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Taste.Company | Green Summer How to Save Electricity Responsibly

Green Summer How to Save Electricity Responsibly

May 25, 2018 7:00 pm by Cat Lo

Summers aren’t getting any colder, and electric bills aren’t getting any cheaper. But just how do you save up on all those bills while conserving energy and helping save our planet at the same time? You don’t need to sacrifice sustainability in order to stay cool this summer—these simple tips on how to save electricity will not only keep your bills within budget, but they’ll also keep your summer comfortable, responsible, and green!

  1. Cut the AC some slack.

It may be incredibly tempting to turn the air conditioner on full blast, especially when it’s a whopping thirty-five degrees outside. But before you think that you’ve reached your melting point this summer, consider giving your ACs some much needed rest from time to time. Even if you’re using an inverter unit, turning your AC on only during specific times of the day still beats having it on throughout the whole day. Simply letting your unit rest can already significantly lower your energy costs and help you save electricity.


Instead, consider using a ceiling fan. They help keep the temperature in the room feel more comfortable during the summer, and are cheap and easy to maintain. Just make sure that there are no obstacles or furniture pieces blocking your fans or your AC ducts to keep the air circulating more freely. Also, NEVER make the mistake of keeping your fan on even when you leave the room! Leaving a fan running inside an empty room doesn’t really cool the air inside it—the fan simply keeps the air moving around. Why don’t you keep in mind these summer health and wellness tips while you’re at it, too?

  1. Switch out those inefficient light bulbs.

We really ought to learn how to take advantage of the longer daytime hours during the summer season. Don’t turn the lights on during the day if you can, and install energy-efficient LED light bulbs to help you save electricity. You can also paint your walls using satin or semi-gloss paint to help light reflect off the walls better and illuminate your place. To watch how much energy you’re consuming, you can try to get an estimate by calculating for your costs HERE.


  1. Cook efficiently.

When you’re busying yourself in the kitchen, remember to switch off the stove about five to ten minutes before you’re done. The trapped heat in the pot will finish off your cooking for you. When you’re using an oven, restrain yourself from opening the door and checking on your food from time to time—you’re letting the heat escape by doing this, causing your oven to use up more energy. Use the timer to let you know you’re done instead. Also, when you can, cook during cooler hours like early in the morning or late in the evening to keep the heat around your house under control. You can even try and recreate these treats to beat the summer heat!

  1. Keep your fridge closed.


Kids have a tendency of standing in front of the open fridge door just to cool themselves off sometimes. Teach your little ones the best ways to help save electricity by engaging them in fun ways to learn over HERE. As for the adults, gaping at your open fridge while you leisurely pick a snack is not a good idea, either. Keeping the fridge door open not only consumes a great deal of energy, but it also forces your refrigerator to work harder and radiate more heat in the air inside your house. Furthermore, you need to take note of when you ought to defrost your freezer. Regularly defrosting your unit keeps frost build-up at bay, keeping your unit functioning at just the right temperature and energy consumption.

  1. Invest in solar panels.

One sure-fire way to help save electricity is to invest in some good ol’ solar panels. Using the right kind of energy to power up your house means being a responsible and sustainable consumer, and since the summer sun is scorching hot anyway, why not make the most of it? Solar panels soak up the sun and can definitely be your best partners on your road to environment-friendly living.

  1. Save electricity while you’re away.


Just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean your house isn’t consuming energy. Especially during these summer months, families tend to go on long vacations and leave their homes unoccupied. Even then, appliances and other gadgets can still consume power if they’re plugged in. Give your appliances a rest by unplugging everything when they are not in use. They might seem harmless, but even mobile phone chargers use up precious electricity as long as they are plugged in. Simply remove all electrical plugs from their sockets and outlets when you leave your house, even if it’s just for a short while. Not only will you see the difference in your next electric bill, but you’ll also save yourself the anxiety of worrying about your house catching fire from electric sparks. What a sustainable way to keep your peace of mind!


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