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Taste.Company | Easy Tips On Healthy Diet Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

Easy Tips On Healthy Diet Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

January 11, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

We all love to make New Year’s Resolutions, but the problem lies in the fact that these diet resolutions are usually just too hard to keep. Whether it’s a lack of willpower or life getting in the way, it’s always difficult to stick to our plans—but with these easy tips that you can actually accomplish, you’ll be eating healthier and happier in no time all throughout the year.

1. Bit by bit, reduce your sugar intake whenever you can.

It’s never easy to refuse a mouth-watering piece of cheesecake, but keep in mind that more than the calories, sugar can actually be the great big sin here. However, cutting back on your sugar intake doesn’t really happen overnight. This is a gradual process, one that you have to be patient with. Start by stocking your pantry and your fridge with fewer sweets—this will immediately curb your midnight sugary cravings by a great deal. Be careful not to cut back too much so much so that you start to feel deprived (check out these healthy sweet snacks if you can’t help it! https://thebigmansworld.com/2016/12/26/10-clean-eating-healthy-sweet-snacks-under-100-calories/) . Simply create an environment where eating sweets is rarer—and that means not keeping those sinful candies and pastries within arm’s reach. Pretty soon, you will start to realize that you don’t really need or crave for sweets as much as you once thought.


2. Be mindful of your portions and what you eat.

Practicing mindful eating can be a huge step in itself toward fulfilling your diet resolutions this year. Especially when schedules are hectic, we tend to rush through meals and just devour everything in sight to get it over with. However, making sure that you take the time to taste and appreciate the food that you eat not only keeps your tummy healthy and happy, but it also keeps you from overeating because of the smaller portions that mindful eating tends to have. Remember that eating and sharing a meal is such a wonderfully delightful experience, and can also lead to better digestion. These superfood traders are a great way to start! (http://taste.company/taste/manilas-superfood-traders/)

Always stick with the correct portions and serving sizes when you eat, and don’t be afraid to set aside leftovers. You can also use smaller plates—and don’t forget to concentrate fully on eating. Studies show that when people eat while watching TV, they tend to eat more. To keep the case of the munchies at bay after eating, you can chew on some mint or gum, brush or floss your teeth, or busy your hands with other stuff like clearing the table or prepping for a nice, hot cup of tea.


3. Grab some breakfast because it’s the most important meal of the day.

Yes, yes—you’ve heard it all before. But just because it’s the most commonly overlooked practice in our society today doesn’t mean you need to pay it no heed. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and if you’re aiming to lose some weight too, then your weight loss plan and diet resolutions all start with a good breakfast. Because mornings are the perfect time for cultivating daily habits, start incorporating some fresh fruit, low-fat dairy, and whole grains into your morning meals. And if you simply don’t have time to cook up a nice breakfast each morning, you can check out these healthy deliveries HERE: http://taste.company/taste/healthy-diet-delivery-guide/. Who says breakfast shouldn’t be fun?

4. Drink more water every day.

Slow and steady wins the race, so don’t worry if you’re struggling with your diet resolutions as the New Year starts. Simply go step by step, even when it comes to little subtle changes like getting more fiber, adding more fish and produce, or drinking more glasses of water. Cheap, fat-free, and readily available, water not only replenishes your body, but it also helps you slim down. And if it all seems too overwhelming for you, think about this: just drink one more glass of water each day compared to how much you had the day before!


5. Practice gratitude.

Yes, being thankful for the food that you eat is not just a religious thing. Practicing gratitude even in front of the dinner table can go a long way toward healthier eating. This means that you shouldn’t force yourself to eat the food that you hate just because they are in style or trendy (think quinoa and power juices!). Remember: eating the things that you don’t really like can lead to overall dissatisfaction, making you more miserable and more prone to indulging in sinful treats later—and that’s certainly no way to be grateful for your food.

Instead, before you munch on those treats, pause and take a moment to appreciate all the hard work that went into producing your food. Think about the harvests, the farm-to-table experiences, the natural juiciness of your fruit, the freshness of your veggies. Think about the value of your meal, and learn to appreciate every single bite. This will not only revert back to the mindful eating and portion-control that we mentioned earlier, but it will also cultivate an attitude of gratitude in you—and heaven knows we all need more of that in this world today.



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