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Taste.Company | Love Lessons: What We Can Learn From Little Kids This Valentine’s Day

Love Lessons: What We Can Learn From Little Kids This Valentine’s Day

February 20, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

Parents are often the ones who teach their kids everything there is to know about life, but when you get right down to it, children are surprisingly well-versed when it comes to love. Because adults are cursed with the tendency to over-think and complicate the simplest of things, children can use their innocence and their pure hearts to school us on matters of the heart—and these love lessons from kids can prove just that!

1. Accept everyone for who they are.

Do you ever notice how a child’s eyes light up in admiration for you and for everybody around you? Through their innocent and beautiful eyes, they have the ability to see each person as special and unique. They don’t really care about how you look, how much money you’ve got in your bank account, or whether or not you like the same things they do—all they know is that you have a beautiful heart, and for them, that’s enough. Race, gender, and social status do not matter to a child—they will pretty much play with you and be your friend without even ever knowing about any of those things. After all, it’s just as this little child says HERE: “Love is from the heart, not from the brain.”

2. Love without fear and without limits.

When was the last time you loved fully and fiercely without being afraid? As adults, we tend to hold ourselves back for fear of getting burned, especially when it comes to our relationships. But for a child, they know how to love unconditionally without expecting anything in return. This kind of limitless love is real and at its purest—kids simply love, and that’s that. Look at them when they’re with their pets—they don’t really think about how their puppy or their kitten will die someday. They just appreciate every moment they have with them, and they have fun without regard for the consequences. They put their hearts out there, open and raw and ready to love, just because they want to. Perhaps, on Valentine’s Day, this is one of the love lessons we really ought to take to heart.  


3. Give from the heart.

That said, when children love, they know how to give with an open heart. They’re just wired that way—unselfish and generous. This is because kids like to keep things simple. They’re never bogged down by the details of returns on investments or on whether or not something is worth their time and effort. Here are some examples of how kids see love:

  • To help out even if they don’t want to.
  • To give away stuff that they really, really like.
  • To share their precious toys with someone.
  • To play with someone when they are lonely.
  • To give hugs and kisses.
  • To be kind.

Children also have their own love languages HERE. Now, if that isn’t loving and giving with a generous and open heart, what is?


4. Forgive freely.

One of the most fascinating things about children at play is how quickly they can forgive each other. Children never carry grudges, and when a playmate wrongs them—maybe hurts them on the playground or ends up fighting over the last piece of pizza—they’re quick to forgive, forget about it all, and then continue having fun. How often can we say we behave the same way? Adults can be notorious for carrying world-record grudges, with some of us even carrying around the hurt to the grave. Somehow, we just find it difficult to forgive as freely and as easily as kids do, which is just a darn shame. Children also have no problem dishing out apologies and warm, heartfelt words of appreciation whenever they want to, which is definitely one of the love lessons we ought to learn from them. If you want to learn how to develop an attitude of gratitude and express your thanks in creative ways, you can check out this guide HERE.


5. Take care of your friendships.

There is nothing more loyal than a child sticking up for his or her friend. Children forge friendships that can sometimes last lifetimes, and they know how to nurture these friendships and hold fast to their loyalty as stubbornly as they possibly can. They love playing with their friends and they can easily make friends with new ones too. In the busy hustle and bustle of our everyday life, it’s easy to get lost in all the “adulting” that we all need to do. But despite our hectic schedules, the best thing you can do for your friends is to make time for them and be there for them. Reach out, keep in touch, and spend some quality time with them—heaven knows they deserve it.


6. Love life.

Kids are almost always amazed with every single thing, and they never fail to notice the beauty all around them. An ordinary string of Christmas lights can brighten up their day, and a simple trip to the candy shop can make their whole week. They don’t hesitate to run to their sweaty Dads coming straight home from work, and they don’t care if you just rolled out of bed looking like a monster—they’ll still think you are the most beautiful Mom in the world. The littlest thing can make them laugh so hard their tummy aches, and they can dance to any tune with their arms flailing about without a care in the world whenever they feel like it. This is all because kids love life, period. They love to live life to the fullest, because they’re just filled to the brim with love, love, love. As adults, we should never lose touch of our inner wonder, of that innocent and bright-eyed little kid inside us just bursting with radiance and joy. Learn to live each day with a grateful heart, or spend time expressing love for others who need them the most.

They say you can never be a child again, but when you learn to love like they do, then your exuberant youth will definitely stay with you—fearless, ageless, and free.


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