herbs and other greens that’s organic yet artfully arranged, turn to August Flowers and you’ll never go wrong.

August Flowers