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Taste.Company | Mid-Year Motivation: Energize Your Life Goals for the Rest of the Year

Mid-Year Motivation: Energize Your Life Goals for the Rest of the Year

June 14, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

Where did the time go? Now that 2018 is halfway done, most of us might be feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated, especially through the mid-year slump.  But the middle of the year is the perfect time to revisit your life goals, your performance at work, or your New Year’s resolutions, if you made any. Check out these simple tips for some mid-year motivation to help energize you until the year ends!


  1. Rediscover your passions.

What is it that excites you? What helps you get up in the morning with a song in your heart and a smile on your face? The mid-year is the best time to revisit your passions and rediscover just what it is that excites you every day. It’s time to rekindle that spark and get pumped about the road ahead. When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work, don’t lose sight of your goals. Remember what it is about your job that drew you to it in the first place, and use that to help you power through. Expand your skill set, build your contacts, and explore new ideas and trends to get you excited about your job again. Always try to find a good reason as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, and you’ll be well-motivated throughout the year.


  1. Prioritize your health.

Nothings says “mid-year motivation” than a fit and fab bod! Stay on top of your health and wellness to help you charge through the rest of the year ahead. Never underestimate the benefits of a healthy diet and some regular exercise. Think of it this way: if you keep your body moving, you keep your brain moving too.

To make sure you don’t fall off the wagon in terms of your fitness goals, try these handy-dandy tips:

  • Go for some variety – Mixing things up in the gym works wonders for your mid-year motivation. You can alternate between workouts, or switch up your routine by hitting different gyms or running in different tracks. Monotony will drive anyone crazy, honestly!
  • Find your fitness buddy – Some people love working out alone, but there’s something about having a workout partner that helps keep the accountability when it comes to your fitness goals. Why don’t you tag your best friend along on your routines?
  • Shop for some workout clothes – Working out feels so much better when you’ve got on a pair of new shoes that you’ve been dying to wear, right? Go ahead—slap on those new yoga pants or those dry fit tops to make yourself feel good. You have to invest in your health, after all!


  1. Make one small step every day.

Every goal seems daunting at the start, but when you look at your plans and targets from a different perspective, then things don’t seem so overwhelming. Those goals aren’t achieved overnight, so cut yourself some slack. With each passing day, try to accomplish one small task that will keep your momentum going and help take you one step closer to your overall goal. Even just a simple phone call to that credit card company you’ve been meaning to make can help cross one thing off your to-do list. Keep yourself accountable by writing in your journal, logging in hours on your calendar, or charting your progress through productivity apps.  Once you get into the bait of doing these things every day, you’ll find that even the smallest deed really does add up.


  1. Communicate with your support network.

Speaking of accountability, communicating your goals to others not only increases your mid-year motivation, but it also amps up your commitment to them. A good social support network can help keep you right on track. For instance, colleagues and peers can be your support network in the office, while gym buddies can be your accountability partners in the gym. Sharing your aspirations with others opens you up to constructive criticism too, so you will not only end up with accomplished goals, but you’ll also get to learn and improve yourself in the process—there’s really nothing to lose, as long as you make sure you do the same for your buddy in your mutually beneficial relationship!


  1. Celebrate both the ups and downs.

There’s no use beating yourself up over past failures—all you really have to do now is learn from your mistakes and keep pushing forward. Some of your objectives may not have gone as planned for the first half of the year, but the good news is that you still have the rest of 2018 to make up for them. Celebrate your efforts and acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Reward yourself with each accomplished goal, then move on to your next task. Each morning brings you a new opportunity to try again and move forward, so for now, give yourself a pat on the back—you deserve it!


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