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Taste.Company | Mommy Clicks: 10 Tips on How to Photograph Your Kids Better

Mommy Clicks: 10 Tips on How to Photograph Your Kids Better

August 15, 2017 7:00 pm by Vicki Abary

I have baby photo envy.

It’s not that I wish I had better baby photos – I just wish that I had gorgeous baby photos of my now 12-year-old son, Enzo, which weren’t available in Manila back then. You know those ones—the most adorable photos of a sleeping newborn all snug in a cozy blanket or asleep in his or her mother’s arms.

trends_kids_photosWhen Enzo was just a few weeks old

In fact, I bought my first digital camera only when Enzo was born because it sucked having to wait for his photos to get developed, plus the fact that babies grow so fast and you want to capture every moment.

trends_kids_photos12Enzo at age 11 months, taken at The Picture Company

I do treasure the few studio shots I had done from pioneer studio The Picture Company, but those are few and far between and nothing like the stylized photos you can have made today.

trends_kids_photos13Photo courtesy from The Stork Studio.com

Mothers of babies today are so lucky to have photography studios that take gorgeous professional shots such as these for new parents to treasure forever. One such talented individual is Sofia Genato of The Stork Studio, who had teamed up with blogger Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s Facebook parenting discussion group Glam-O-Mamas to offer a photography workshop for mommies called Mommy Clicks.

trends_kids_photos10Enzo patiently waiting for mom to finish shopping, Portland, OR May 2017

Mommy Clicks is meant to teach moms of young children on how to best take photos of them for keepsakes that they can treasure. It was held on a Saturday at Todd Engilsh Food Hall in sponsorship with Belo Baby, whose Cristalle Belo-Pitt generously gave us their new natural baby products to try.

trends_kids_photos9Sofia Genato facilitating Mommy Clicks

Although my son is not a newborn anymore, I signed up for the class to learn how to take better photos of him (and not just the posey, smile for the camera ones that I have so many of). I had a wonderful time meeting all kinds of moms as we learned photography tips together. Since Sofia lives in the US and only visits Manila once a year, I felt very fortunate to attend this workshop.

Here are 10 tips from Sofia that I think any mom with kids can benefit from:

trends_kids_photos3Enzo’s favorite sleeping position when he was a few months old

  1. Take lots of photos of your children. Quantity leads to quality
  2. Don’t forget to back up your pictures through a hard drive, by printing them and by saving them to a photo storage service
  3. Learn to use your camera and understand its settings

    trends_kids_photos7Enzo’s first day at Ocean Beach, San Francisco April 2017

  4. Make sure you use the best light when taking photos of your child. Find it in your home or outside. Morning light is best – also because this is usually a cool time of day and baby is in a good mood. Right before sunset is a good time of day for photos too
  5. Take different kinds of photos from different angles – such as of a special feature that you love about your child like their chubby toes or big eyes

    trends_kids_photos4Enzo around 15 months just having fun running around in a field

  6. Play with your kids and make taking their photo a fun part of their day so that their natural moods come out
  7. Get down to their level – literally go down on the ground near them
  8. When shooting outside, make sure to bring along a favorite toy to play so your child doesn’t get bored
  9. Even when they are moody, take their photo anyway. These are memories and you will look back on it with fondness 
  10. When shooting outside, make sure to bring along a favorite toy to play so your child doesn’t get bored

Photographer Randy Klein shared with Petapixel his 25 tips of taking photos of children. Here he talks more about how he interacts with the kids he shoots. Digital Photography School also has its 7 tips for taking great photos of kids. All advice you can find online will tell you that you can’t just shove a camera in your kid’s face and expect awesome shots. Spend time with them and make taking their photo as natural and fun as possible, and you will get a better shot.

Since The Stork Studio specializes in newborn photos, Sofia had vey important advice for parents of a newborn when choosing a photographer to take their child’s photos. “Make sure you choose someone who is trained in photographing newborns, because newborns need special attention. Some newborns shouldn’t be placed on their tummy or on their back. Others have soft fontanels in different parts of their head and not just the front. You don’t want to put your child in danger by having their photo taken by someone ‘cheaper’ or worse, from a photographer trying to get their feet wet in the newborn photography business,” she said.

trends_kids_photos11Our yummy lunch catered by Todd English Food Hall

Sofia also helped many of us taking the workshop figure out the knobs and buttons on our digital SLRs. We had a good time practicing what she taught us on objects found in the room. Aside from this, she also gave tips about using your smartphone to take photos too.

trends_kids_photos8With Sofia Genato of The Stork Studio

Time to turn off auto mode and take photos of fleeting moments that you can cherish forever. To catch more workshops like Mommy Clicks, visit Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s blog or the Glam-O-Mamas discussion page.


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