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Taste.Company | Mommy Tips: Preschool Outfits

Mommy Tips: Preschool Outfits

June 24, 2018 7:00 pm by Katrina Castaneda

Preschool is all about exploration and mini adventures at school! Aside from the 10 Things to Prep Before School Starts, we need to talk about your kids’ outfit too. Make comfort your top priority, followed by style that is within your budget. To get you started, we’ve compiled some of the comfy and cute finds your kids can cop on their first day of school.


Print on print may not work for some adults but with kids, it just works! This striped shirt with printed airy pants is exactly what she needs during their playground time so she can jump, climb and even practice her cartwheels from her gymnastics class.


You know when your child refuses to wear jeans and prefers girly girl dresses? Leave her Elsa-inspired dress inside the cabinet and opt for this striped long-sleeved dress — comfy, girly and surprise- two side pockets! Note: We still don’t encourage giving/handing them money even with those pockets.

Tie-dye shirts are back! This is a DIY fashion you can do using old shirts which could be transformed as his school outfit. Pair it with dark colored shorts and sneakers to make it shine on its own.


You think you now have a big boy but really, he is still into his favorite cartoon characters! This blue and khaki is a no fail color combination and with the printed character on his sweatshirt, which will make him look playful rather than binata. If he stays in an air-conditioned room most of the time, go for sweatshirts that are not too thick but will do its job of keeping him warm.  


Some girls are still in love with dressing up. It’s a good sign that your child is exploring and developing her imagination! Let her wear what she likes as long as it still follows the school’s dress code.

preschool-outfits-taste-companyDo you have a budding athlete? You can still go for sporty and girly with a pastel colored hoodie, leggings and rubber shoes. Even with the skirt, your child will still be able to do her move around freely.


Is your child pawisin? Even with the mini towel and aircon around, he still sweats a lot whenever he moves! If the school allows, let him wear something really comfy like this look. Try letting him wear lightweight open toe sandals instead of rubber shoes. This allows his feet to breathe and move comfortably too!


Lucky for us, we are blessed with sunny and warm weather most days so it is still summer for the little ones who love to play outdoors! This look will always remind us of bright sunny days and tropical greens that will brighten up the mood of everyone in the room.


Additional tips:

White clothing looks clean but really, better if you avoid them. You can always go for pastel colors but don’t get shocked when you see marker or food stains on his clothes when he goes home.

Jumpers and jumpsuits are cute but it’s might be a hassle to remove and put back when the child needs to use the toilet. Easier to go for shirts, shorts and comfy pants that are ready to go!

Jeans are definitely a classic but make sure that it’s not hard to zip and unzip! It also pays to teach your child how to button and unbutton after using the toilet.

Sure it’s tempting to dress up the kids so you allot budget on their clothing. But in preschool, you have to be prepared that one day your child will come home with paint all over his shirt, chocolates or other stains. Lucky for you if it’s washable but better to let your child wear nice pieces but are practical and disposable!

Preppy look is nice but in parties, not in school. This may restrict their movement so always opt for loose clothing where they can just move around without having to think about ruining their OOTD.  

Involve your child in the process to avoid wardrobe wars. All you have to do is listen to what he wants to wear and give options. It’s a win-win process that will give you easy and tear-free mornings.


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