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Taste.Company | Awesome Self-Improvement Online Courses You Can Take For Free

Awesome Self-Improvement Online Courses You Can Take For Free

October 9, 2017 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

While students usually savor the sem-break as a momentary respite and freedom from school, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the opportunity to better yourself in a short span of time. After all, what is life if not a constant search for knowledge and meaning?

You don’t have to use up your extra savings for expensive self-improvement seminars and courses, either. With these online resources, you can teach yourself how to be a better speaker, writer, artist, or simply be better in general without having to spend a single cent—and all at your own pace!

1. To quench your thirst for world knowledge


Partnered with organizations and big universities around the globe, Coursera.org boasts of a wide range of topics and courses that will satisfy any aficionado of the academe. This powerful online tool collects a myriad of topics, perspectives, and lessons of different degrees and lengths in a simple searchable database, making it extremely easy to access information at your fingertips. This site is the perfect place to brush up on prior and new knowledge from different schools globally—just give it a try and you’ll spend hours and hours just browsing through all the courses you will definitely want to take.


Khan Academy

Much like Coursera, Khan Academy has also partnered itself with plenty of post-secondary schools to bring users a highly organized interface with in-depth lessons on varying subjects. Even some offices and corporations are using Khan Academy to further educate their employees, because who doesn’t want free and easily accessible education?


2. To motivate and inspire you in life


This greatly inspirational destination for motivational posts has been steadily growing in popularity over the years due to its bite-sized and easy-to-follow videos on all-encompassing topics. Some videos are all about talks and speakers, while some have stunning animation that are all presented in about ten minutes or less. On top of these videos, the site also offers quizzes and supplemental materials that can be used in formal education as well as personal growth and development.


3. For the hyperactive and ever-eager young ones

technology_free_online_courses7National Geographic Kids

Who else but children have the most imaginative and hungry-for-knowledge minds of all? National Geographic’s site for kids makes free online education fun and interactive with its kid-friendly puzzles, games, videos, photos, and visual lessons. The learning materials are organized by medium and topic instead of by courses, making the site a fantastic casual learning environment for younger learners.

Fun Brain

For the child who has a particular problem with paying attention, the struggles can be dealt with using the game-based approach from Fun Brain. The site offers a variety of lessons all focused on fun puzzles and various games with rewards and challenges, making sure that kids can indeed learn while having fun.


4. For writers, filmmakers, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs

technology_free_online_courses3How to be a better writer – Reedsy

Now becoming the ultimate resource for both aspiring and established authors alike, the publishing marketplace Reedsy has its own learning platform called “Reedsy Learning” where authors can sign up for different email courses delivered daily to subscribers’ inboxes. The course topics range from the basics of writing to book marketing 101, and even include publishing information and marketing expertise such as how to build an author’s mailing list and a course on the much-coveted understanding of Amazon’s algorithm on bestsellers.

Aside from these courses that you can take at your own pace, Reedsy also offers free webinars regularly for basically anyone with an internet connection. If you happen to have the time to attend the live webinar, you get the chance to participate in a live Q&A with the most experienced editors and experts in the publishing and writing industry—and best of all, if you miss the webinar, everything will be recorded and sent straight to your inbox, along with questions, presentation slides, contact information, resources, and everything else. How amazing is that?

technology_free_online_courses4How to be a better filmmaker – Pixar

Who hasn’t cried at a Pixar movie? In partnership with previously listed Khan Academy, Pixar is giving aspiring filmmakers an inside look at their highly creative technical process absolutely free. The online curriculum called “Pixar in a Box” features interactive exercises, hands-on activities and bite-sized assignments, in-depth videos, and insights on the tech, art, science, and math that come together to form a Pixar film.

If you’ve ever wondered how parabolas, weighted averages, linear and cubic interpolation, and trigonometry can be applied to creating forests in Brave, robots in Wall-E, and beloved characters like Buzz and Woody, then “Pixar in a Box” is the right place to start.

technology_free_online_courses5How to create an entrepreneurial passion project – The Purposeful Creative

Designed by local passion project ambassador Arriane Serafico, this site features a series of vlogs, lessons, and podcasts that help creative individuals find their purpose in life and explore the different ideas that they can build a career or business around. Topics include how to find your passion, how to fund your passion project, how to build your audience on social media, how to build yourself up and engage with audiences, etc. The site also features regular courses that run throughout the year where you can sign up and join a huge community of go-getters that support and motivate each other to reach their goals—whether it’s cooking, baking, writing, making art, and anything and everything under the sun!

So, now that you know where to look, why not stretch those brain cells of yours and get to work? The wonderful world of free online learning awaits!


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