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Taste.Company | Pregnancy During Summer Time

Pregnancy During Summer Time

April 29, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Pregnancy can bring changes to a woman’s body- from the heaviness to bloating, everything just becomes uncomfortable especially when summer time comes! We asked Dr. Rowena P. Pandan, 2nd year Pediatric Resident/Lawyer’s wife and Mom of 3 (3yrs, 1yr, and 10 mos) at Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital Bacolod City to tell us more of what worked for her and how to survive pregnancy during this season.

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“I had all my 3 kids during the summertime. I always had water and tissue paper for my sweat. I made sure to wear loose clothing and comfy shoes especially when I was out for a stroll. When at home, I would keep the air conditioner on full blast and I would have an electric fan in front of me. (I was sweating and my husband was a burrito with his comforter because it was freezing in our room). When you’re on your third trimester, expect to have a bit of difficulty in breathing because of your distended abdomen. It’s always handy to have a fan with you just to keep you cool”.

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Dr. Pandan advises pregnant women not to travel too far. “Summertime is the time for family outings and of course you wouldn’t want to be left out just because you are pregnant or maybe about to give birth. When we used to live in Makati, I could go as far as Tagaytay for Easter. The driver had to go slow though so the ride would be smooth. A bumpy ride might cause you to contract. When you want to go swimming in the pool or beach, be extra careful not to slip on a wet surface and lose your balance.”

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She also emphasizes the importance of avoiding raw food and overeating. “I’ve had a bad stomachache and diarrhea during my pregnancies but it’s good thing that I’ve never had to experience getting admitted due to dehydration secondary to diarrhea. I avoided caffeine and carbonated drinks because I would get palpitations. I also gained so much weight and my OB was worried I might get gestational diabetes (Although I would get a few sips from my husband’s ice cold coke and a cup of coffee or 2).

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Since exercise is still important and the heat is not an excuse not to move, choose a workout that fits your lifestyle but always ask for your OB’s approval first. “In my case, I didn’t work out. Unless you count going up and down the hospital stairs because there’s an emergency and the elevator is taking too long. I went swimming a few times but not as a form of exercise.”


Here are some of her must-haves:

  1. Pillow for my back or butt during long drives.
  2. Water and candy or chocolate. Not too much sweets though, just enough to get you until lunch or dinner. 
  3. Comfy shoes and clothing especially when travelling.
  4. Sun block and a handy fan to protect me from the scorching heat.
  5. Face mask to avoid getting sick but make sure you are able to breath. 
  6. Massages even if it’s not summertime (pregnant/non-pregnant) is a must have for me. My feet were extra tired when I was pregnant. It was there that I learned that not all massage therapists would massage feet because of the belief that they cause premature contractions. I have never heard of this during Med school so I tried different spas and thankfully here in Bacolod, my therapist, who is not superstitious, massaged my feet regardless of the trimester I was in. I would ask my husband to massage my feet until his hands were tired. Oh and not all salons would give you a manicure/pedicure because of the same belief. 

Every pregnancy is different and every mommy and baby is different. Enjoy the summer safely. Wear a bathing suit and show off that baby bump.


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