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Taste.Company | Human Nature: Beauty with Compassion

Human Nature: Beauty with Compassion

February 14, 2017 7:00 pm by Bettina Bacani

Gandang Kalikasan Inc., better known as Human Nature, is a personal care, cosmetics, and home care brand that started in 2008 through sisters Anna Meloto Wilk, Camille Meloto, and Anna’s husband, Dylan Wilk. It began in 2005 when The Wilks (Anna and Dylan) had their first child and decided to slowly shift to a greener lifestyle and sustainable living.trends-humannature1

Human Nature Founders Anna, Dylan, and Camille

In 2007, Anna and Dylan noticed a growing trend of affordable, natural, eco-friendly and ethically-made products entering the mainstream market in the United States. “What used to be found solely in high-end boutiques could now be bought in supermarkets and drug stores.” Camille, who has always been into makeup and cosmetics, joined her sister and together, they began an in-depth research on natural products. They wanted to produce high-quality, Philippine-made natural products that customers will love as well as restore productivity to the land and people.trends-humannature2

With the collaboration of a natural formulator, the first line of natural products were created a year later, and with the help of some close friends, family and Gawad Kalinga partners, Human Nature was officially launched in November 2008 at Blue Leaf, Fort Bonifacio, Manila.

“Centering on the core values of being pro-Philippines, pro-poor, and pro-environment, Human Nature began to develop effective, safe and environmentally sustainable products from ingredients that can be grown locally.” Currently, Human Nature employs hundreds of Gawad Kalinga residents and those of other poor communities in various roles such as accounting, manufacturing, warehousing, and merchandising. The company believes in providing job security and dignified wages for its workers to have a better quality of life. It has a no-firing policy and only requires employees to work 7.5 hours daily. Everyone, including the merchandisers, are regular employees and enjoy full benefits with a compensation package that is around forty to sixty percent above minimum wage – this is what they call “living wage.”

Being Pro-Philippines means that Human Nature strives to formulate products using ingredients found in the Philippines; they only resort to using other ingredients if they are unable to find local alternatives. A lot of us don’t realize that the Philippines has so much to offer; our country is so rich in natural resources and talent, that if we only learn to support our own, we can pave our way towards becoming a first-world nation. It is by supporting our local industries that we can help improve our economy.trends-humannature3

Their Natural Strengthening Shampoo is infused with hydrolyzed protein to fortify and protect your hair from breakage, and Philippine coco nectar, a revolutionary ingredient that bursts with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Human Nature is the first beauty company worldwide to use coco nectar in its products.

trends-humannature4Their Bug Shield contains citronella, which is widely grown and produced in the Philippines, so Human Nature continues to find ways to utilize this in their products.

Currently, Human Nature is building a Human Nature Village of Peace in Gawad Kalinga Rajah Buayan, where one hundred percent of the profits from their BugShield line will be used to fund fifty homes in Rajah Buayan, Maguindanao.

Being Pro-Poor means buying ingredients at just and fair prices, sometimes even above market prices if the current market price is not enough. This is to ensure that our farmers are getting a good quality of life. In 2014, farmers were getting an average of P177.65 every single day (Source: Here). Human Nature aims to change this by creating demand for high value essential oils, as well as programs that invest in skills training, sustainable technology, infrastructure, and values formation to improve the farmers’ output and quality of life.trends-humannature5

Human Nature aims to “develop globally-certified organic farms in the countryside that can produce excellent raw materials for Human Nature products, as well as community-based enterprises that will multiply the income of poor communities.”

Being Pro-Environment means that more than providing safe, effective, natural, and affordable products, Human Nature also makes sure that their products do not harm our environment. They carefully deliberate the impact of all their business decisions by “thoroughly researching all their raw materials to ensure that they are naturally derived, biodegradable, are not processed using environmentally toxic processes and are not harmful to our ecosystem when released into the environment after we’re finished with the product or wash it off”. For them, it doesn’t stop with just the consumer, it’s the whole process. trends-humannature6

In 2011, PETA Asia-Pacific, an affiliate of PETA USA, the world’s largest animal rights organization, awarded Human Nature with a “Cruelty-Free” certificate in recognition of their policy against animal testing and their focus on environmental stewardship – the first certification in cosmetics and personal care in the country.

Human Nature carries a wide range of products from beauty, bath and body, home care, even food and drinks. I am personally an avid user of their Balancing Facial Wash and Sunflower Oil! And if you’re looking for items to give as gifts, I highly recommend their cold-processed scented cleansing bars and flavored lip balms which are made with the finest blend of cocoa butter, beeswax, and all-natural oils!

Their Balancing Facial Wash is perfect for those with combination skin; while the Sunflower Oil has twenty three beauty benefits for the hair, face, and body!

Lemon Zest, Lavender Mint, and Clean Cotton Cleansing Bar for only P79.75 each; Flavored Lip Balms in Wild Berry, Peppermint, Cherry, Cola, and Grape for P89.75 each

For more information on Human Nature, their products, and the ingredients they use, check out humanheartnature.com.

Facebook |Instagram. All photos courtesy of Human Nature


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