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Taste.Company | Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Pregnancy Myths Debunked

July 6, 2017 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

If you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, chances are you are crazy searching online on pregnancy, motherhood and babies. We’re sure you’ve been warned too about the do’s and don’ts by the lolas, neighbors and even your house help! We give you a list of some old wives’ tales or pamahiin that you may find intriguing but shouldn’t really be setting your mind at.

Myth # 1

Oh you have a pointy bump! It must be a boy!

False- There is no scientific explanation behind this as the look of your bump-whether pointed or rounded only tells us the fetus’ position and development inside the body. It’s best not to rely on this when predicting your child’s gender.



It’s a no for coffee and sushi!

They say that caffeine may cause miscarriage or preterm birth while eating raw fish might risk baby’s health as it contains high amount of mercury. Good news is that you can still enjoy a cup of your java for not more than 200 milligrams per day. And you can still enjoy a Japanese date night with hubby but make sure to keep it easy on the tuna and opt for cooked fish like salmon, that is high in omega 3-fatty acids and could help in baby’s brain development.



Go eat some more! You’re eating for two!

We hate to break it to you but this is not the perfect excuse to skip on diet but actually the time to double your effort in choosing healthier options. Pregnancy only requires an additional 300 calories a day so to avoid complications such as gestational diabetes, replace the cakes with some colorful fruits for dessert!



Pregnant moms should stay in bed 24/7

Unless you were told by your OB to have a bed rest, expectant Moms should get moving- try tae-bo, pilates, prenatal yoga and swimming if you don’t want to sweat. Research tells us that active moms may expect babies with bigger brains on the average and become more intelligent as they grow up.


Myth #5

Say goodbye to your salon trips for now!trends_pregnancymyths3

Well there’s a little bit of truth to this, as you don’t want to inhale all the chemicals in the salon that may affect your child’s development especially during the first trimester. Glad to know that there are more preggy-friendly products you can use if you’re really itching to get a makeover. Sched a home service and ask your trusted stylist to color your hair using Schwarzkopf hair dye and use Zoya nail polish for your nails. These are definitely non-toxic and safe to use throughout your pregnancy.


Myth #6

Slather on some oil and lotion to avoid stretch marks

Sorry but nothing prevents stretch marks especially when you’re line of family is prone to having one. Try using vitamin E to keep your baby bump feeling smooth.


Myth #7

Your nose is so big. I can tell it’s a girl!

Again, this is not an effective gender predictor. The last thing a pregnant woman would like to hear is the physical changes (redness or bloating) that she’s experiencing. All these are normal thanks to our raging hormones.


Myth #8

Don’t pet a cat during pregnancy

trends_pregnancymyths4As long as your cat is complete with all the shots, then you could keep him around. Just make sure to keep the cat’s claws trimmed and ask someone to clean up the cat’s litter, as toxoplasmosis might not be good for the pregnant mom.

If you’re still apprehensive if it’s a GO or a NO, it’s best to seek the recommendation of your doctor first. Also, it’s just nine months of sacrifice for your little angel so might as well put everything on hold for now. What you can do though is to make better choices for your little bun in the oven such as choosing healthier food, exercising in moderation and getting a lot of rest to avoid developing delicate conditions like diabetes and obesity. Just sit back, relax and enjoy that growing bump!


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