Get Blisstified with Kimi and Martine

July 30, 2017 7:00 pm by Vicki Abary

Get Blisstified scrapbook project (Photo by Myra Ho)

Half the year has gone by and it’s time to check in—is there anything you have done that has made you a better person? Remember, we all have the same amount of time as Thomas Edison, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Audrey Hepburn and Steve Jobs had. I don’t know anyone who would like to look back on the year that was and feel satisfied with only: “Yeah! I watched all the series on Netflix!”

The good news is, it’s never too late to better oneself. Personal development should always be an ongoing process. Websites such as Thought Catalog, Life Hack, Elephant Journal, and more are popular for a reason—today, we have a craving for learning and understand ourselves more than ever before. We read topics such as:

How to have a more productive day…

Why we keep falling for the wrong person…

How to find our true purpose in life…

Aren’t we lucky that instead of hacking life by ourselves, we now have all these websites to read and in addition to this, life coaches, body workers, healers and all sorts of classes we can take to become more mindful human beings!

trends_get_blisstified2Get Blisstified (photo by Myra Ho)

One such class I had the honor of attending was called Get Blisstified. Designed by Kimi Lu, licensed neuro-linguistic programing practitioner, hypnotherapy life coach and reiki master practitioner and Martine De Luna owner of Make it Blissful, brand consultant and learning event entrepreneur, the Get Blisstified workshop was conceptualized for individuals looking to clarify their goals, visions or creative projects.

trends_get_blisstified6Martine De Luna and Kimi Lu (photo by Myra Ho)

Kimi and Martine met by liking each other’s posts on Instagram, ended up chatting with each other and finally, they decided to meet face to face to see how they could collaborate. “Kimi actually did the ‘blisstifying’ exercise on me, something I never felt before. It was amazing! I wanted to incorporate it into a workshop with her, and voila, we started meeting about Get Blisstified,” says Martine. “I figure it would be great for others to experience it for themselves, too!” says Kimi.

trends_get_blisstified3Get Blisstified workshoppers (photo by Myra Ho)

Inspired by the word “bliss,” Kimi and Martine conceptualized the Get Blisstified workshop – not only to help those who needed clarity on discovering their bliss but also to provide a long-term engagement with them for true action, unlike other one-time-only workshops. “It’s hard to start a project with just a wish, and I was seeing that in some of my blog workshop participants,” says Martine. “I knew Kimi’s skills could be that missing piece, the bigger picture that could be the cause of people going for their goals and keeping them.”

trends_get_blisstified4Get Blisstified workshop space (photo by Myra Ho)

Attending the workshop left a lasting impression on me. By infusing the morning with an ambience of scented candles, soft lighting and music, everyone felt safe to share their stories and dreams. We were given the scented candles to take home and Kimi sent us a copy of the music, so that anytime we were to light that candle or listen to the piece, we were immediately transported back to that room and remember the intention we set that day for ourselves, cemented by Kimi and Martine’s blisstifying exercise.

trends_get_blisstifiedMy takeaway from Get Blisstified (photo by Myra Ho)

I am changing all the time. I change hairstyles, addresses, careers and even certain relationships. Attending the Get Blisstified workshop reinforced my bliss – the passion I need to continue for real happiness – despite all these many changes in life.

trends_get_blisstified5Wonderful scented Get Blisstified candles (photo by Nico Nolasco)

“Personal development is what separates successful people from those who feel, well, that they are not. Jim Rohn says, ‘Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day,’” says Martine. “It’s the best investment you can do for yourself. To continue to try to become the best version of ourselves, always, in all ways,” says Kimi.

Aside from workshops for personal development, Kimi and Martine offer other services, such as one on one, group and corporate coaching for Kimi and blog building or blog therapy for Martine. To contact Kimi Lu, visit her website Kimi Lu Life Coach and to contact Martine De Luna, visit her website Make it Blissful.


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