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Taste.Company | The Wonders of Hansa Creation

The Wonders of Hansa Creation

February 18, 2018 7:00 pm by Karla Ramos

You may have heard how this once became a buzz amongst famous celebrities and how it continuously booms in the market industry not only to children, but to people young at heart as well- Hansa Creation.

Located at the Clark Field, Pampanga, this handmade life like animals were proudly created by our fellowmen for the Hansa Toy International whose base office is located in the USA. Did you know that it took the company at least eight years to become fully efficient in developing these realistic animals? That’s why the company products do not only amaze the local market, but has been globally competitive in the world of the toy industry.


Its ecological commitment has made Hansa even more admirable. The company has an enormous tank installed that catches rainwater, which the company will use for the factory for the whole year. This innovative gesture from Hansa are just one of the many reasons why they are branded as one of the top toy manufacturer all over the globe. Along with these inventive changes implemented by Hansa, they also aim to produce not only real-like toys, but delve into robotics as well.

What can you expect from Hansa Creation?

Indulge yourself and be enthralled on the numerous stuffed animals Hansa has in store for you- from birds, elephants, giraffe, horses, lions, monkeys, rabbits, rhinoceros, tigers, and turkeys. These animals that took them years to fully furnish, can move and interact using devices.


Recognized as the company with true to life toys, you may discover several cuddly animals made through soft sculpture. A haven for animal collectors, Hansa continuously inspires and amazes its patriots of all ages. You may even ask yourself if these sculptures are real or not, thanks to the people behind these crafts who made sure that these toys were created to meet your needs and satisfaction.


How much does a Hansa toy cost?

Due to the fancy toys of Hansa and the thorough procedures it undergoes before presenting to the public and market, a lot of popular artists have purchased their toy products (e.g. Oprah Winfrey, Van Dyke, and Michael Jackson). The prices of these toys range from $4.00 to $3,000.00 (P150 to P200,000) which is considerably cost-effective for a fine toy product.

There are also some outlets that sell toys at a higher price depending on its structure and how it was made.  Let’s take a mammoth, an extinct elephant, for example. Each mammoth may cost around $25,000 which is roughly 1.2 Million in Philippine peso.

Every day, the company exports hundreds of toys from all over the globe and it was only on the last two decades that Hansa has started in the Philippines, not only giving the country a change to see its finest products, but also opening opportunities to many Filipinos in showcasing their artistry and ability to keep up with the demands of the global market.


How are Hans toys created?

You might be wondering how these toys were created to perfection? Apparently, all Hansa toys undergo intensive planning, making sure that the materials used for its creation are eco-friendly. In the studio, coats of these animals were made by hand along with the plush body parts of it like the paws, tails, eyes and faces.

Fun learning through Hansa

Not only a toy manufacturer, Hansa progressively aims to evoke a creative way of imparting education to children through their plush creatures. Each Hansa product comes with a tag that entails the animal’s habitat, lifestyle, history, location, eating habits, and how they care for their young. Lessons are also shared on how to take care of these animals and the ecosystem itself to prevent further extinction and how this can greatly affect not only the way of living of animals, but of humans as well.  


This educational tour implemented by Hansa made them an interactive toy shop that satisfies and enriches the minds of anyone who’ll pay a visit.  Through their almost 7,000 realistic animals, it’s certain that you’ll leave Hansa with a breathtaking and memorable experience to share to others.

About Hansa

Hansa Creation was founded by Hans Axthelm in 1972- a German citizen that has a passion in creating real-like animals in their natural habitat, making each animal look as if they were real through details production.  

The hands-on creation of these toys made Hansa receive numerous awards and have created a stronghold on the market of toy manufacturing. As an established toy factory that lives by conservation, education and preservation, future ventures of robotics may be seen in Hansa in the coming years.


Hansa Creation envisions that through their products, children and adults will learn that it’s never too late to be the catalyst for change- to save what’s left before it will be all too late. It’s through these toys that they find the best way to educate kids- a realistic approach whilst letting their imagination enjoy.

You may visit Hansa at Hansa Building, A. Soriano Street, Clark Freeport, Clarkfield, Angeles City, 2010, Pampanga and give yourself the experience you’ve been waiting for.


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