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Taste.Company | Why You Can’t Miss MUNI Market 2017

Why You Can’t Miss MUNI Market 2017

March 27, 2017 7:00 pm by Gabriella Galvez
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Muni. This Tagalog word, when used, evokes a daydream-like scene, where the subject is found seated, or in stillness, with glazed or unfocused eyes that are directed toward a far-off space. From a third person’s POV, you can see that while the subject is physically present, their thoughts are obviously flying freely in the wind.

In this day and age, too many distractions could lead to a sense of disconnectedness, which leads us to thinking that as they become more and more rare, a muni-muni spree might not be so bad for us after all.


What is MUNI?

MUNI is a budding community of “Cultural Creatives”, founded and led by Jen Horn, that derives its purpose from the word’s reflective and contemplative meaning. Encouraging members to be “mindful” (ergo their hashtag, #MUNIonThis), MUNI is a disyllabic reminder of the importance of being fully present while making a choice or undertaking an action, no matter how big or small.

MUNI was conceptualized in 2012, and its inception is detailed extensively in MUNI’s Founder’s Diary, a section on the site that serves as Jen Horn’s digital diary-of-sorts, featuring her bouts of pagmumuni-muni (musings) on the various ideas that she’s had since her stint as businesswoman (Horn was the CEO of Punchdrunk Panda, a retail graphic design company) to her present designation as founder of MUNI.

One of MUNI’s goals is to create a venue for them to connect like-minded souls to each other, and to host events that will allow these mindful consumers to have access to the goods and services that mindful producers work so hard to generate.


The MUNI Market

You could say that the MUNI Market is a “passion project”, a dream made reality, by Horn and her “dream team”. The MUNI Market would be naught if not for Joanna Cancio (currently the social enterprise category manager of Human Nature), Kar Abola (brand strategist at Serious Studio), Raki Talan, KC Coling, Kylie Misa and other like-minded volunteers who’ve contributed time and effort to making every MUNI Market happen, thanks to their belief in “conscious consumption” and “mindful living”, both concepts that the MUNI Market tries to promote.

MUNI Market merchants are an extension of what it stands for: whose brands are creative and cause-driven at their core. MUNI creates a space for these merchants to sell their goods, to allow them to come in contact with the market that they so crave to make products for. These buyers leave with relief, knowing that there is actually and finally someone out there who can provide for what they need.

The MUNI Markets were launched officially in 2014, thanks to the success of a Christmas Pop-up in Moonleaf Tea Shop in Maginhawa St., QC. From these humble beginnings followed a crop of bigger MUNI Markets in The Grove, Capitol Commons, and even as far as Nuvali (just last year, in May).

This year’s MUNI Market is the sixth, and is of a different breed, thanks to the six MUNI Meetups that’ll be held in tandem with it. Now, what is a MUNI Meetup?


The MUNI Meetup

When Horn talks about bringing like-minded individuals together, she means to do this with the #MUNIMeetup. While they still serve ‘to bring cause-driven creatives to start meaningful connections and conversations with each other’, MUNI Meetups are for just about anyone who is interested in a certain Meetup’s theme.

The best thing about MUNI Meetups is the company you’ll find yourself in: if you are there to learn, then MUNI ensures that you learn from the BEST in the industry, from professionals who are capable of inspiring fellow creatives to do more about the cause/idea that they feel most strongly or passionate about.

While in the past few years, MUNI Meetups have been held individually and in small, intimate groups, this year will MUNI’s biggest yet, and it coincides with the MUNI Market 2017 this coming April 8-9 at Capitol Commons, Pasig.

This year will be MUNI Market’s 4th year anniversary, and they decided it was time to spice things up. Admission to every MUNI Market is free, yet for this year, the tickets to the 6 differently-themed MUNI Meetups that will be held for the 2-day Market event at the 2nd floor of the Estancia Mall and are priced at P250 each (when paid in advance), inclusive of brewed coffee (bring a reusable cup!), a P50 voucher to be used at the MUNI Market, and raffle entry to win shwag from MUNI partner merchants).

Here are the 6 MUNI Meetups that you can sign up for:

  • Reimagining Local Fashion(April 8, 11:00AM-12:30PM)
  • Communicating Your Cause(April 8, 1:30-3:00PM)
  • Beating Manila Traffic(April 8, 4:00-5:30PM)
  • Feeding the Food Revolution(April 9, 1:00-2:30PM)
  • Responsible Travel(April 9, 3:30-5:00PM)
  • Zero Waste Living(April 9, 6:00-7:30PM)

Slots for each Meetup are limited, so it is very important to sign up. If you do get to chance upon a Meetup with available slots, then the door charge is P350.

Just click the link above to see details for each, and to enter your deets to save your slot!

“We’ve focused on creating 6 really awesome, condensed versions of our usual 3-hour long MUNI Meetups that we do throughout the year, and made them fit into a 1.5-hour format for this market.

We also wanted to highlight the bigger role we all play in the grander scheme of things by highlighting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in our topics, with a special focus on SDG12, which is what the MUNI Market primarily aims to promote.”

– Jen Horn, Founder, MUNI Cultural Creatives


On the other hand, Horn and her team have also put together a well-rounded list of mindful merchants to grace this year’s MUNI Market:

A Beautiful Refuge

Jertie’s Kitchen

Piopio and Gifts & Graces

Gouache Bags


Cusina                                                               Nipa Brew                                            Tinkerknot Handmade Design & Supply
The E-Waste Project                                        Raw Ritual                                           Urban Abode
Fresh Start Organics                                       Risque Designs                                   V Kitchen
The Green House Project                               Ritual PH                                             V&M Naturals
Go Zero PH                                                       RuMe                                                    Waters Philippines
JOOST                                                                Satya Graha Cafe and Restaurant   Wonder Paws
Kalakat Outdoor Wear                                   Sparrow Fragrance                             Wooden Mallet
Kayumanggi Organic                                      Stanford Shaw Brewing Co.              WVN Home Textiles
Manila Collectible                                            Steep Coffee Bags
Messy Bessy                                                     The Superfood Grocer
Natural Health                                                 Theo & Philo
The Archipelago Food & Beverage Co.

“We want to empower people to understand that you don’t necessarily have to be in government to make a difference. First of all, it will involve having to change your own lifestyle, but then, over time you will want to start getting more involved in your community.”

– Jen Horn, Founder, MUNI Cultural Creatives

It definitely takes some balls to veer away from the creature comforts that a fast-paced lifestyle has blessed (or cursed, depends on your current perspective) us with, but if you’ve been considering a change and would like to know more about how to start, then perhaps taking a few seconds to join the com-MUNI-ty might help you decide better. Or you can go ahead and clear your schedule for the first weekend of April to visit the MUNI Market! See you there!

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